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Chapter 359: The Source of Power

Chapter 359: The Source of Power

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Wang Tong charged into the ball of blames and delivered a blow to Guan Dongyang, snuffing out the fire in the process. Wang Tong's attack struck home, as Guan Dongyang stumbled a few steps back before he finally collapsed to the ground.

Wang Tong calmly put out the fire on his arm. "Use your coup de grace. These little tricks are useless on me."

The desire to learn the arcane energy of the Mastery burned brightly in Wang Tong's eyes. He knew he was very close to unlocking the secrets.

Guan Dongyang swallowed the pain and managed to pull himself up. He marveled at the power of his opponent, as fear started to set in. Guan Dongyang knew that the power between casters of the Mastery was not that much different than any ordinary fighter of the same level. Despite the few tricks up their sleeves, the mastery casters were significantly weaker physically compared to their regular counterparts.

By then, Guan Dongyang finally realized that his opponent was as powerful the heirs of the great houses. No wonder even Michaux had shown up to watch the fight.

The pain in Guan Dongyang's body had awakened him from his dream of defeating the Great Houses. He had registered that the overall power of the earthling boy was at par with his. However, the boy's physical prowess was superior; to fight him with fists would only mean defeat.

With one of his arms injured, Guan Dongyang suddenly lost access to many of his powerful spells. However, he reckoned that this might be the only opportunity for him to unleash his ultimate power before his opponent started to get the upper hand of the battle.

The Martian suddenly charged up his soul energy to four hundred and fifty. The powerful energy surrounding the martian's body spiraled outward quickly, forming an ever-expanding circle. As the Martian's lips moved softly, something else started to lurk inside the sphere of energy. The temperature inside the energy sphere rose dramatically, and in a blink of eyes, Guan Dongyang was engulfed in flames.

"Is that real fire?"

Wang Tong gazed at his opponent while he expanded his soul energy to gauge the flaming power and search for its source.

Although Guan Dongyang was only a level five fighter, his power right then had exceeded that of a level six fighter. Without the enhancement of GN force, it was impossible.

The temperature on the stage kept on rising, as the red-hot energy soon breached the energy shield and set off the alarm in the arena. By then, Guan Dongyang's entire body had already been engulfed by the flame. Although he had lost his right arm, his will was still strong enough to pull off this powerful spell.

As the strongest caster of the young generation of Mastery cultivators, he carried the hope and responsibility of his entire sect. He could not be stopped so quickly by a no-account, since it would not only be a humiliation to himself, but also to all Mastery cultivators.

The area had fallen into chaos as the audience sitting in the front row scrambled to escape the encroaching heat-wave. Some members of the audience had initiated their energy shields to protect themselves from the harmful energy. Despite the havoc it had wrecked, everyone marveled at Guan Dongyang's tremendous power. No one had ever seen such horrible power in real life, much less during a tournament.

The tournament organizer quickly patched up the energy shield and contained the flaming power.

Inside the energy shield, Wang Tong felt that he was parched. However, his opponent seemed to be unaffected by the heat as the Martian watched him with a joyful expression.

"Come on, Wang Tong! Be proud of yourself. You have just witnessed the ultimate form of energy in our world. You are a part of a change in history! Haha!"

Guan Dongyang shouted out in hysteria. The power he had unleashed had reached at least the entry level of level six, if not even higher—an incredible amount of energy at such a young age.

The development dumbfounded everyone, including Han Linu. Han Linu had believed that his soul Mastery was the most powerful among all of the Mastery cultivators. However, his power seemed to have paled in comparison with Guan Dongyang's fire bending spells.

As if the scorching heat were not enough of a punishment for his opponent, Guan Dongyang waved a hand and summoned a giant fireball to fall from above Wang Tong's head. As the fireball was only inches away from Wang Tong's scalp, it exploded into thousand pieces of molten metal. It seemed that Wang Tong had only one option—run!

However, Wang Tong knew that he could not run away from the stage, so the best defense right then was to be aggressive. He charged up his soul energy to employ a protective shield around his body, as he launched towards the fire-bender.

Seeing Wang Tong's incoming attack, a curl found the corner of Guan Dongyang's cold lips. He waved his left hand gently, and out of nowhere, a giant firewall suddenly appeared in front of Wang Tong, stopping him cold. The Martian waved again, and another firewall erupted. This time, it was even closer to Wang Tong. Wang Tong was forced to channel more soul energy and GN force to protect himself from the inferno-like environment as he retreated.

Guan Dongyang made a hand sign with his left hand as he uttered a spell from his mouth. Suddenly, a fiery serpent came alive from the firewalls, slithering towards Wang Tong at lightning speed. Having spent most of his soul energy, Wang Tong didn't have any means to protect himself, so he turned around and ran with the serpent at his heel.

"Hahaha! This is my real power that you had wanted to see so bad! Now you have it! A new era in human history will begin today, and everyone will remember that it started with your defeat!"

The fire serpent had forced Wang Tong into a corner, as it latched its fangs onto Wang Tong.

Guan Dongyang's sudden burst of power had attracted everyone's attention. By then, all media personnel had started live-streaming this fight. Everyone was impressed by the martian's unique power, and thought that his techniques were revolutionary.

Although the Ivantians and the Earthlings had dominated the landscape of METAL combat, Guan Dongyang's display of strength had shown that the Martians were catching up very quickly.

With a blaring explosion, the fire serpent's attack hit home. Guan Dongyang stood proudly inside a circle of dancing flames, ready to claim his victory.

Han Linu heaved a sigh of relief, cherishing the fact that he didn't encounter Guan Dongyang early in the tournament.

As the dust settled, the audiences saw the martian's attack had created a giant crater on the floor. Not only the force of the fiery attack had gone beyond that of any GN force strike, but it was also a ranged attack, unlike most GN force strikes.

It was an ability that no one had ever seen before.

The earthlings and the Ivantians were stupefied by the display of power, while the martian audiences had already boiled over at the promise of their victory. Meanwhile, it was deadly quiet in the campus of Ayrlarng and Bernabeu as they moaned Wang Tong's defeat. As the leader of the S-club, Wang Tong had been everyone's only hope. However, his opponents were simply overpowered. Wang Tong did not stand a chance while fighting against such unprecedented techniques and the insane amount of power.

Guan Dongyang waved at the referee, willing him to call in the medics. However, as the referee scanned Wang Tong's vital signs, everything seemed to be normal. For the sake of contestant's safety, the referee decided to enter the stage to check on Wang Tong.

However, right before the referee was about to step onto the stage, a human-shaped flame suddenly appeared out of nowhere, starting to dance and swirl wildly. As the fumes and the flame thinned, Wang Tong appeared from the fire.

"Awesome! It was AWESOME!" Wang Tong shouted with an excited but strange expression on his face. Wang Tong felt a euphoria shoot through his body as he realized that he had finally cracked the door to the secret power of the Mastery.

In the moment of epiphany, he had learned that the fighter's power and cultivation for the Divine Path were not mutually elusive. In other words, the closer one was to the Divine Path, the more power one had. Wang Tong wagered that the Divine Masters had long since discovered the secrets, but they had kept it to themselves all the while.

Seeing Wang Tong was unharmed, both Li Ruoer and Hu Yangxuan heaved a sigh of relief as they threw each other a knowing glance. Michaux Odin remained calm, as he had expected this turn of events. However, he was also clueless as to how Wang Tong had done it.

Michaux was further perplexed by the stark contrast between Wang Tong's incredible ability and his lack of understanding of his power.