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Chapter 367: Ice Mastery

Chapter 367: Ice Mastery

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Athena took a deep breath. To make sure that her feelings did not cheat her, she would have to test the boy's real power. So, she released the full capacity of her soul energy and let it soar to over four hundred and fifty. This was the largest amount of soul energy the audiences had ever seen ever since the beginning of the tournament.

Athena carefully channeled her GN force into the sword and charged at Wang Tong. Wang Tong didn't hurry to defend himself. Instead, he measured the flow of energy carefully and confirmed that the Kaedeian's soul energy was slowly invading his sea of consciousness. The intrusion was pervasive, yet hard to detect. Although Wang Tong was not sure what technique the Kaedeian had used, he fought back the intrusion by repelling it out of his system. Already, Athena's charging speed seemed to have slowed down, and Wang Tong saw an opportunity to strike.

As the Kaedeian blade whizzed across the air, Wang Tong grabbed firmly onto the blade handle with one hand, while two fingers of the other hand found the Kaedeian's neck and rested against it like a tip of a dagger.

"You have lost" Wang Tong announced coldly.

Wang Tong had seen through the trick that the Kaedeian had used against many opponents before him. Although the invasion of the sea of consciousness had been very effective, it was useless against Wang Tong.

Athena held back her excitement as she conceded her defeat. She bowed to Wang Tong almost reverentially, a gesture that caught Wang Tong off guard.

The match ended in a matter of minutes, and it took the audiences a few seconds to take in what had just happened.

"The winner is—Wang Tong!"

Wang Tong's every victory marked another significant step in Ayrlarng's history. Even a draw would be a great achievement for Wang Tong, much less winning so easily.

Zhang Mi, the journalist, had also been following Wang Tong's every step. She noted that ever since Wang Tong had entered the playoffs, he had defeated his opponents with decisive advantages.

"Was that because his opponents were too weak? Not likely" Zhang Mi wrote in her report. "Not only were all the remaining fighters renowned warriors, but it was also very unlikely that the Kaedeians would send a weak fighter to the tournament."

Meanwhile, on the stage, Wang Tong flushed under the fiery gaze of Athena, and wondered if it was the Kaedeian's custom to stare so longingly at their opponent after the match.

The cameraman also gave a portrait shot of Athena's face. The young girl did not look like she was upset by her defeat, as her eyes burned with a luster of desire and anticipation.

"His opponent is too weak! Nevertheless, this kid does worth his salt." Wu Xin announced.

"Mom! He is the best!" Ma Xiaoru claimed.

Wu Xin cracked a smile. She agreed that Wang Tong had done a very good job getting this far into the tournament. However, his next opponent was Li Ruoer, and Wu Xin was convinced that he would finally taste defeat.

"I want to see him."

"I knew you would say that. I suggest not. His next opponent is Li Ruoer. You don't want to distract him preparing for his next fight, do you?"

"Wang Tong will win, I am sure of it. He is not afraid of the Tactics of the Enchantress."

"Hehe, how would you know that?"

"I had sparred with him before using tactics of the Enchantress. It was useless against him."

Wu Xin padded her daughter's head and said, "You silly girl, do you really think House of Li would teach you the real Tactics of the Enchantress?"


"But, you still felt that you are more powerful than most of your classmates?" Wu Xin helped her daughter finish her words.

Ma Xiaoru nodded. Not only could she feel the power inside her, but her soul energy had also reached over two hundred.

"The key of the tactics of the Enchantress was its cultivation method. House of Li must have reserved the most saline component of the cultivation out of your training, so that you would never reach your full potential. Can't blame them though, as we don't share all of our technology with them either. " Wu Xin said and then heaved a sigh.

Ma Xiaoru knew that any actions of House of Ma and Li would affect the intricate balance of power of the world. Striking a balance among major households was essential for maintaining a harmonious and peaceful confederation, especial when the Zergs were still lurking at their doorstep. Due to its unique situation, House of Ma had become the pivotal point where the unity of the confederation rested upon. Whenever House of Li showed singes of weakening, House of Ma would help them re-exert its former influence. On the other hand, if House of Li grew too powerful, House of Ma would need to adopt other necessary means to counter the Li's clout.

Although Li Zhedao was a martial arts genius, he was a political amateur. Therefore, House of Ma had often come to House of Li's aid due to Li Zhedao's constant missteps in the political realm. However, things had changed ever since Li Shiming had risen to power. Not only was he capable, but he was also dangerously ambitious. It was impossible to expect him to be content with the status quo. If the power of House of Li were not being kept in check, Li Shiming's ambition would disrupt the world's balance and bring chaos to the world.

With House of Ma's help, Li Zhedao was managing to claw House of Li out of the rock bottom, and there was no doubt that his powerful son would not only recover House of Li to its full glory, but he would also seek to exert even more influence in the confederation. The responsibility of keeping the Li's ambitions in check weighed heavily on House of Ma. Wu Xin knew that with the marriage between her daughter and Li Shiming, the struggle to maintain balance would become even more difficult, if not outright impossible.

Looking at the infatuated expression on Ma Xiaoru's face, Wu Xin remembered her teenage years and the foolish thing she had done.

In the second section, a much-anticipated battle had started. It was the match between the heir of the Gong-son Family and the most popular fighter on the earth—Li Shiming.

The two had already exchanged a few rounds of attacks, and Li Shiming had tasted the power of his soul mastery opponent. Gong-son Wuce had started the fight with waves of aggressive attacks, while Li Shiming was able to hold his ground, carrying out the fight prudently.

"Li Shiming, draw your sword! You won't be able to defend yourself if you don't!" Gong-son Wuce shouted.

Gong-son Wuce was one of the most renowned warriors on the Moon before Patroclus had announced his completion of the Tactics of Vayu.

"Please." Li Shiming gestured the Ivantian to carry on the fight, but without any intention of using the Sword of Vayu.

Gong-son Wuce had not only reached the pinnacle of a level five warrior's power, but he also had the soul mastery at his disposal. Defeating any one of the heirs of the Great Houses would be a confidence boost for the Ivantian, and ready him for the next goal—Einherjar.

Li Shiming had wanted to finish the fight quickly. However, the unique power of his opponent had piqued his interest, and he wanted to wait and see what kind of coup de grace the Ivantian had up his sleeve.

Gong-son Wuce tilted the sword upright while charging up his soul energy. In a blink of an eye, he showered the audience with magic.

"Scales of the Ice Dragon"

A sphere made out of floating symbols appeared in front of the Ivantian, as thousands of sharp icicles shot out from the ball towards Li Shiming.

Li Shiming's brows furrowed. He was prepared for the sudden burst of aggression as he countered the icy attack with punches, shredding the icicles into tiny pieces.

However, even as the icicles fell to the ground, Li Shiming felt an intense bitter-coldness coming at him. He suddenly realized why his opponent had suggested him to use his weapon to block the attack, because the icicles were only the first wave of attack.

Energy waves thrust about around Gong-son Wuce, tousling his long dark hair. With a sweep of the blade, another wall of floating text and symbols appeared.

"Rage of the Ice Dragon!" The Ivantian shouted out the name of his coup de grace, as an ice dragon suddenly emerged from the wall.

"Is that an illusion?"

Guan Dongyang had already proven to everyone that mastery was not an illusion. Gong-son Wuce had repeated the same trick, except for this time, it was an ice dragon instead of a fire drake.

Li Shiming was caught off guard, and had lost the time to evade the attack, so he was forced to turn on his soul energy shield. The ice dragon opened its mouth trying to swallow Li Shiming whole, as it lunged onto the energy shield.


It was such a terrible strike that the entire arena trembled on impact.

Gong-son Wuce looked toward the direction of the impact, but all he could see was dust and smoke. When the dust and smoke finally settled, he watched as an ice sculpture appeared in front of him—Li Shiming was frozen in his place.

Layers upon layers of ice caked over the body of Li Shiming, and the weight of the ice itself would be able to crush ordinary people into pulp. Gong-son Wuce had finally proven to the world the power of mastery, and opened everyone's eyes to a new dimension of cultivation.

Gong-son Wuce waited patiently. Ten seconds later, if Li Shiming were not able to get out of the ice, he would have won the battle.

This was the first time Gong-son Wuce had used his coup de grace, and he was exceedingly satisfied with the results.