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Chapter 349: Headbutt Is Legit

Chapter 349: Headbutt Is Legit

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The most popular pop group, HG, also performed at the opening ceremony, with a song called "God of Fighting." It was an upbeat song and had lifted the audience's spirit. The attendance of almost nine hundred thousand people strong audience had also broken the record of any live event; it was indeed a testament to the popularity of METAL combat.

As the song arrived near its final line of lyrics, a haughty figure walked onto the stage. When the man stepped into the stage light, the music came to a jarring halt. He was the Einherjar on the Moon, the House lord of the House Dower—Andalidis Dower.

Audiences watched as the Einherjar slowly raised the clenched fist until it was in front of his face, and then suddenly, he opened his fist. An intense light shot out from his palm and lit up the entire arena. It was not a visual effect; it was the power of the Einherjar.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the sixteenth METAL tournament… START!" The host shouted, almost losing his voice.

The first fight was between Patroclus and a Martian opponent called Luther Charles. The announcement of the battle elated the audiences who came to watch Patroclus's fight.

All major media houses were live-streaming the event, and many journalists were outside the arena, interviewing pedestrians about their views on this year's tournament.

"Hello everyone, my name is Lulu. As we all know, this year's tournament has reached the highest strength of audience ever recorded in history. Meanwhile, right where I am standing, at the Moon City's square, people have gathered to watch the show together. A rough estimate gives us a whopping two million people here. Let us hear what they have to say about this year's tournament." Lulu, the journalist, announced to the camera and then walked towards an Ivantian. "Hello! Can I ask you a question? Who do you think will be the champion of this year's tournament?"

"Our prince Patroclus, no doubt about it! He is UNSTOPPABLE!" the young Ivantian shouted while waving a fist in front of the camera. Perhaps, only the METAL tournament would make an Ivantian lose his usual coolness and aloofness.

Wang Tong was assigned to the third section. In five minutes, he had kicked his opponent out of the arena. He didn't intend to waste too much time and energy in these earlier fights. Therefore, he had finished the fight as fast as he possibly could without raising any suspicions.

Starting with Wang Tong, all of Ayrlarng's fighters finished their fights in the morning. The Sky Arena was so large that it was able to host more than ten fights at one time. But, only the major matches, such as that of Patroclus, would take place at the most prominent main stage, while the rest of the matches would fill up the secondary stages.

Wang Tong finished his opponent with ease. By then, a Level Five Warrior was a piece of cake for him.

After the Match, Wag Tong dashed towards stage number 32, where Kyaero's match was taking place. Unfortunately, Kyaero's first opponent was Qin Kun, one of Lie Jian's henchmen, and one of the leading instigators of the brutal Martian insurgence at the PA system a while ago.

When Wang Tong arrived at the stage, he saw Kyaero half beaten and lying on the ground.

"Hey, noob! You are done. You shouldn't have come to the Moon, you know? It's embarrassing! " Qin Kun spat on the ground irritatingly.

Knowing that his opponent was much stronger than him, Kyaero had been thinking about giving up. However, as a man, he could not stomach the insult.

Qin Kun's words spurred Kyaero's fighting spirit, and he was back to his feet and charging at the Martian brute with a clenched fist. Without turning around to face his opponent, Qin Kun had sensed the incoming attack. He turned his hip around and then lashed out his leg like a whip. Kyaero's vision suddenly blurred and his body was sent flying by the kick.

Qin Kun shook his head and then finally turned around. "So, this is what they call a fighter on the Earth? Pathetic! Try me again. " Qin Kun curled his index finger, taunting Kyaero to attack again.

Such blatant over-the-top insult was very rare among the Earthlings and the Ivantian fighters, since only the harsh environment on Mars would breed such a tough culture in which modesty was perceived as weak.

However, Kyaero struggled back to his feet again and was about to attack his opponent again.

Wang Tong found Zhou Sisi near the stage, her eyes filled with worries. "Do something, Wang Tong! If this continues, Kyaero will be gravely injured."

Wang Tong shook his head and then said, "Sisi, you don't understand how a man's mind works. To a man, there is something far important than his life. This fight is no longer about winning… it's about honor and dignity."

If Kyaero submitted to this Martian brute, he would never get over his humiliation, and as guilt and self-doubt took hold in his mind, he would never progress in his cultivation.

Qin Kun kicked again, and the kick sent Kyaero flying once again. Nevertheless, Qin Kun secretly wished that Kyaero would last a bit longer, so that he could have more fun with him. So far, Qin Kun was pleased by his persistence.

"Too slow, too SLOW!" Qin Kun caught up with Kyaero and kicked at his left hand. With a crisp snap, Kyaero's left wrist was shattered. Despite the pain shooting through his body, Kyaero gritted his teeth, trying to hold back a wince as bead-size sweat appeared on his forehead.

"Haha, your bone crunched like lettuce." Qin Kun laughed.

Kyaero drew a large gulp of air and then attacked the Martian suddenly. However, the Martian was faster; he lashed out a kick at Kyaero's right wrist with lightning speed.

With the kick came another loud snap.

As if shocked by electricity, Kyaero's body flew back. The Martian had fused a level four GN force at the tip of his toe to make sure that the earthling boy would never stand up again.

Qin Kun had made sure that by then, Kyaero's body would not allow him to join any more matches. This was a despicable strategy devised by the Martians, a group of brutes that firmly believed in the survival of the fittest.

"What an a*shole! He did it on purpose! This is not virtual space, you b*stard!" Karl shouted.

Although everyone from Ayrlarng felt indignant for Kyaero, they conceded that the only way to stop Kyaero's suffering was surrender.

Wang Tong didn't speak a word as he watched Qin Kun carefully. He would pay for this.

Kyaero managed to pull himself back up again; his arms were dangling below his shoulders.

"Not bad! Still able to stand up, eh? Well, you are one hell of a punching bag. Haha! Come on now, come at me again. Try hit me! Haha! I will submit if you can even touch me." Qin Kun laughed again; his voice was filled with contempt.

Body trembling, Kyaero shambled towards the Martian. Qin Kun laughed again; his voice getting increasingly high pitched "Oh? Haha! Are you going to come kowtow to me?"

Qin Kun was well aware of the power on his last kick. He wagered that the earthling boy would collapse at any time before reaching him.

Lo and behold, a fit of a cough suddenly seized the earthling boy, as blood spilled out of his mouth and nose. As Qin Kun expected the boy to fall to the ground, Kyaero's eyes suddenly lit up as he launched his body at the Martian like a cannonball.

Since Kyaero had been sparring with Wang Tong, whose attack was much more powerful than that of Qin Kun, Kyaero had significantly toughened his body and will. All the while, Kyaero had been waiting for the Martian to lower his guard, so that he would strike at his most venerable spots.

Although Qin Kun reacted immediately, the point blank distance had given Kyaero an edge. As heart-wrenching shirk shot through the arena as Kyaero had successfully annihilated Qin Kun's groin with a head-butt.

As Qin Kun rolled around on the ground, hands cupping over where he was hit. Kyaero stood still, savoring every second of it.

Attacking the groin violated the tournament rule, however. After careful examine from a panel of referees, an exception to the rule was made. The panel had assumed that Kyaero had aimed at Qin Kun's chest. However, due to the extreme humiliation he was under, Kyaero had missed the target and accidentally hit Qin Kun's groin.

Therefore, the winner was—Kyaero!

Students from Ayrlarng rushed onto the stage after the announced was made. They watched as Kyaero was carried out by a stretcher; his tournament had ended, but he had won like a real man.

"Balls! You are bada*s, bro! " Karl shouted out to Kyaero as he hugged his friend on the stretcher.

"Don't... please...Don't hug me. It hurts." Kyaero winced.

"Good job Kyaero! " Zhou Sisi also gave Kyaero a thumb up. She had thought Kyaero would lose the battle, but his perseverance had eventually paid off after all.

"Hehe... thanks to Boss's brilliant idea. What he taught me kicks a*ses! " Kyaero winked as he spoke. He had known all the while that only the most brutal attack would be able to grant him victory against a brute.