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Chapter 375: Enchantress“s L-Bomb

Chapter 375: Enchantress's L-Bomb

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The two Mastery combatants, Gong-son Wuce and Guan Dongyang, were shocked to find out that Wang Tong's techniques were very close to that of Mastery.

Wu Xin had a million reasons to be alerted; she knew that her husband had hidden something from her. One thing she was certain of was that Wang Tong must have received training elsewhere in addition to Ayrlarng. Even if Wang Tong were a genius, without proper training, he could never reach level six. However, Wu Xin also knew that if she were wrong, the boy was deemed to be the next Einherjar.

Ma Xiaoru seemed to have registered her mother's concerns, although she didn't have answers either.

Unlike many new level-six fighters such as Li Ruoer, Wang Tong's soul energy output was exceedingly stable. With the level six soul energy, Wang Tong started to become more aggressive.

Ever since the fight with Guan Dongyang, Wang Tong had been experimenting with the power of nature—the way of Mastery. The results of the experimentation had surprised Wang Tong. Not only was using mastery a viable option for him, but his soul essence had also strengthened his soul mastery power.

At the same time, Wang Tong conceded that he needed to spend more time in controlling the power of the mastery. Since the source of the mastery power was from outside—unlike the GN force which came from the cultivator himself—the external power would sometimes harm its summoner's sea of consciousness. Wang Tong had the first-hand experience when he had accidentally drawn too much external power into his system. He conceded that to make the mastery more efficient; he would have to strengthen his soul energy.

Li Ruoer gritted her teeth, enraged by the blow she had received. Slowly, Li Ruoer dug the blade into her arm. Even as the blood oozed out of the wound, Rosy started to humming, and Li Ruoer's eyes started to burn with a purple luster.

Li Shiming jumped out of his seat and shouted, "What the hell is she doing?"

Li Ruoer calmly locked her purple eyes onto Wang Tong's. "I will defeat you, no matter what!" Li Ruoer said as some unseen force floated around her, blowing the loose folds of her shirt.

The Tactics of the Enchantress had a very extreme coup de grace that was quite self-harming. It was very unwise for Li Ruoer, as a new level six fighter, to use those drastic measures.

But, the honor and the dignity of her and her family was at stake. Hence, Li Ruoer simply could not afford to lose the battle. She knew what had to be done, since if she were defeated by Wang Tong once again, she might not have the courage to even stand face to face with him from then on.


Purple energy lanced upward and engulfed the Enchantress. Even the Rosy had turned purple by now. Wang Tong registered the seriousness of the situation: It was not Li Ruoer who controlled Rosy at this moment, but it Rosy that was controlling Li Ruoer.

The situation was turning more dangerous by the second. Wang Tong took a deep breath and readied himself to embrace anything that would come up next.

Li Shiming stormed out of his house, trying to stop his sister's foolish act, but he paused after taking only a few steps.

"Stop her? Think again!" Li Shiming told himself.

Li Shiming knew that the honor of his entire family was at stake, and he could not simply show up and force his sister to announce defeat.

"She has made a choice, and now she will have to live with the consequences."

The Blood Sacrifice was a technique that was rarely used by even a veteran level, six Enchantress. Despite its power, it could easily drive the cultivator into the state of derangement.

The energy poured profusely into Li Ruoer from Rosy instead of the other way around. This reversed process was very dangerous.

Everyone in the arena could feel the immense power pouring out of the edge of the purple blade. Wang Tong lamented his lucky of encountering someone who had become as powerful as an Einherjar. He wagered that Li Ruoer must have used a secret technique that was unique to the House of Li, with which they could use their blood to summon the power of a former Einherjar inside of "Rosy."

Wang Tong conceded that this fight was going to be more troublesome than he had thought.

As Li Ruoer's eyes turned into pools of purple flames, she started an attack.

Rosy cheeks,

lost soul,

flower blossomed,

to whom its beauty owe?

Even the sky above the arena started to take on a purple hue as the energy of the Einherjar weighed on the audiences like a heavy blanket.

The pressure was much more intense on the stage. The floor of the stage had already started to crack, and many small fragments defied gravity as they were lifted upward by the purple energy.

Once released, the Enchantress coup de grace was able to shatter any opponent's sea of consciousness. So, Wang Tong focused on his defense and closely guarded his soul essence.

"Enchantress's Apocalypse!"

Li Ruoer pointed Rosy at Wang Tong; the ground trembled as she plunged the tip into Wang Tong's chest.

Suddenly, two beams of golden light shot out from Wang Tong's eyes. He crossed both his hands as ice walls erupted from the ground and surrounded him.

However, the ice walls were too weak to defend against the Enchantress's coup de grace; they shattered as soon as they came in contact with Rosy.

In a blink, the tip of Rosy was only an inch away from Wang Tong. Having no other deference, Wang Tong grabbed the blade with one hand to slow the attack at the expense of a severe injury. Wang Tong's left hand followed with attacks not on Li Ruoer, but on Rosy. After an intense wave of jabbing, the blade finally slowed down.

Although the blade had lost its momentum, it was still inching closer towards Wang Tong's chest slowly.

Wang Tong took a deep breath and then shouted at the top of his lungs.

The shout quickly turned into sound wave attacks that were aimed at Li Ruoer. If Li Ruoer had not bound her soul energy with Rosy, she would have been able to fend off the attack with ease. However, right then, she simply did not have enough soul energy to defend herself. As a result, she suddenly lost control of Rosy. Wang Tong seized the opportunity and threw it to the side.

The purple color slowly faded away and Li Ruoer collapsed onto the ground, her face pale as a ghost.

Wang Tong helped her sit up and then asked, "Why do you have to try so hard?"

Tears streaked across Li Ruoer's cheeks.

"I...like you."

Wang Tong was caught off guard, as he had never expected to hear these words from her. There had always been too much animosity between the two, and Wang Tong almost lost his life a few times because of her.

Seeing Wang Tong's shocked expression, Li Ruoer swallowed down her pride and bitterness. She knew that once she revealed her final secret to Wang Tong, she would become as vulnerable as a naked babe.

Wang Tong was stupefied by the development. As far as he knew, Li Ruoer loathed him and regarded him as her rival ever since they had met.

While Wang Tong was still lamenting the capriciousness of women, Li Ruoer fainted in his arms. Wang Tong stood up slowly, still dazed by what had happened. He had created the most shocking news ever since the start of the tournament: A no-account had defeated the heir of House of Li.

It took the students at Ayrlarng five minutes to finally take in what had just happened. The host was so shocked that he had a problem pronouncing Wang Tong's name.

Even with the power of an Einherjar at her disposal, Li Ruoer was still not able to defeat Wang Tong.

Wang Tong had become famous overnight across the entire Confederation. This was a tough fight, but Wang Tong had achieved total victory.

The S-Club members shouted the name of their leader while "Faith Hilling" their shirts, making the bright S stand out.

On the combatants' section, everyone stood up to congratulate Wang Tong. Karl was jumping up and down his seats, shouting Wang Tong's name.

Wang Tong remained calm as Li Ruoer's words still rang in his ears. He was not sure what to make of those words, neither did he know how to deal with Li Ruoer from then on.

Ma Xiaoru held back her urge of visiting Wang Tong, and went to visit Li Ruoer as soon as the battle was over.

Bothered by the potential plot her husband had hidden from her, Wu Xin wasn't in the mood of stopping her daughter to visit her friend. She dialed Ma Dutian's number and the line connected right away, as if Ma Dutian had been expecting her phone call.

"What do you have to say?"

"Oh my love, why so serious. I miss you so much!" Ma Dutian said with a sweet smile.

"That's not what I want to hear, Ma Dutian!" Wu Xin's voice became even more scathing.

"Ah...oh... you meant that boy. Yea, yea, I knew that he might be...The One."

"You mean The One?" Wu Xin was shocked by the revelation.

"You bet, my dear!" Ma Dutian said with a broad smile.

"How is that possible? Is he still alive?"

"God knows, but I am sure that no one other than him was able to achieve what he had done, not even in three hundred long a*s years. "