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Chapter 333: Super Einherjar

Chapter 333: Super Einherjar

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Through centuries of scientific development, the Earthling and the Kaedeian individuals were finally equipped with necessary means to overcome Zergs in one on one combat. However, the Zerg race held a decisive advantage over the humans in their number.

The Zergs were capable of consuming an entire planet, since they could multiply infinity and rapidly. Even the newest mass destruction weapons seemed to fail to wipe out the Zergs completely.

Wang Tong took a shower after his routine cultivation; his mood was brightened by the comfortable life the new apartment had offered.

Charcoal also enjoyed the new environment, as he repeatedly circled the room like a kid in a new house. Charcoal's company comforted Wang Tong when he laid down on his bed, staring at the ceiling blankly to let go of his stress. As Wang Tong did so, from the corner of his eyes, he caught a dark ghostly apparition; the haunting image spurred him out of his bed as he screamed hysterically like a little girl.

"Mr. Wannabe! Please! Could you give me a heads up next time you want to show up?" Despite the horrified look on Wang Tong's face, he was pleased to find out that Mr. Wannabe had recovered fully, as his presence pulsed with powerful soul essence.

Mr. Wannabe glanced at Charcoal, and the latter greeted him as amicably as the binary codes could compute.

"Hey, old man! It looks like you have fully recovered. What about another round of the 'Zachery the Pirate' game?"

Mr. Wannabe didn't reply. Instead, he held a serious expression and glared at Wang Tong, dragging out the silence.

Sensing something was amiss, Wang Tong sat up and asked, "What's up?"

Mr. Wannabe heaved a sigh and then replied, "I have recovered much faster than I had thought, and I remembered something about my past."

Wang Tong straightened his back as the gravity of Mr. Wannabe's words set in. "You recovered your memory? That's awesome! Tell me what you have remembered!"

Mr. Wannabe's face twisted as if he were mustering the courage, and eventually, a few words tumbled out between his teeth. "I need your help, please!"

"Yea...spit it out. I will... try my best." Wang Tong was disheveled by Mr. Wannabe's unusual courtesy.

"I need you to arrange fights for me against all of the current Einherjars."

Wang Tong paused for a second to reflect on Mr. Wannabe's request. To an ordinary human, the Einherjar was a god-like existence, but Wang Tong believed that there ought to be a way to coax them into a fight.

"It would be hard, but I can try to track them down first. Nothing is impossible." Wang Tong announced with determination; he was unruffled by the challenge ahead. Wang Tong didn't press Mr. Wannabe with more questions regarding the reason behind such an odd request, knowing that Mr. Wannabe would tell him only when he was ready to do so. However, Wang Tong had other questions related to the task.

"Once we have tracked them down, how are you going to convince them to fight with you?" Wang Tong asked.

Wang Tong's question had taken the wind out of Mr. Wannabe's sail. He furrowed his brows at the thought of wasting his time in the crystal space weighted heavily on his mind. Silence found its way into the room.

"Master, do you require my assistance?" Charcoal suddenly broke the silence.

Just as Wang Tong was about to dismiss him, he noticed the two golden lights shining in charcoal's eyes. Wang Tong paused and then asked, "As a matter of fact, yes! I would like you to bring Mr. Wannabe out of the crystal."

"Master, the request is beyond my current configuration."

"Hmm... Can you let him fight in the PA system?"

"Yes, master. As long as you permit me to access the virtual battleground."

Wang Tong and Mr. Wannabe exchanged a knowing glance.

"You are the best, Charcoal! Common, give me a kiss!" Wang Tong picked Charcoal up and pressed his lips to Charcoal's iron cheek.

"Master, please don't! Your bodily fluids are going to make me rust. Besides, my exterior cover was not sterilized, and it might make you sick. Oh—No…" Charcoal protested helplessly.

Wang Tong patted Charcoal's head and then said, "Fine, fine, you can go about your business now."

The development had given Mr. Wannabe a sliver of hope, and somewhat brightened his mood. However, he was still not convinced that they could coax any elite soldiers, much less an Einherjar, to willingly battle a ghost in a game. It sounded preposterous even to Mr. Wannabe himself.

"Don't lose hope just yet! You always taught me to think positively. Now, it's time for you to practice what you preach."

"I don't need you to remind me, you little prick! Tell you what, thanks to my recovered memory, I have already found a way out of here by myself." Mr. Wannabe said as a smug crept onto his face.

Wang Tong jumped out of his bed and cheered, "For real? That's...AWESOME! So, you can get out as long as you fight with an Einherjar? Is that it?"

"You need to calm your underpants. Aren't you afraid that I am the evil pirate king? I don't even know who I am. What makes you think that I'm a nice guy?" Mr. Wannabe turned his face and then cast a chilly sidelong glance at Wang Tong.

"Whatever, you can be whoever you want, but you would always be the Mr. Wannabe I know. Plus, I am no saint either." Wang Tong smirked as he retorted.

"Don't try to kiss my a*s; I will fart on you! Anyways, my memories seemed to come back after I wasted so much energy on you little ungracious prick. During my recent recovery, I was enlightened by some long forgotten knowledge that I used to possess.

You see, Einherjar's power was the limit of a human body. However, being a human is more than just being a stinky sack. Look at me for example! I have noticed that my ghostly form might have given me a unique edge to take my cultivation to the next level, to become a ... Super Einherjar, and to finally set me free from this imprisonment."

"... Super Einherjar? Is... that a thing?"

"Balls! Of course, it is! 'Li b*stard Feng' was living proof! It's just... very hard! If you think the transformation from level six to Einherjar was difficult, well, think again. The only way to become a Super Einherjar is to relent their physical existence in this world and reach nirvana in battle. It is much easier said than done." Even as Mr. Wannabe spoke about the matter, he projected an overbearing presence that left Wang Tong in awe.

Although the illusive power of the Super Einherjar sounded tantalizing, for now, Wang Tong reasoned that his priority was to become an Einherjar.

"If that's true, I wager that the other Einherjars would have realized it as you did. You mentioned that the only way to transcend into the next level was through a battle with another Einherjar, and that explains why no one had ever done it, because it would be a political earthquake if two Einherjars ever fought with each other. Now, how do you think they would react to the appearance of an Einherjar on the PA system, which has no political affiliations ?" The promise of seeing the fight between two Einherjars made Wang Tong's eyes glint. There had been no confrontation between Einherjars for more than two decades.

"As for Einherjars, there are two on earth, two on the moon, and another one on the Mars. I will find a match for you." Wang Tog said as he beamed from side to side.

Mr. Wannabe pouted and then said, "You are too young, too simple, and sometimes naive. There are more than just six Einherjar in the world. The ones that you mentioned must have already reached at least mid-tier. Oh. I had seen one on TV before… Li...Zhidao, he is no doubt a high tier Einherjar."

"Tiers?... Is that also a thing?"

"Balls! of course, it is! Come on now, think with that oversized head of yours and get me a dozen of Einherjar to beat up already!"

Wang Tong grimaced and pondered on. After a while, he said, "You could use my ID in the PA as a disguise. We will have to be prudent of course, and probably would require some assistance from DREAM."

"Ah-ha! I like that idea. Send the Invitation now!"

"For god's sake! I need to think about it and plan ahead! We are fighting Einherjars, not squashing flies."

"Ah... I see. Alright, I have faith in whatever the swindle—I mean strategies you will cook up… Haha!" During the battle in the crystal, Mr. Wannabe was impressed by Wang Tong's ability to deceive and cheat his opponent.

"I learned from the best." Wang Tong smirked.

"Well, don't dawdle then. Hurry up!" The thought of the thrilling fight invigorated the old ghost. He eventually disappeared into the crystal to wait there in excitement.

Wang Tong was pleased with the development; two birds with one stone. On one hand, letting Mr. Wannabe use his ID would lessen others' suspicion on him, and on the other, the fights between Einherjars would definitely be an invaluable lesson for him.

Above all, Wang Tong was the happiest about the fact that he could finally do something to help Mr. Wannabe.