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Chapter 362: Commando Hu

Chapter 362: Commando Hu

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By then, even Karl wished that Hu Yangxuan would give up the fight then and there, as he started to fear for Hu Yangxuan's life.

Hu Yangxuan quickly gathered himself and closed in towards the boy. Although the attack had mutilated his left hand, Hu Yangxuan didn't show a hint of faltering.

Ye Kai's face became eerily strange again. With a light din, the inner court disciple disappeared and reappeared above Hu Yangxuan, as he bore down on him with the sharp tip of the sword.

Wang Tong had understood the young Templar's basic strategy by then: fast movement speed and formidable swordplay. Wang Tong conceded that this was a deadly combo, and Hu Yangxuan's defeat was imminent.

Hu Yangxuan raised his right hand and blocked the first two attacks. However, the second strike had slit open his palm, and he was not able to defend himself against the third blow.

The sharp edge of the blade landed on Hu Yangxuan' shoulder—inches away from the neck—as it cut into the flesh against the collarbone.

This third blow was much worse than all the other injuries that Hu Yangxuan had already sustained. Everyone felt that Hu Yangxuan had done enough to prove his mettle, and it was time to call it off.

However, Hu Yangxuan ignored his grave wound, and laughed out loud."Haha, brother, your sword is soft like a grass blade."

Hearing the taunt, Ye Kai's face contorted, but he slowly gathered himself and replied, "I can tell that you have improved a lot ever since you left the court, but you are still no match for me. So, don't push me any longer."

"Are you sure?" Hu Yangxuan was unruffled by the young Templar's threat, as he stared back into his eyes.

"So be it! To honor our brotherhood, I will show you the Templar sword master's ultimate technique."

Ye Kai slowly lowered the sword to his chest as he burst open the sea of consciousness, letting out a flood of soul energy. In a blink, the young Templar's soul energy had soared above three hundred and fifty. Although it was not the greatest sol reading in this tournament, considering his young age, it was rather impressive, and would be too much to handle for Hu Yangxuan.

Ye Kai started his attack by charging at Hu Yangxuan. The tip of the sword pointed directly at its target, and all the while, the sword shimmered and traced out a shiny path in the air.

"The Churning Strike"

Hu Yangxuan also charged forward as soon as the young Templar shouted out the name of his technique. Hu Yangxuan hurled his blade at the incoming attacker while he shouted at the top of his lungs, "Churning…my a*s!"

Ye Kai was caught off guard by Hu Yangxuan's sudden outburst of profanity. However, after only the slightest hesitation, he carried on his attack. The sword that Hu Yangxuan had hurled at the young Templar didn't even make it to its target before it crumbled into pieces. The Churning Strike was closing in onto Hu Yangxuan quickly. Without anything to protect himself, Hu Yangxuan would be paralyzed, if not killed instantly, if the strike landed with its full intent.

Truth be told, the audiences were very impressed by Hu Yangxuan's perseverance. He went into the battle with a decisive disadvantage. However, he didn't waver, and held his ground firmly, despite the grave injuries he had sustained.

Suddenly, Hu Yangxuan darted forward and extended his right arm, trying to grab onto the shimmering sword.

This was a suicidal act, since the shimmering Blade Aura was capable of slicing and dicing Hu Yangxuan's arm like a piece of butter. The frightening scene had forced some fainthearted girls such as Zhou Sisi and Lumi to cover their eyes. Karl was stupefied by the sudden change of Hu Yangxuan's personality; he found it hard to make the connection between the commando Hu and his usual playboy persona.

If Hu Yangxuan were betting on his court brother to hold back the devastating attack to avoid the consequences, he would be greatly disappointed. A swordmaster such as Ye Kai would never forsake an attack once it had been carried out. Lo and behold, Ye Kai hewed the blade at his former court brother without any remorse or hesitation.

However, what happened next had surprised everyone. Despite the fame of being the prodigy of the inner court and the number one sword master of the Templar, Ye Kai's sword was stopped cold in its track, as it was grasped firmly in Hu Yangxuan's hand.

With glowing energy and blood covering Hu Yangxuan's right arm, his fingers looked more like claws.

Zhang Buyu stood up from his seat in astonishment.

"No one had ever been able to stop Ye Kai's sword attack with bare hands. It is incredible!"

As a deep growling came from Hu Yangxuan's throat, his eyes burned with ember luster that threatened to kill. While holding his opponent's blade firmly in one hand, Hu Yangxuan rained fists on to Ye Kai's face with the other hand.

Ye Kai was not prepared for such a desperate situation, as he had never thought that anyone would catch his blade. After a shower of fists and knuckles, Ye Kai's face was smeared with blood and was covered with open cuts.

As Hu Yangxuan was about to rain another bout of punches, he sensed a wave of energy was being forced into the blade, so he let go of the sword and kicked the half-conscious young Templar away from him.

Ye Kai stumbled back a dozen feet and was finally able to regain balance, along with much of his consciousness. Hu Yangxuan also breathed heavily, as the last bout of the attack had spent a lot of his energy.

Although his counterattack was successful, the energy in the blade he had just felt unnerved him. Nevertheless, Hu Yangxuan figured that the knuckle sandwiches he had fed his opponent should have interrupted the young Templar's momentum.

Members of the S club stared at the stage with their mouths gaping in surprise, as they marveled at the miraculous turn of the tide.

Inside Ayrlarng's Zerg Lab, Gansus gulped down hard liquor as he munched on Zerg meat. As a member of TNN, he had never thought of taking an apprentice. However, not only had Hu Yangxuan's talent deeply impressed him, but the boy's will to improve himself had also moved him. He had witnessed Hu Yangxuan's transition from a spoiled rich kid into a responsible and iron-willed soldier. Hu Yangxuan's transformation had reminded Gansus so much about his own teenage years.

Gansus was born into a wealthy family and had wasted his talent in debauchery. However, his life was forever changed after his parents were murdered during a Zerg raid. Filled with regret and guilt for not being able to protect his family, he dived into cultivation head first. After years of gruesome training, he has finally earned his nickname—Tiger Dynamite.

Only a few people had seen his coup de grace, the "Tiger Claw", and many of them had only seen it before their death.

"Good lad! Be a man, do the right thing! Haha!"

"Hu Yangxuan! You are badass!" Karl jumped out of his seat, took off his shirt, and waved it the air while shouting loudly. A cameraman captured the moment, and the reporter quickly identified him as the famous Karl, the creator of the "Way of Karl."

Everyone from Ayrlarng stood up to cheer for Hu Yangxuan's bravery and astuteness.

Hu Yangxuan's Tiger Claw would never work if he had not beguiled his opponent by slowly coaxing him into taking a more and more offensive stance.

Despite his temporary success, Hu Yangxuan was exhausted, as he had overspent his energy in the attack. On the other side of the stage, Ye Kai leaned on his sword and was still trying to gather himself, but he seemed to be recovering by the second.

"Hahahaha...." Ye Kai laughed hysterically, looking nothing like a 'gentlemen.'

Feeling worried for Hu Yangxuan's life, the other three inner court disciples furrowed their brows and shook their heads. They knew that Ye Kai was about to lose himself, and there would be bloodshed.

Only Zhang Buyu knew how Ye Kai had gotten his nickname. He was there when the boy injured the Templar swordmaster. Later that day, the master had given the boy the nickname 'Gentleman' as a reminder for him to restrain his reckless power.

As Ye Kai continued his uncontrollable laughter, his soul energy burst to four hundred and fifty.

He was not the gentleman of the Templar's court; he was a monster.

If Hu Yangxuan were still the playboy that everyone was familiar with, he would have already abandoned the fight. However, the new Hu Yangxuan didn't even think of giving up. Instead, he seemed to be even more focused on the fight.

Hands clutched into fists, Hu Yangxuan pounded on his chest and howled. The action sent a wave of GN force throughout the arena. Hu Yangxuan's eyes had turned into pools of molten lava, and his muscles seemed to have bulked up significantly.

"What kind of a technique is this!"

The audience jumped out of their seats as they were astonished to see that Hu Yangxuan's sol reading had reached four hundred.

As Hu Yangxuan started howling, his red-hot body has grown a few sizes larger; he must have been stimulating his tissue growth with some energy.