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Chapter 347: The Second Legend

Chapter 347: The Second Legend

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Truth be told, no one, not even Einherjar Wannabe's die-hard fans, had thought that he could win the fight. However, not only had Einherjar Wannabe defeated his opponent, he brought Zambrotta into submission by copying his power.

"What kind of a fighter would be able to subdue a grandmaster at the age of seventeen?" As the question rang inside of the mind of the audience, they remembered another legendary fighter who lived on the earth three hundred years ago.

The DREAM had lauded Einherjar Wannabe's victory as a triumph in the human history, and no one disputed the bold claim. Some even doubted if the Blade Warrior would be able to accomplish the same achievement when he was only seventeen.

Soul energy cultivation was much more difficult than power-suit training, since it required more time and patience. Only a very few privileged ones, such as Li Shiming and Patroclus, who were born with superior genes and were taught more potent tactics, might be able to break the rule and defeat someone much older and experienced than them. However, even though Li Shiming and Patroclus might have a chance of winning such a fight, they would never be able to win it by copying Zambrotta's power like Einherjar Wannabe did.

On the main page of the Martial Hall's website, a large banner read, "Submit yourselves to the new god!"

It was such a decisive victory that it had silenced all voices that questioned Einherjar Wannabe.

The DREAM also doubled down on their boldness as they changed the advertisement to "The strongest human is here, waiting for your challenge."

Should Einherjar Wannabe be a middle age man, the public might as well think that one of the Einherjar was having an episode of midlife crisis. However, that was not the case, since Einherjar Wannabe was only seventeen, and he also possessed the ability that no Einherjar would possess—"Power Copying."

Einherjar Wannabe's victory was the victory of the entire human race, especially for the earthlings. Centuries ago, when crisis plagued the Earth, the Blade Warrior came to their aid. Three hundred years later, the Ivantians and the Martians had surpassed the Earth in technology development as well as political influence, leaving only an empty title as the origin of the human race to the earth.

However, the title itself possessed a magical power that the other two factions had overlooked. It had summoned the Blade Warrior centuries ago, and now, an incarnation —Einherjar Wannabe!

The miracles that the Einherjar Wannabe performed were real, and so must be the legend. Deny it the Ivantians and the Martians might, but they could not ignore the boy's victory, and their inability to come up with a reasonable explanation.

History tended to repeat itself, as when Blade Warrior first emerged, no one was willing to accept his god-like power until he saved them from destruction.

However heated the debate was between the believers and the haters, the day went on.

On his way to the apartment, Wang Tong reflected on today's fight. Something was amiss in the way Mr. Wannabe acted in the arena; he seemed to be thirsty for bloodshed.

When Wang Tong arrived at his apartment, he found Mr. Wannabe and Charcoal were already watching TV together. Having sensed Wang Tong walking into the room, Mr. Wannabe grumbled, "Don't ask me anything, I—Don't—Know!"

Wang Tong took off his shoes and then said, "I am not going to ask anything. It was a good fight, but I think I could have done better."

Einherjar Wannabe shook his head and then said, "Since when have you learned to brag about yourself? But to tell you the truth, you are not wrong. He is no match for you." Mr. Wannabe had spoken the truth. He knew Wang Tong's real power better than anyone else, and his recent advancement in his cultivation had caught Mr. Wannabe by surprise. It seemed that nothing was more effective in spurring a young boy's motivation than his beautiful lover.

"Mr. Wannabe, how the hell did you amplify the energy like that? It was impossible to achieve such power output with only one strike." Wang Tong asked with a smile.

"No time to explain it to you. You go figure it out yourself." Mr. Wannabe waved his hand in dismissal. However, something was hidden in his seeming ordinary movement of the hand.

Wang Tong paused for a second and a moment of epiphany came over him. Although he was not one hundred percent sure about his conjecture just yet, he decided to test it during his training.

The next day, all media persons regretted their lack of interest in the last PA fight, and immediately devoted their resources to the PA system as the outcome of the fight came to light.

All major news outlets started to contact DREAM and tried to secure the live coverage during Einherjar Wannabe's next fight. Meanwhile, the public started to speculate Einherjar Wannabe's next opponent. Everyone had thought that the mysterious fighter would only choose the younger generation. However, his last fight had proven that age was not an issue to him.

Thanks to the frequent comparison between the legend of the Blade Warrior and Einherjar Wannabe, even the initially indifferent Ivantians and Martians started to pay attention to the recent development of the PA system.

PA had set aside five million credits as the reward for whoever was able to defeat Einherjar Wannabe.

In academies across the Confederation, the identity of Einherjar Wannabe quickly become the second most talked about topic following the Tournament.

"Earthling, seventeen years old, that could be any one of my friends!"

Lie Jian had watched the recording of Einherjar Wannabe's last fight four times, and he found it hard to believe that this insanely powerful fighter was the same boy he fought just a month ago. Unable to control his urge to fight this powerful opponent again during this year's tournament, Li Jian squeezed the display panel until it crumbled.

Zhang Jin was bewildered after watching the fight between Einherjar Wannabe and Zambrotta. She was convinced that the mysterious fighter was not seventeen years old; he was an Einherjar! But how was that possible? Which Einherjar in their right mind would pull off such a prank?

While mired in questions that had no answers, Zhang Jin closed her eyes and started the Tactics of the Conscious Heart, trying to sort through the information. Although she was no longer sure if Wang Tong were Einherjar Wannabe, she was confident that Wang Tong had something to do with the mysterious fighter. She reasoned that the riddle would answer itself the moment Wang Tong encountered Patroclus during this year's tournament.

"Is the world already on the verge of a new era?"

The thought brought Zhang Jin a smile. She knew there was no need for further speculations, since time would soon answer everything.

The students who had passed the qualification test were being sent to the Moon along with their cheerers. Zhou Sisi was appointed as the cheerleader of Team Ayrlarng. Samantha had generously offered to pay for all of the students' travel expenses.

As the heir of the DREAM corporation, Samantha was no doubt the biggest winner of the recent events. DREAM had been half reliant on House of Ma before the rise of Einherjar Wannabe. However, the recent surge of PA's popularity had strengthened their position significantly in dealing with the Ma. Also, ever since Einherjar Wannabe's last victory, DREAM's stock price had risen over nine percent—the greatest uptick ever since the company went public.

Samantha could feel that her dream of becoming a councilor was about to come true.