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Chapter 337: Pretender

Chapter 337: Pretender

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The qualification matches were carried out amidst clamor and enthusiasm. All three major factions had treated the tournament as their top priority, and they had set aside prizes to encourage their fighters.

The competition in the tournament was a real-life depiction of the rivalries between factions. The stake was high, since the outcome of the matches directly influenced the public's perception of the power of different factions. A faction that was perceived to be strong would be much stronger because of that.

The three colonized planets had fought against the other factions' attempt to annex their players. In the end, the three planets in the Andromeda Galaxy were allowed to partake in the tournament as independent factions.

That being said, for the time being, the three major factions wagered that the three newly independent planets would not pose too much of a threat to them, since they had never heard of any exceedingly powerful fighters from those planets.

As the qualification matches at Shangjin District carried on, Ayrlarng started to fight against the nearby five A-Class Academies. Although Ayrlarng had enjoyed a brief period of improvements, it's overall power were still quite a way from that of the S Class Academies. However, the elite fighters at the Ayrlarng fought with such potency that they had been practically invincible.

Wang Tong had won another fight with ease, and once again, he was disappointed by his opponent's power. Meanwhile, as the leader of the S club, he was adored by the audiences. Many members of the club who were not from Ayrlarng had never met him until right then.

However, Wang Tong did not indulge himself in the vanity affairs; his ambition was much greater than just being adored by students.

Hu Yangxuan, on the other hand, seemed to be reveling in the attention he had garnered. Although he had become much stronger after the training at TNN, his moves were still showy as ever.

As the Templar's disciple, he had already built a rock-solid foundation for his cultivation. Under the constant encouragement of Wang Tong, Hu Yangxuan had transformed from an ordinary student to a potent warrior.

During one of his qualification match, he had encountered a level five fighter, who had already graduated. Despite his inferior soul energy level, Hu Yangxuan eventually overcame his opponent thanks to his superior techniques and experience.

Hu Yangxuan's victory had not only caught many off-guard, making the fight one of the most memorable ones so far, it had also encouraged the other students at Ayrlarng. Before they saw Hu Yangxuan's victory, students at Ayrlarng had thought that it was absurd for them to fight against a level five player. But right then, they seemed to be less afraid of such an opponent.

Many students at Ayrlarng had come to the arena and watched their schoolmates' qualifications matches. Whenever students from Ayrlarng won a fight, swells of cheers and applause would rise from the audiences which spurred the Ayrlarng contestants to fight even harder in their next round.

Karl had shown up in the arena and stole some of the cheers from whoever was fighting on the stage. Ever since the fleet combat tournament, he was seen by many of his schoolmates as the only person who was able to compete against Wang Tong in addition to Flash.

"Haha! congrats to everyone!" Karl shouted out to his friends.

"Come on Karl, do you really have to come crash the party? You better buy everyone dinner tonight."

"No problem! I will buy, and you will pay" Karl pounded his chest and announced.

"Thank you, that was very...nice of you." Hu Yangxuan grimaced, and said with a sarcastic tone.

Karl put one arm over Hu Yangxuan's shoulder and then said, "You are welcome Prince Hu. You know, money is the source of all evil. I am simply helping you unload your worldly burden. You can thank me later when I have spent all of your money."

The others looked at each other and tried to hold back their laughs.

"Alright everyone, I was told that there would be a fight of Einherjar Wannabe on the PA system. We should watch it together. Plus, I have a guest tonight that I want to introduce to you all. " Wang Tong cracked a smile and then announced.

"Oh? Who is that, Boss? Have you been keeping secrets from us again?" Karl asked.

"Haha, turn around and see for yourself. "

Zhang Jin had quietly approached the group as Wang Tong announced the invitation. She waved at everyone and then said with a beautiful smile, "I am that 'secret' guest, nice to meet you, Karl."

Everyone was shocked by the development, since the one standing right before them was one of the most brilliant young adults in the confederation.

"Nice to meet you." Karl hurried a reply and then murmured to Wang Tong. "Boss, I find it hard to see a connection between you and rich people. "

"I will take that as a compliment." Wang Tong said.

"Sister Jin!" Zhou Sisi called out to Zhang Jin with a smile. During their brief interaction at the hospital, Zhou Sisi had already been captured by Zhang Jin's wits and kindness.

"Long time no see, Sisi. You look so pretty!"

"Save the courtesy for later, let's go have a feast today. I will buy!" Hu Yangxuan suddenly announced. The presence of beautiful girls could always tease out his generosity.

"NO! I will buy, and you will pay! We talked about this." Karl retorted as everyone laughed.

Eager to impress the charming guest, Hu Yangxuan wanted to take everyone to a fancy restaurant. However, Wang Tong had chosen to go to the DREAM cafe. Although it had just been recently renovated, it was no more than a mom and pop venue after all.

The sudden drop in sales and the disappearance of his lucky charm after the renovation had distressed the owner of the cafe, so when he saw Wang Tong and his friends, the owner's face bloomed like a flower.

"Welcome, WELCOME! Wang Tong, it's been a while. We have missed you. Are those you friends, please come in!"

"Where is your receptionist? Are there still spots at the booth close to the TV? we are here to watch the fight."

"Yes, of course, there would always be seats available for you and your friends."

All the while, the owner's eyes were fixated on Zhang Jin, as he found her face surprisingly familiar. As if noticed the owner's stare, Zhang Jin looked to the owner and smiled. Her smile reminded the cafe owner of her identity, and the sheer gravity of the fact sent a tremor down to his knees. The cafe owner took a deep breath, trying to remain calm. However, he could not hide his shaky fingers.

A few minutes later, it was the owner who had delivered the drinks to the group on a silver platter. "This first round would be on the house. Let's toast for Wang Tong's coming victory at the METAL tournament." The owner shouted out to everyone in the cafe.

Unfamiliar faces turned to Wang Tong as they suddenly realized that they were in the same room with the champion of the fleet combat tournament.

"Hey, what about a second round too?" Karl shouted out.

Wang Tong smiled and then said, "This is Karl, my bro."

The owner had immediately recognized the name, "The Art of Karl, ah-ha! Of course, your second round would be on me as well!"

The crowd in the cafe cheered for both Wang Tong and Karl with a great measure of enthusiasm.

"I didn't know you are so popular here." Zhang Jin jested.

"Just so-so." Wang Tong replied. Although he would rather enjoy a low key setting, he appreciated everyone's support. It made him feel good about himself.

The owner was a shrewd businessman. The clamor inside the cafe had quickly attracted more customers, and some even sent messages to their friends, inviting them to come over to spend time with Wang Tong and Karl.

Amidst the cheers and shouts, Charcoal slipped into the terminal number five, while Mr. Wannabe rode on its square head.

Charcoal turned on the terminal and connected Mr. Wannabe to the PA system.

Excitement contorted Mr. Wannabe's face. Finally, after centuries of imprisonment, he would enjoy the thrill of a battle.

Two golden lights shone in Charcoal's eyes as he announced, "Establishing a connection, ten percent...twenty...fifty... a hundred. Connection complete."

Everyone who was already waiting for the fight watched as Einherjar Wannabe stepped into the arena.