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Chapter 339: Who“s Next?

Chapter 339: Who's Next?

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Hu Yangxuan and his friends looked at each other in bewilderment. They had thought that it would be a tough battle. However, it had ended in mere minutes.

A question rang like a bell in Hu Yangxuan's mind. If Einherjar Wannabe was really only seventeen years old, who would be able to stand against him in the tournament?

In a matter of seconds, analysis videos of the fight were uploaded to the internet. While watching the video in slow motion, the students noticed that one of Einherjar Wannabe's feet had never left the ground while he was dodging Peter Lynn's attacks. He had pivoted his body on that feet and spun like a top.

To the students, the technique as unimaginable.

In Cao Yi's analysis video, he also pointed out the fact that Einherjar Wannabe's eyes had been closed while he was dodging the lethal attacks, as if he were savoring the battle.

As for the roar, no one was able to offer any conclusive analysis, since the technique was beyond the measuring capability of all known instruments. However, it had proven to everyone that Einherjar Wannabe was not just a copycat. His own attacks were even deadlier than what he had copied from other players.

Loneliness flickered In Einherjar Wannabe's eyes at the end of the tournament. Everyone could feel his yearning for a stronger opponent.

An Einherjar Wannabe's fan club called the "Martial Hall" was formed on the same day. His fans included people who were mind opened and those who weren't. They believed that Einherjar Wannabe's decisive victory against the level six player meant that he was invincible in the PA system.

His young age only highlighted his achievements, making the performances more akin to miracles. Perhaps, Einherjar Wannabe was the returning savior, the heir of the gods.

The fight had proven that Einherjar Wannabe's soul energy was boundless, and he had broken the code of cultivation by ignoring the age factor.

The Marshal Hall's member-list had expanded rapidly. More and more people were convinced that it was Lie Jian who had lost the battle during his last "close-door" fight against Einherjar Wannabe.

However, the voice of concern from those who opposed Einherjar Wannabe was loud as well, and the situation quickly escalated beyond DREAM's control.

Some suspected that DRAM had cheated the PA system for Einherjar Wannabe to win. However, many audience members, who were experts in virtual security, had quickly cleared the air by stating that they could not find any trace of evidence supporting the conjecture.

Samantha had also declared in a TV interview that DREAM would do anything they could to ensure the fairness of the fight.

Like Einherjar Wannabe, who had won the hearts of his fans using his excellent performance, Samantha had done the same to the councilors thanks to her superior management skills. Samantha's ancestor, Galber, had been one of the first members of the council, and he was also a fierce follower of the Blade Warrior. Samantha's family had always honored their relationship with the god-like Blade Warrior, and considered themselves as "servants" who waited patiently for the return of the god.

With many odds in favor of her, Samantha had quickly risen to fame and garnered much higher support than all of her competitors combined. Since Samantha was a woman, she also easily gained the support of the feminist groups.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong and Mr. Wannabee were watching the replay of the fight.

"I told you to be careful and not show your power all at once. It would raise other's suspicions."

"Balls! I used only a fraction of my power! What do you want from me? " Mr. Wannabe retorted while straddling on top of Charcoal's shoulder. Charcoal had protested in the beginning, but after a while, he seemed to have come to terms with his new function as a bench.

"Just be careful! " Wang Tong knew that to continue to keep a lid on other's suspicions, they needed to be prudent in choosing Mr. Wannabe's next opponent. Slow and steady would win the race after all.

Wang Tong noticed that so far, everyone seemed to be trapped in the box, thinking that only one person would be able to use one ID in the PA system. Wang Tong and Mr. Wannabe needed to play along and act as if Einherjar Wannabe had gradually gained more power, and reinforce the false assumption in the audiences' mind. Wang Tong knew that to lure Einherjar into a fight; he would need to slowly coax the public's opinion into thinking that the mysterious fighter was also an Einherjar, thereby creating a temptation that no real Einherjar would resist.

With the increase in opponent's power, Wang Tong reasoned that he would also be able to learn more by watching the fights. However, Wang Tong reckoned that it would take some time to get to that point, since he didn't expect any powerful level six fighters to rise to the bait just yet.

"What about a fight with me, Mr. Wannabe? I need a warm-up before my daily cultivation anyways!"

"You? No, I don't want to hurt you before your tournament." Mr. Wannabe brushed Wang Tong's request off with a casual answer.

"You have to! Otherwise, I would unplug the TV. It won't take long! " Wang Tong threatened Mr. Wannabe.

"Fine, fine, be quick about it!"

The two then disappeared into the crystal, leaving Charcoal alone in the room. But only two seconds later, Mr. Wannabe appeared in the room again, and he immediately was engrossed in the TV show as if nothing had happened.

Inside the virtual space, Wang Tong laid on the ground; he was defeated faster than he had thought. In order not to miss any of his show, Mr. Wannabe didn't hold back his power, and therefore, the fight ended in mere seconds.

Wang Tong laid on his back as he stared at the sky quietly. The pain in his body constantly reminded him of his defeat; he had a creeping suspicion that something was off. Otherwise, he would not be defeated so easily.

As he reflected on the fight, he remembered that Mr. Wannabe's soul energy was never that impressively high. Wang Tong also noticed that unlike other fighters who would need to maintain their soul energy at a certain level in order to effectively wield it, Mr. Wannabe's soul energy reading changed drastically. But every time it was summoned, it would come to Mr. Wannabe's aid obediently.

After a while, Wang Tong dragged himself to his feet and started his cultivation. What he had learned from the brief confrontation with Mr. Wannabe had reaffirmed the importance of soul energy. Without solid soul energy, any grandiose ambitions were nothing but empty talk.

Meanwhile, on the Moon, Patroclus and Zhang Jin had quietly re-watched the recording of the fight. After the video ended, Zhang Jin asked. "What is your take on this?"

Patroclus shook his head and then replied, "I don't know, something was not right."

"That's what I felt too. I think we might have underestimated the Einherjar Wannabe."

"I think this only proves that he is the heir of the blade warrior! That's exciting!" Patroclus's face suddenly beamed.

"I'm glad to see you so happy."

"Thanks to you, Jing!"

Einherjar Wannabe's return and his victory against a level six fighter had shocked the PA community, as people become more eager to see what would this seventeen years old boy become. However, the one victory was not enough to pique the elite fighters' interests. Therefore, Einherjar Wannabe re-posted his challenge.

That being said, Einherjar Wannabe's roaring technique had caught the attention of a few powerful fighters.

In addition to the five major tactics, many other equally powerful tactics had been invented, and the tens of the most powerful ones formed the so-called "Miraculous Ten." Two out of the ten tactics in the "Miraculous Ten " deployed sound wave attacks, and they were the number six—Tactics the Soul Harp, and the number eight—Tactics of the Thunder Drum.

Ivantians used tactics of the Soul Harp, which started as a soul energy technique similar to that of the Tactics of the Enchantress. After centuries of improvement, it had become deadly tactics that would kill its opponent unwittingly using the sound wave of a harp. At the highest level, the Tactics of the Soul Harp would even be able to take control of opponent's mind, much like an Enchantress would.

On the other hand, the tactics of the Thunder Drum originated from Mars. The creator of the tactics had been a drummer in the military marching band in addition to being a talented cultivator. He had invented the ingenious tactics accidentally when he fused his drum beats with soul energy to save his comrades, who had been surrounded by Zergs. The story of him inventing the tactics had been retold many times on Mars, and eventually, it had become a legend.