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Chapter 373: Rosy“s Rage

Chapter 373: Rosy's Rage

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Wang Tong was well aware of Li Ruoer's power, and he knew that even if she had made a breakthrough in his cultivation, the Enchantress would not pose any threat to him. The only roadblock for Wang Tong was Patroclus and Li Shiming.

Although Michaux was also very powerful, he did not care about the outcome of the tournament as much as the other two rivals of Wang Tong.

Li Ruoer sat in the resting room by herself. She had been expecting this fight for a while, as she was eager to avenge her previous defeats.

The quietness in Li Ruoer's resting room contrasted the chatters in Wang Tong's. To be born in a Great House meant loneliness and responsibility. Friendship, like many other sentiments, had always been irrelevant in her life. However, since she had never experienced those sentiments, she never cared for them either.

As she walked out of the backstage, she was greeted by bright stage lights and deafening cheers.

Unlike his friends, Wang Tong was very calm as he sauntered to the stage. He marveled how much his life had changed, as he would never think that he would fight face to face on a stage with the heir of House of Li one day. 'Eat your heart out, Old Fart!'

According to everyone else, including Li Shiming, Li Ruoer already had the victory in the bag, Li Shiming knew her sister's power the best, and he was convinced that only Patroclus and he could defeat her.

As soon as Li Ruoer saw Wang Tong, she quickly forgot about her determination of defeating her opponent. Standing in front of the man who had known her from inside out, Li Ruoer faltered.

Ever since she had met Wang Tong, many things had happened between the two, and Li Ruoer had finally come to terms with her feelings toward Wang Tong—she was going to confront it directly.

Li Ruoer knew that today was the last chance she had to put an end to her infatuation. "Rosy" hummed quietly, and Li Ruoer smiled knowingly; today was the day.

The two locked their eyes; many words had been exchanged in that exchange of glance.

The game started!

"Wosh"—"Rosy" was unsheathed.

Audiences were shocked by the sight of "Rosy." They wondered why Li Ruoer would bother using her legendary sword on a no account.

Despite the murmurs among the audiences, Li Ruoer focused on the fight. As long as she could defeat Wang Tong in this fight, she would be able to escape the torment of her infatuation and make another breakthrough in her cultivation.

The thought of her responsibility as the heir of House of Li had lent her a newfound determination. Her expression became cold as ice as she made up her mind to do away with Wang Tong. No one would know anything about what happened between her and Wang Tong if he were dead.

Wang Tong immediately picked up the threat. However, instead of being concerned for his life, Wang Tong was more interested in seeing how much Li Ruoer had improved.

Li Ruoer attack, and a blade aura flew towards Wang Tong. Wang Tong dodged as the attack landed on the ground and exploded. Despite the deadliness of Li Ruoer's attack, her moves were beautiful and elegant.

Seeing that Li Ruoer had improved a lot, Wang Tong racked a smile and released the "Layered Fist of Tong."


LI Ruoer met the attack head on, and the force in the impact had told them both that their opponent was much stronger than they were when they fought last time.

"Rosy" danced around Wang Tong, emitting rays of Blade Aura as Li Ruoer used the illusive footstep to beguile her opponent.

The two knew each other's power very well, and therefore, they gave all they had from the very beginning. Li Ruoer's excellent understanding of swordplay was hidden inside the details of her moves. Despite the smoothness of every twist and turn of her blade, it was as deadly as a poisonous viper.

No one expected Wang Tong to last long under such powerful attacks. Not only Li Ruoer's soul energy was at the top of level five, but she had also used the renowned Tactics of the Enchantress.

The two combatants had exchanged over a few hundred rounds of attacks, and the audiences observed every single exchange. Everyone was astonished to see that Wang Tong was able to stand his ground despite the aggressive and deadly attacks pouring on him.

Suddenly, Wang Tong shouted as he punched at Li Ruoer, and the latter turned her sword to block the incoming attack.


Both fighters were pushed a few feet back by the explosion.

"You have improved a lot. However, you are still not going to defeat me." Wang Tong announced.

LI Ruoer's eyes glinted as she said, "Don't you dare underestimate me! You will pay for it!"

Wang Tong shrugged, "Sure, try me."

A knot of fire burned inside Li Ruoer; she had reminded herself to remain calm. However, Wang Tong's words had ignited her anger like a spark near a tank of gasoline.

"Rosy" started to tremble in Li Ruoer's hand as she pointed its tip directly at Wang Tong. She channeled GN force into the blade and then said, "I will show you the power of my sword."

Why was "Rosy" such a legendary weapon?

All legendary weapons, such as "Vayu", "Rosy", and "Deva Lance" had some essence of Einherjars' life force in them, a power that could not be explained using science.

As the energy in the sword poured out towards Wang Tong, he could sense that the sword seemed to have come alive under the Enchantress's summoning. The development suddenly piqued Wang Tong's interest.

As Wang Tong marveled at Rosy's power, he was surprised to notice that Li Ruoer had held back her power.

"Rosy's Rage!"

Li Ruoer's body flickered and suddenly emerged above Wang Tong. She hovered in the air using only her GN force. Rosy had to become a scintillating beam of light, as the rays of lights emitted from the center of the spot of brightness resembled the petals of a pink lotus flower.

The bright Blade Aura soon encircled Wang Tong and closed in on him at once.

Suddenly, Wang Tong found himself bombarded by blade aura attacks.

The ground trembled along with the waves of explosions. Before this fight, everyone thought that any fighter who was able to release blade aura could be counted as a powerful fighter. However, the terrible scene had shown the audiences the real power of blade aura.

As the dust settled, Li Ruoer landed back on the ground. Truth be told, she didn't want to use the legendary weapon. The reason she brought Rosy with her was more because of the family tradition than necessity.

Everyone's breath was caught in their throat as they worried about the safety of Wang Tong.

Wang Tong covered his head with both arms, while his body was surrounded by a layer of golden energy shield.

"It...hurts..." Wang Tong lamented as he licked a wound on his arms.

Unlike many other fighters, Wang Tong excelled in endurance and resilience, thanks to the gruesome training in the Crystal Space. It was common knowledge that being on the defensive side was much harder than on the offensive. Therefore, everyone was astonished to see that Wang Tong was unharmed without using a METAL suit.

Seeing the familiar golden shield surrounding Wang Tong, Li Ruoer's heart sank.

"It's my turn!" Wang Tong flexed his wrist and started the attack right away. He used the "Layered Fist of Tong" and charged at Li Ruoer.

Even as the fist was only an inch away from Li Ruoer's face, she remained still. Seeing that Li Ruoer didn't counter his attack, Wang Tong was forced to halt his attack. However, almost simultaneously, Li Ruoer shifted her body back, so that to ordinary audience's eyes, it was as if she had evaded Wang Tong's attack. However, the suspicious interaction didn't escape the powerful fighters such as Lie Jian. Lie Jian was slightly annoyed by the development, although he was certain that Wang Tong had been charmed by Li Ruoer. Despite Li Ruoer's prestigious family background, her beauty, and power deeply attracted Lie Jian, and he was convinced that one day, he would able to ask Li Ruoer for her hand.

Wang Tong didn't stop his attack because of compassion for a defenseless woman—Li Ruoer was far from that. He stopped because he knew that Li Ruoer had just felt the real power in the Tactics of the Blade.

Unlike the energy that was intentionally released in an attack, Li Ruoer had felt a more powerful and purer presence of energy that was unintentionally emitted from Wang Tong while he executed the Tactics of the Blade.