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Chapter 338: Return of An Einherjar

Chapter 338: Return of An Einherjar

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Einherjar Wannabe stood still and felt the grains of sand under his feet, savoring every moment in the palpable world like one would in a fictitious wonderland.

As a warrior, he yearned for only one thing: Battle.

As Mr. Wannabe strode across the threshold of the arena, a strong mixed feeling shot through his body. The sentiment belonged only to himself, since no one would be able to fathom the profoundness of this one single step to a ghost who had long parted his way from the tangible world.

With an unswerving conviction that glory and fame would return to him soon, Einherjar Wannabe continued his steps and strode into the battleground like an Einherjar.

Peter Lynn had already been waiting for his opponent. Many years ago, he might have enjoyed fighting in the PA system. But right then, he considered it no more than a child's play.

A cheer erupted from the IPA audiences as soon as they saw Einherjar Wannabe. Even the warrior's prolonged silence didn't seem to dull their enthusiasm.

Most TPA audiences, however, were still on the fence, and unsure whether Einherjar Wannabe would last long in this fight.

"VICTORY!" someone shouted out loudly. Enchanted with the unwavering belief, the voice pierced through the air and persuaded many IPA players to stand on their feet and join the chant. "Victory…Victory…Victory!"

The DREAM workers were shocked by the audiences' enthusiasm. The poll before the match didn't seem to indicate that. Plus, due to the slip up in DREAM's advertisement, many DREAM's workers had been uncertain of how this match would turn out.

The same concern was shared by Wang Tong as well, and the audiences' enthusiasm had caught him by surprise. But, he genuinely appreciated them for their unconditional support. Wang Tong was confident that Mr. Wannabe would give them an excellent show in return.

Zhang Jin's jaw almost dropped when she saw Einherjar Wannabe appear in the PA system while Wang Tong—the prime suspect —was sitting right next to her.

"How...How is that possible?"

Zhang Jin knew that everyone's ID was gene coded, so there was zero chance that someone else was fighting in Wang Tong's stead. Her mind raced as doubts sprouted. Were she and Patroclus both wrong about their conjecture, or was the whole event a hoax? No matter how hard Zhang Jin had tried to solve the puzzle, she failed.

Einherjar Wannabe looked at his feet while listening to the swell of cheers and shouts. He felt as if he had traveled back to the old days. A knot of fire started to burn inside him, awakening the old memories.

"Match begin!"

Peter Lynn studied the seventeen years old boy; he wondered how this match had happened in the first place. What had made his employer so interested in such an ordinary boy.

Peter Lynn was aware that the House of Zhang loathed conceit among their employees. Therefore, he didn't dare lower his guard.

A blade appeared in Peter Lynn's hand out of nowhere, and he started to channel his energy into the blade, until it was crackling with lightening GN force. Peter Lynn raised the blade and attacked the boy. As a veteran level six fighter, his execution was flawless and deadly without measure.

Peter Lynn was sure that his opponent didn't move while he attacked, but when the blade finally fell towards the boy, it cut through the air where the boy was standing and missed the target. The boy was seen standing a few inches away from the blade.

Peter Lynn didn't hesitate as he attacked again. This time, his GN fore projected further out from his blade, effectively extending the reach of his weapon. It was the technique popular among the Ivantians. When used right, it would be able to hail attacks on opponents continuously. Peter Lynn's second attack aimed at Einherjar Wannabe's neck. He was convinced that this attack should end the match then and there, since he had made this move many times before and never missed once.

However, the attack missed again, as the boy disappeared into thin air and then reappeared right in front of where the tip of the blade had rested.

Peter Lynn's heart sank at this development. He registered that his opponent didn't even use his GN force, and worse, he had no clue as to how the boy had done it.

The pressure was mounting. His promotion and a brighter future were hinged upon the success of this match; he could not fail.

The thought of his failure spurred Peter Lynn to recharge his blade with GN force and attack with abandon at Einherjar Wannabe anew.

Einherjar Wannabe didn't engage in combat this time. Instead, he swayed his body deftly left and right to dodge the attacks while maintaining a close distance with the veteran soldier.

After a few dozen continuous assaults, Peter Lynn still failed to land a solid blow, but he didn't give up, as he continued the lightning fast, although mechanical, moves. The close distance had given the Ivantian veteran an edge regarding speed, as he was able to unleash more than twelve attacks in one second.

But no matter how fast and furious the attacks were, none landed on Einherjar Wannabe so far.

The audiences' breath was caught in their throat as the suspense of the fight seized their attention.

Eyes glued to the screen, Wang Tong marveled at Mr. Wannabe's seemingly effortless evasion; only an Einherjar was capable of pull off such a defense. Wang Tong's eyes were quick enough to pick up Mr. Wannabe's moves. However, the method to execute these moves escaped him.

The constant missing had eventually thinned Peter Lynn's patience, and was slowly driving him deeper into madness. He had been at it for over half a minute, and still, his attacks had been useless.

Sensing that Peter Lynn's soul energy had faltered, Einherjar Wannabe immediately unleashed his counter-attack. Calling it a counter-attack was an understatement, it was more like a cataclysm on the battleground.

A deafening ear blare came out from Einherjar Wannabe's body and sent a shockwave throughout the arena, stirring up the dust. The blaring noise seemed to have numbed Peter Lynn's senses, as he simply stood still and did not even move a finger.

Mr. Wannabe's power shocked Wang Tong, and he registered that the match was near its end.

When the dust finally settled, Peter Lynn fell onto his face and never got up.

Shocked by the sudden turn of event, TPA players looked to the display board, trying to get a reading of the soul energy in Einherjar Wannabe's last attack. However, the display board showed nothing. Either the attack was not based on soul energy, or the amount of soul energy was so significant it had fried the soul energy sensors; no one knew.

Throwing his head back as he stared into the sky, Mr. Wannabe stood in silence. Although he had finally gotten the chance to fight again, his opponent was too weak; he needed someone much more powerful than Peter Lynn.

Although he didn't regain any lost memories, he could read the silhouette of the shadows cast by his forgotten memories to know this much: he had been a formidable warrior.

After a while, the referee finally announced, "Einherjar Wannabe, Win!" A tsunami of cheers followed the announcement.

No one, expect Wang Tong, had anticipated such a result. Many had believed that even a draw would be an incredible victory for Einherjar Wannabe. However, not only had Einherjar Wannabe won the match, he had done so with ease.

Among the different methods of utilizing the GN force, sound wave attack was widely used among warriors of all factions. However, none of the sound wave method's power came close to the roar that Einherjar Wannabe had used.

The outcome of the match had caught many experts by surprise. Before the fight, they had been convinced that Einherjar Wannabe was a relatively unknown warrior in real life, who sought glory in the PA system. It was commonly believed that no ordinary fighters, regardless of how powerful they were among their peer, could overcome a reputable, level six warrior. However, the power that Einherjar Wannabe had displayed suggested that he was not a nobody. It was impossible to go unnoticed in real-life while having such great power.

The mysterious fighter had surprised everyone with his power so many times, that the experts wondered precisely how powerful Einherjar Wannabe was, and who exactly was Einherjar Wannabe. Was he really a seventeen years old boy?