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Chapter 363: A Real Man“s Desire

Chapter 363: A Real Man's Desire

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Gansus sat on a pile of Zerg carcasses while chewing the rubbery Zerg meat.

"Balls! Ma Sa has taught him some stuff too! My Tiger Claw combined with his Blood Rage… Haha! It's going to be interesting!"

Ma Sa's special power called the "Blood Rage" could boost the user's soul energy output by more than two folds, and it was this ability that had earned him his nickname—the Hell-bound Stallion. Needless to say, the training for this ability was excruciating. However, Hu Yangxuan had made it.

Standing on the stage, Hu Yangxuan looked no longer like a dandy young stud. Instead, he had become a bloodthirsty stallion from the inferno—a symbol of destructive power.

Power was what he had been thirsting for. Seeing Wang Tong's improvement, Hu Yangxuan didn't want to fall behind his friend. Despite his carefree and nonchalant personality, when Hu Yangxuan had his mind set on something, he could be fiercely adamant.

The two fighters stood on the stage; one was an elite sword master, and the other was a level five warrior with mysterious powers.

Ye Kai attacked first as he charged at Hu Yangxuan with the shimmering sword. Ye Kai had already lost control over his power, while Hu Yangxuan had also fallen into a battle trance. So overwhelming was the Blood Rage ability that Hu Yangxuan no longer had the mental power to think about the consequences of his attacks. He knew that this was his only chance at defeating his old opponent and avenging his old wound. As a real man, what else could Hu Yangxuan ask for other than his honor and pride?

Blood splattered with an audible "zing." Hu Yangxuan allowed the deadly sword to pierce his body, letting it get stuck in between his ribs. All the while, energy powered out from the wound along with blood.

Ma Sa had told him to refrain from using the "Blood Rage" unless necessary, because once the "Blood Rage" was triggered, it could drive even the most level-headed fighter into madness in exchange for the overwhelming power.

Hu Yangxuan used Tiger Claw and clamped the blade with his right hand, while hewed his left fist at his opponent. Ye Kai didn't let Hu Yangxuan land a solid blow this time as he shifted his body in the most unnaturally flexible way and dodged the attack. Meanwhile, he charged up some soul energy into the blade-wielding hand, and was able to pull the stuck blade out from Hu Yangxuan's rib cage. Even as the blood smeared blade was being forcefully extruded from the flesh, the deadly Blade Aura had started to shine through the caked blood.

The match had by then turned into a battle for life and death between a berserk Tiger and a cold-blooded hunter. It was more visceral an experience than watching thousand-men strong armies crashing into each other.

The ding of the two powerful fighters exchanging blows grew louder by the second. A few seconds later, both fighters were gravely wounded by their opponents, but neither was able to gain an edge over one another.

Hu Yangxuan felt the pain, but he continued the fight. Along with the pain, he felt pride; he had finally caught up with Wang Tong, Wang Ben, and Karl. He finally saw the world for what it was—a cruel and harsh place, where nothing could be taken for granted without fighting hard for it.

After an ear-deafening explosion, the two fighters were engulfed by a burst of intense light. When the light and the clamor faded, the audiences saw two fighters standing still on each end of the stage, both covered in blood.

Finally, Hu Yangxuan collapsed to the ground, as the "Blood Rage" subsided. Before Hu Yangxuan's knee was about to drop to the ground, Ye Kai rushed to hold his collapsing body, blood dripping from the tip of the "Gentleman."

"Brother, this was one of the most satisfying fights I had ever fought. " Ye Kai announced calmly but sincerely.

"The winner is —YE KAI!"

This was a fight that every earthling should feel proud of. The audiences stood up to applaud the two fighters' excellent performance.

There was no place for cowardice in the war with the Zergs. Every fighter should be ready to fight until the last drop of blood. This fight between the two earthling boys was not infighting, but a testament to the earthling warriors' mettle and spirit.

During the days of its conception, the pan solar system tournament was designed to inspire the fighting spirit. However, hundred years of peace had turned the tournament into a feast of personal glory.

"OMG! Commando Hu, I LOVE U!" Karl shirked as tears streaked his face. After this fight, everyone would remember Hu Yangxuan as the young warrior form the A-Class academy, Ayrlarng.

Even Zhang Buyu and other inner court disciples watched Hu Yangxuan with a newfound respect. He had broken the inner court disciple's prejudice against the outer court, and proved that anyone with hard work would able to become a worthy fighter.

A flurry of reports about the details of the match came after the fight. Although Hu Yangxuan was not a renowned fighter, his perseverance and bravery had become the focal point of all reports.

It was unfortunate that Hu Yangxuan would not be able to enjoy the flashlights of the journalist until he had awoken from a coma. The Blood Rage had overdrawn Hu Yangxuan's soul energy, and therefore, he would likely be bedridden for a long time to recover.

That being said, it was a small price to pay for his dignity. After the fight, Hu Yangxuan no longer feared any opponent, as he was confident that he could pull through just about anything.

Thanks to Hu Yangxuan, the A-Class Academy Ayrlarng had once again come to the public's attention. As people noticed the vast improvement of the school ever since the new principal's arrival, Samantha's fame also soared quickly. With its fast growth, the public started to anticipate the old school to reinstate its former glory.

Every S-Club member could not be prouder of their membership on that day. Slowly but surely, the S-club started to gain strength and influence across all schools in the confederation.

After the match, Zhou Sisi wrote and published an article, praising the fighting spirit of Hu Yangxuan and insisting on the academy's responsibility of nurturing such mettle in every student's heart, in addition to passing down technical knowledge.

Meanwhile, in the arena, Ivantians took up most of the seats to watch their prince Patroclus's fight. The Ivantian audiences didn't know anything about Patroclus's opponent, and neither did they care.

Patroclus's opponent was another warrior from the S-Club—Apache. He was considered by the club members as the second strongest fighter within the club, closely following Wang Tong. However, his opponent was the invincible Patroclus.

Everyone, including Apache, was convinced that the Ivantian would come out as the winner. But, it didn't dull Apache's anticipation for the match at all.

"Don't let the Ivantians look down on us!" Cao Yi encouraged Apache before the match.

"Do it for Bernabeu!" Luo Manman said.

"Hehe, don't worry. Even Hu, the pretty boy, had turned into a commando, much less me. I won't give up that easily."

Apache sauntered to the stage, and as he watched the placid face of the Ivantian prince, he drew a deep breath to ready himself for the toughest fight of his life.

Patroclus didn't bring any weapon. It appeared that no one so far was worthy of seeing his lance.

The referee blew his whistle—the match had finally started.

Apache was well aware that his advantage was his speed. With his level five soul energy, Apache reasoned that he might have a chance after all, despite it being a very slim one.

'Slow and steady wins the race, but fast and furious can set the pace.'

Before the referee's whistle blow had faded, Apache had stormed towards his opponent like a gale. Instead of attacking right away, he had used the large space on the stage to put on speed and charge up the kinetic energy in one decisive blow.

Apache never dreamed of fighting a prolonged battle with a far superior opponent.

He ran around Patroclus in a circle and soon, he had gained such speed that his body had turned into a blurry shadow.