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Chapter 327: The Bloody Bats

Chapter 327: The Bloody Bats

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Although Massa was the head of TNN, he was extremely polite while talking to Gansus. There were many members of the TNN such as Gansus who were anonymous to the world, but were feared by even the most powerful.

After seeing that Wang Tong was unaffected by the machine's soul energy attack, the two had finally caught a glimpse of the real power of Wang Tong. At full capacity, the machine was capable of cranking out five hundred sols of soul energy, and at that point, if the tester were still unchallenged, the test would be pointless.

Everyone marveled at the fact that Wang Tong was able to level up to level six at the age of seventeen, as well as his incredible ability to hide his real power for so long.

"Tiger, should I leave his training to you? To tell you the truth, I can already feel the itch in my bones." Massa said with a playful smile.

"I am but an old and crippled cat nowadays. It's all on you now!"

"Haha, don't be modest, it feels weird! Fine. I will take the first crack at it. I have seen many people with strange powers at TNN, but no one interests me more than this boy." Massa said as he rolled up his sleeves.

Massa was not only the head of the TNN, but the 5th deadliest soldier of TNN.

The only criteria that constituted a level six fighter was soul energy of at least five hundred sols, and Massa was without any doubt a sixth-level fighter.

Although sixth level fighters were uncommon, it was considered by many experts the standard of human's fighting capability. It was wildly excepted that it was harder to reach the next level—the Einherjar—than it was from level one to six combined.

However powerful a level six fighter was, he or she would never be able to overcome an Einherjar, since Einherjar's power came from an entirely different realm, and they had possessed knowledge that went beyond any ordinary person's comprehension.

Legend had it that when Li Feng and Rilangalos had reached the peak of career, their cultivation had both went even further than Einherjar, as they had achieved a state of so-called "super-Einherjar." It was said that the only person who was stronger than the two was the Blade Warrior, since the mystical warrior was considered immortal.

Despite the difficulties, all level six fighters dreamed of becoming the Einherjar one day. Once they did, they would possess a power that was unbridled by the human body's physical limits. Likewise, all the Einherjars throughout the history had never stopped improving themselves to transcend above their current level as Li Feng and Rilangalos did. The world and the people in it hadn't seen a super Einherjar for centuries, and therefore, whoever was the first to reach the state of super Einherjar would become the new overlord of the entire human world.

Wang Tong's drastic improvement had given Massa some measure of hope in breaking the Great Houses' monopoly over the titles of Einherjar. The newfound hope spurred Massa's desire to test Wang Tong's power himself.

Massa would rightfully represent the best of the level six fighters, as he possessed both an unrivaled soul energy and experience.

After Wang Tong felt that the soul energy force had waned, Wang Tong knew that he had caught Massa's attention. That was on his agenda, to practice with the top fighters of the TNN. Although Mr. Wannabe's training was effective in improving Wang Tong's power, Wang Tong believed that it would also be helpful to practice with someone whose power was similar to his.

Ever since Wang Tong saw how effective Mr. Wannabe's training had proven to be, Wang Tong wagered that his opponents such as Li Shiming and Lie Jian would possess greater power than he had imagined, since they, too, were likely having been trained by Einherjars.

In addition to the Li and the Lie, Michaux Odin would also pose a significant threat to Wang Tong, thanks to his mysterious ability to control the soul energy. General Li Feng used to jest with Rilangalos that the only person in the world who had possessed deeper understanding regarding soul energy than him was the sect leader of the Divine Master Sect at that time.

Although the Divine Master died on the battlefield, his method of training had been passed down through generations. Part of the reason that contributed to Michaux's indifferent demeanor was the fact that he was able to peer through the worldly matters and see things clearer than anyone else, at a higher state of existence.

As for Wang Tong's opponents from Kaedeian, Wang Tong wagered that they would also pose a significant threat due to their inborn ability to be in tune with the soul energy, thereby granting them higher damage output and control. Wang Tong gritted his teeth and conceded that he needed to become much stronger to fulfill his promise to Ma Xiaoru and her father.

Massa had removed his jacket, and was about walk into the training room as a wave of bright laughter erupted from behind him. "Boss, no need to bother yourself for a student. Let us have some fun too!"

Without the TNN emblem on their uniform, anyone would take the group of TNN fighters for a group of misfits. The leader of the group was a busty woman, the curves of her body were accentuated by the tight latex that she wore like a second layer of skin. The second member's head was cleanly shaven and shiny, as if it were oiled, and the third had a bright green Afro, and was wearing a pair of dirty, over-sized pants.

Massa turned around toward the three, "Your mission is done already?"

"Don't underestimate the power of the Bloody Bats Squad. The mission was a piece of cake." One of the members threw a round object in a bag at Massa, its size and the way it rolled around on the floor eerily resembling a human head.

"They are the Bloody Bats Squad. They formed about two years ago" Massa turned to Gansus and cracked a smile." They are quite efficient when fighting as a team."

"Boss, who is that cripple?" The Skin Head asked, all the while chewing a piece of gum in his mouth like an insolent high school student. As an organization, TNN was somewhere in between military and an insane asylum. Therefore, the rules could not be as strict as they were in the actual military.

"Hey, cripple! Why are you standing side by side with our boss? Come down here and let me teach you some respect!"

Upon hearing the challenge, both Massa and Gansus burst out laughing. Gansus lamented that fewer and fewer people would recognize him after he had left TNN for so many years.

"Hey, old man! Haven't you heard of us? We are the Bloody Bats! The A-unit of the TNN! "

"It is nice to be young. Well, since they are so interested, why don't we let them help Wang Tong warm up?"

"Hehe, good call. That would teach them to shut their traps."

As the leader of the Bloody Bats, Liva was not only the strongest, but also the most observant. She had noticed a strange tattoo on Gansus's arm that resembled the head of a tiger.

Everyone knew that the top ten fighters of the TNN all had their unique tattoos. Massa was ranked number 5, and his symbol was a flaming stallion. But which one was the tiger?

Suddenly, Liva's face turned pale as she remembered that the owner of the tiger tattoo was the number three fighter, nicknamed ‘Furious Tiger.’

Once a TNN, always a TNN. Under emergency situations, Gansus would need to answer the call even though he had detached from the organization and had adopted a new life.

"What's up, captain?"

"No...Nothing. Shut up, will you? Be respectful to the elderly! " The female captain bawled out at his skinhead teammate.

"Elderly? Respect him?" Skin Head was still oblivious to Gansus's identity, since he had not detected any trace of power from him. However, he had forgotten that the most potent fighters were also the best at hiding their real power.

Massa clapped his hands to attract the team's attention. "I have arranged an opponent for you. As long as you could finish off the boy inside the training room, I will let you guys handle S-level missions. "

"Shit! Are you sure? You always complained that we are under-qualified for that!" The skinhead scratched his shiny head and asked incredulously.

"We have a deal! I will take you up on that, Boss!"

"Since when have I failed to fulfill my promise? But mind you, you guys only have one shot. You can go all out; I don't care how you do it." Massa gave Gansus a knowing smile. Many unspoken memories of their youth spent together at TNN were hidden behind their curled lips.

Missions in TNN were categorized based on their difficulties into three classes, B, A, and S. Although being able to carry out A-class missions at such young age was already a feat that the Bloody Bats should be proud of, the young and reckless team would not be satisfied until they had been proven worthy of the highest level missions. Then, they would persistently challenge the S class missions regardless of how difficult and dangerous they were.

"Well, since Boss has put it that way, we might as well go in to fight him together." Liva pulled back some of her teammates who had already step forward towards the training room. Liva and her teammates had requested countless times to access the S class missions, and all their requests had been turned down. She registered that the boy in the training room was a tough nut to crack. Otherwise, Massa would not agree to play such a high stake game.

"Go now." Massa nodded approvingly at Liva's discernment.

"Would the five fledglings make the cut? Although Wang Tong is much younger, he is as experienced as you and me." Gansus asked.

"The Bloody Bats is not a team to be trifled with. You will see."

The three members of the Bloody Bats, Liva, Afro, and the Skin Head, filed into the training room.

"Hey kiddo, I don't care who you are, you are going to get owned today!" Skin Head gave Wang Tong a stink eye.

"Wang Tong, this will be your second test. They are the A class units of TNN. I hope you could learn a thing or two from them." Massa's voice rang across the training room.