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Chapter 366: Undead Ghost?

Chapter 366: Undead Ghost?

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It was an unbelievable victory. Although Heidi was a powerful fighter, so was her opponent. Her finishing move was so effortless, it was as if Yao Bai was an entry level no-account.

Yao Bai plodded into the resting room with his head lowered. It was evident that the defeat had taken the wind out of his sail. It would be lesser of a catastrophe if his opponent didn't finish him off so easily. He could feel that the Kaedeian princess had possessed some special ability that was able to lower his max energy output. It was a technique that he had never heard of in the Templar's court.

Despite their valiant efforts, two of the four Templars were already out of the game.

This year's tournament was also a significant event for the Templars, since it had been a while since the so-called birthplace of all tactics had shown any real power to the world. Therefore, Yao Bai and Wu Gang's easy defeat was unacceptable.

Meanwhile, breaking news came from the PA system: the DREAM had confirmed an error in the system, and corrected Einherjar Wannabe's age to more than two hundred years old.

It was Einherjar Wannabe's fans who had first discovered this technical slip-up. This was the first time this mysterious fighter's profile had ever been changed, but the change was too significant to overlook.

"Over two hundred years old? OMG... How is that possible?"

Mere seconds after the change had been discovered, the news had quickly become viral. Everyone was talking about it, and everyone wanted to confirm the details with DREAM.

Cameron was bombarded with questions that he had no answers to. "Telus, haven't you finished your investigation?" Cameron shouted.

"Boss, you got tele—"

"F*ck off! I don't have answers!"

"This.. is from the higher up."

Cameron took a deep breath and took over the phone. The workers watched as Cameron's overwrought expressed slowly relaxed, and then turned into a smile.

"Yes, boss, I will make sure of it."

After the phone conversation, Cameron announced, "Reply to all of the media with all that we know."

"Boss, don't you think it will—"

"Just do it!" Cameron cut one of his worker short.

In a few minutes, the DREAM official website announced that they would online stream the review of Einherjar Wannabe's profile. Even the DREAM employees were shocked by the data, much less the public. Never had there been so much excitement among the online community.

"What will the review tell us?"

"A system error, or was Einherjar Wannabe, an immortal?"

It was common sense that humans cannot live for more than two hundred years, since so far, human technology was not able to replace the aging gene yet.

Somehow, Cameron wished that all this was just a system error. But, what if it was not? Cameron found it hard even to fathom the implications of their findings.

An employee walked to Cameron, trembling uncontrollably as he said, "There are over.. ten billion people watching the review online."

This unprecedentedly amounted to viewers even a councilor election was not able to garner. There had been more than one hundred media outlets that were live streaming the event. Although the review was a very tedious process, and not a lot of viewers actually understood what the technicians were doing, people rushed to their TV to watch the event anyways.

Meanwhile, on the Moon, many people had abandoned the tournament to watch the live stream as well.

After checking and double checking, DREAM had concluded that there was nothing wrong with the system record. The system had used two hundred years as the upper limit of players' age. However, Einherjar Wannabe's age was well beyond that.

"How is that even possible?"

A young fledgling turned out to be a ten thousand years old egg; this turn of events was too dramatic.

There was no doubt that a two hundred years old warrior would be as deadly as an Einherjar, and Einherjar Wannabe's performance seemed to have confirmed that. However, the immaturity and inexperience in his previous fights were also obvious. As he progressed through more fights, he seemed to be slowly recovering his power and experience.

When he had defeated Zambrotta, he was ready to challenge anyone in the world.

Wang Tong had received the news as well, but he was not surprised by Mr. Wannabe's age.

"Mr. Wannabe, exactly how old are you?" Wang Tong glanced at Mr. Wannabe, who was busy watching Tv.

"How would I know? Like I have the time to count!"

Although the soul essence would never perish, Mr. Wannabe was trapped inside the crystal. Otherwise, his form would allow him to travel between worlds with ease.

Mr. Wannabe threw Wang Tong a sidelong glance and said, "I need to straighten my soul essence to achieve my freedom, and therefore, I will have to fight anyone, even that wench."

Wang Tong shook his head and replied, "That...wench... is more powerful than most men in the world."

"Bah! A woman should know her place. Fighting is only for the men!"

Wang Tong shook his head. Clearly, the old ghost still clung to his two hundred years old values.

Wang Tong decided to take a break before his fight against the Kaedeian Athena. Ever since he learned that he was about to fight the Kaedeian, a strange feeling had been nagging him constantly, as if something terrible was about to happen during the fight.

After a few rounds of cultivation, Wang Tong had calmed his mind and was ready for the fight.

Cheers and shouts filled the arena. Some were cheering for the future of the S-Club, and some were cheering for the beautiful Kaedeian warrior. Athena's features were so exquisite that they made the Kaedeian girl seem to be straight out of a painting.

Athena was already used the man-gaze of her audiences. She was not here for her personal glory, but to fulfill the prophecy, to find out the man that was promised by the prophet.

So far, the most likely candidate was one of the four heirs of the great houses. However, to avoid oversight, the Kaedeians were ordered to test every fighter that they encountered.

Wang Tong wanted to finish the fight as fast as possible, so he charged at his opponent right away. Even as Wang Tong was still a few paces away from his opponent, he released a burst of soul energy that increased his speed tenfold. Already, Athena knew that her opponent was not an Average Joe. Kaedeians were extremely sensitive to soul energy, and she could tell right away that Wang Tong's power was above her.

Without much time to think, Athena cranked up her soul energy and met the incoming attack with her blade.

One corner of Wang Tong's lips curved at the sight of his opponent's reaction. While continuing the attack, he changed the tempo of his charge. The sudden change in the flow of the battle threw the Kaedeian off her balance. Before the Kaedeian was able to gather herself, she saw a fist coming at her —it was too late to block.


The impact sent Athena's body and her sword flying. However, she quickly pulled herself up and stared at Wang Tong. She could not believe her eyes, but her heart was telling her that she had found what she was looking for.