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Chapter 376: Uphill Battle

Chapter 376: Uphill Battle

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"I think your approval of his relationship with our daughter had in part contributed to his audacity." Wu Xin said.

"Hon, you know me. I will do anything for Xiaoru. If Xiaoru were not interested in him, I would never agree to that. Anyways, our family matters aside, Blade Warrior's reappearance means only one thing…Humanity is in crisis again."

"That's an overstatement. Haven't we already controlled the spread of the Zergs?"

"Yea, but there was something... Anyways, we need to know more about his boy, especially about who is behind him." Ma Dutian knew he had to be extremely cautious, since one minor misstep could cause a disaster to the world.

"If he is the Blade Warrior, there must be something to prove it?"

"Hehe, let's wait until the tournament is over. Once he finishes the tournament, he will come talk to me, and then I will ask him about it."

"Me too, I can't pass up the opportunity of talking to a Blade Warrior."

"That's good. Watch out while you are on the Moon. I know the Li probably already know as much as we do, if not more."

"Yeah, yeah. I am not a kid." Wu Xin nodded and then turned off the terminal. If Wang Tong were the Blade Warrior, she felt it was her responsibility to protect him from harm.

Ma Dutian hung up and talked to an android right beside him.

"Still not working?"

"We are unable to connect at the nuclear level. If he is the Blade Warrior, why don't we let him give it a try?" The android asked.

"That's my opinion too. We have been working on the new battery for too long. Maybe, only the Blade Warrior would be able to help us. How's the progress on the construction of the BSG?"

"The Battlestar is ready, except for the power unit—the battery."

Ma Dutian nodded. The Battlestar Galactica was the project he had been working on for his entire life, and the only component missing was its power supply. Ma Dutian conceded that he would have to ask Wang Tong for a solution after all.

Although Ma Dutian still knew very little about this boy, he was convinced that there was someone extremely powerful behind him, helping him along the way.

Meanwhile, on the moon, Zhang Mi, the journalist had been promoted to the senior reporter at the ETV thanks to her successful program on Wang Tong. The chief editor named Hitesh was very pleased with her work, and even made a move on her, asking her out for dinner.

She dug deeper into Wang Tong's past and created a special program based on it. The program was a smashing hit, as everyone was very interested in knowing more about this mysterious boy.

The special program had not only given more information about Wang Tong, but it had also reminded everyone of the former glory of Ayrlarng. Two heroic figures had graduated from this crestfallen academy, Li Feng and Rilangalos.

As Ayrlarng had fallen from grace and reached rock bottom, Samantha walked in and made drastic changes to the school. Ever since then, Ayrlarng seemed to have come back to life and improved significantly in METAL and Fleet combat.

Truth be told, the roles which Wang Tong and Karl had played in revitalizing the school were much greater than those of Ma Xiaoru and Wang Ben.

People saw the first sliver of hope in seeing a glorious Ayrlarng when Wang Tong and Karl had prevailed in the fleet combat tournament and with Now, with Wang Tong's advancement into the final eight, the promising outlook of Ayrlarng already seemed like a reality.

Exactly how strong was Wang Tong?

Would Ayrlarng restore its former glory?

Was Wang Tong the reincarnation of the two legendary fighters?

Ever since Wang Tong's victory over Li Ruoer, questions related to Wang Tong had become the second most searched items online. The most popular items were still related to Einherjar Wannabe.

Ayrlarng's rising to fame couldn't have come at a more convenient time, since it was around August, and many students were deciding which school to go to. Although Ayrlarng was not yet as famous as Capth, it had become very popular among the citizens of Shangjin. Not only did Ayrlarng boast the best fleet combat program in the entire Confederation, but it also hosted the most influential student group, the S-Club. As flurries of applications arrived at the Admission's office, the department head of the Admissions finally felt that he was working at a top academy.

The final battle for section four was about to draw back its curtain. It would be a fight between Lie Jian and Wang Ben.

Wang Ben sat quietly inside of the resting room, surrounded by darkness. He needed a period of solitude to reflect on his life, and on what this fight meant for him. In addition to his father, the most influential person in his life had been his friend Wang Tong. Sometimes, he wished that he could live Wang Tong's life, no longer constrained by his birth.

This match was deemed to be an uphill battle for both combatants, since both fighters were aggression-focused.

The arena was packed with Martians who came to watch Lie Jian's performance. They had been getting bored with the sophisticated but mundane fights and had been looking forward to Lie Jian's much more visceral performance.

Wang Ben walked to the stage amidst the cheers of the audiences. He glanced across the stage with a placid expression. Wang Ben never cared about fame; he was on the stage for only one thing, fighting a tough opponent.

Wang Ben was also very adamant in upholding his values, which was a nice way of saying that he was stubborn. For example, he could have passed the maze quickly without fighting the Zergs. Instead, he had to make sure that all Zergs were dead, and almost lost his ticket to the tournament because of that.

Every coin had two sides. Although Wang Ben was hindered by his stubbornness at times, in the long run, he had greatly benefited from his iron will.

Although the story of Wang Ben's two mind-opening operations had been a laughing stock among many members of the great houses, by now, no one considered him a failure, but a paragon of perseverance.

Wang Tong and his friends had also arrived at the arena. Although some of the Ayrlarng students didn't want to attend Wang Ben's match, Wang Tong had convinced them to come in the end. Wang Tong knew that Wang Ben didn't switch school willingly; he must have been forced to do so by his father.

Everyone on Team Ayrlarng had come to the arena, except for Karl, who still held a grudge against Wang Ben's betrayal.

As Wang Ben glanced at the audiences, his eyes paused for a brief second on Team Ayrlarng, then he looked away, as a warmth rose inside him.

Among all the students of Ayrlarng, the one person who was able to catch up with Wang Tong's progress was neither Ma Xiaoru nor Hu Yangxuan; it was Wang Ben.

As a swell of cheers erupted among the Martian audiences, Lie Jian sauntered onto the stage. He threw away the cape, revealing the swarthy and brawny body underneath as he raised his fists in the air as a response to his fans.

Lie Jian did not think Wang Ben would be a tough opponent, since the latter had to try twice just to pass the mind-open operation. However, he thought it would be fun to humiliate General Hu Ben by defeating his son.