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Chapter 350: The Power of the Divine Master

Chapter 350: The Power of the Divine Master

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After Kyaero was carried out by medics, Zhou Sisi tugged at the Wang Tong's sleeve and asked, "What the heck is it that you taught him?"

Wang Tong waved off the question and then said, "Nothing. I only told him that even the strongest have weaknesses. The hairier the situation, the calmer he needs to be. That's all!"

Knowing Wang Tong, Zhou Sisi didn't believe a single word out of his mouth. Wang Tong looked over Zhou Sisi's shoulder and found Karl snickering while giving him a thumbs up.

While training with Kyaero and Hu Yangxuan, Wang Tong did not restrict their sparring to regular moves. Instead, Wang Tong had exhausted all tricks he knew, regardless of how despicable they were. Although Hu Yangxuan and Kyaero had both fallen victim to Wang Tong's tricks, they had also learned to be cunning and calculating while fighting.

It was fortunate for the world that Wang Tong was not an outright evil person either, because he never fought with fairness and righteousness in mind.

While students from Ayrlarng felt remorse for the loss of a fighter on the first day, the rest of the audiences were caught by surprise, and found Kyaero's unlikely victory remarkable. Kyaero's headbutt had broken a bone in the Martian's leg, a fair price for his conceit.

It took Hu Yangxuan a while to dispatch his Ivantian opponent. Not only was the Ivantian tougher than expected, but Hu Yangxuan had also been very cautious while fighting, trying to avoid injury.

Unlike the fleet battle, METAL combat might take a toll on combatants' health. Therefore, combatants needed to be careful while fighting to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Except for their close friends, hardly anyone in the audience was paying attention to the fights happening on the side stages. On the main stage, bright stars came and went, taking their victories away without any suspense. However, the audiences' enthusiasm was not dulled the slightest by the lack of dramatic development. Most of the audiences didn't come here to watch the fight, but to bask in the glory of the fighters' noble origin, and worship them like zealous apostles.

After watching Kyaero's fight, Wang Tong's attention was immediately drawn by Li Shiming's match. He marveled at Li Shiming's perfect control of his power, as it was just enough to overwhelm his opponent, but not so much that would make him look like a bully.

Each of the three factions had developed their own focus regarding combat training. The Earthlings focused on mental stability, the Ivantians pursued perfection, while the Martians valued strength above all other things.

Li Shiming's humility and strength had owned many members of the audience's hearts, including many Ivantians. Ivantians were obsessed with the purity of bloodlines and power, and it seemed that Li Shiming had both.

Both Ivantians and Earthlings were convinced that the final battle would be between Patroclus and Li Shiming, despite their drastically different convictions as to who would be the winner.

That being said, there were still a significant number of people from the Mars who believed that the title of champion could belong to Lie Jian, Michaux, or Heidi.

The first match in the afternoon was between Lie Jian and his opponent. The Martian prince finished off his opponent with one deadly punch. Although any physical competition could be dangerous, the death of an opponent could potentially constitute a manslaughter charge in any regular competition. However, the pan-solar tournament had been an exception, as unfortunate accidents happened during almost every tournament. If not for the pressing need for the promotion of physical fitness among human due to the impending invasion of Zergs, such a dangerous sport would have been banned.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, a much-anticipated match was about to start. It would be Michaux Odin's virgin appearance in a public competition.

Wang Tong sat in front of the TV and waited patiently. He didn't even bother to buy a ticket, knowing that the Martians would have grabbed them all. As the heir to all Martian's spiritual leader, Michaux had enjoyed as much popularity as Lie Jian on the Mars, if not more.

No one knew why Michaux had broken the Divine Master Sect's tradition of never being involved in public affairs.

Michaux's opponent was an earthling from an A-class academy, a solid level five fighter called Saru.

Saru was unruffled by the fame of his opponent, as he doubted a vegetarian monk would pose any real threat to him.

Unlike the Martians, Saru was not obsessed with the Sect of the Divine Master. He was convinced that the power of Michaux was grossly overrated, since he had never heard any victory of the young master. Nevertheless, Saru reasoned that it would be a good opportunity for him to make a name for himself.

Saru was hopeful that he could be able to defeat the monk by relying on his much more diverse combat experience.

The arena was packed, and everyone's attention was on the main stage.

Saru sauntered onto the stage while brandishing his blade. If there were any cheers for him, they had been drowned by the flood of boos. Displeased by the audience's response, Saru turned to the side where most Martians sat and gestured them to shush.

"I like this dude! Go Earthlings, go!" Karl squatted on top of a sofa and yelled at the TV. Karl enjoyed watching the fight with a group of friends instead by himself, as the former felt much more exciting

Wang Tong and Hu Yangxuan remained silent as they waited for Michaux's entrance. Although Michaux didn't intervene in Wang Tong's fight with Lie Jian, Wang Tong could tell that the young master's soul energy was exceptionally powerful.

As the din in the arena became louder due to Saru's ostentatious entrance, a thin figure appeared on the stage. A reverential quiet suddenly fell onto the arena, cutting the clamor off like a pair of scissors. At the sight of their spiritual leader, all Martians set their fingers on their chest— a salute to the young master.

Although the sudden quietness didn't tease out a single word from the young master, the martian's devotion had unnerved Saru.

The two fighters faced and bowed to each other cautiously.

Saru set his blade about his waist and charged up his soul energy to two hundred and thirty. Hands folded and eyes closed, Michaux didn't make a move, as if he had already deemed Saru unworthy.

With his Patience wearing thin by his opponent's annoying pretentiousness, Saru let out a battle cry and charged at Michaux, with the tip of the blade aimed squarely at Michaux's chest.

Michaux opened his eyes slowly, and made a slight change in his hand gesture.

The charging earthling suddenly face-planted into an invisible wall that came out of nowhere. Saru collapsed to the ground; he was knocked out.

"The Winner is Michaux Odin!"

Only the Ivantians and some Earthling audiences cheered loudly for Michaux's performance, as the Martians were too deep in their religious belief to see the fight as a normal competition. Michaux was their god, just as the Blade Warrior was to the Earthlings.