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Chapter 379: The Harp Goddess

Chapter 379: The Harp Goddess

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"I won't feel jealous of him if I were you. I had been to his house once when he was only six, and I guess what I saw? The kid was practicing that same old punch, and both his fists had been struck into pulp. That was when he first started training. I asked him if it hurts, and guess what the lad said?"

Everyone shook their heads as curiosity burned in their eyes.

"He said, 'it doesn't matter.' I was shocked!"

On the stage, Lie Jian finally struggled to his feet; it was a humiliation to be struck by such a simple punch.


Lie Jian recharged his soul energy, and the fire-elemental GN force immediately surrounded the Martian. The promise of another round of attacks kept everyone on their seats.

Lie Jian's soul energy didn't stop rising, and in few moments, it had reached level six, just like Li Ruoer and Wang Tong. His injury seemed to have lent him strength, and then and there, the third level six fighter of the year was born.

As the GN force rolled inside him, Lie Jian charged at Wang Ben like a flaming lion.

Wang Ben rushed to counter the attack as the fist of the Racing Tiger roared in the air. However, by then, the difference in the two fighter's power was too big, and Wang Ben was no longer able to defend himself effectively. Soon, he received a dozen solid blows on him, and the last strike had sent his body flying to the other end of the arena.

Seeing the sudden turn of events, even Karl sat down in his seat quietly. The difference between a level five and a level six fighter was unbridgeable. If Wang Tong hadn't reached level six in time, he would never have been able to defeat Li Ruoer either.

After the last bout of attack, Lie Jian reestablished dominance. As he thought that the match was over, he watched as Wang Ben stand up from a pile of rubble.

Lie Jian was shocked, but then he gathered himself and asked, "Do you wish to court death?"

Wang Ben stood still and didn't answer.

As Lie Jian readied his fist to strike again, Wang Ben suddenly collapsed to the ground and didn't get up again.

"The Winner is LIE JIAN!"

The medics rushed towards Wang Ben; they knew he was in a dire situation.

The Martians boiled over as the host announced Lie Jian's victory. As they poured cheers and applause at Lie Jian, a sense of respect towards the Earthling boy rose inside them.

The son of General Hu Ben had proven to the Martians that not all Earthlings were despicable schemers.

Wang Tong suddenly appeared next to Wang Ben before the medics did. Without saying a word, he channeled his soul energy and covered Wang Ben's body with it. Wang Tong watched as the fire poison was lured out by Wang Tong's soul energy. However, as long as it came in contact with the golden energy, it evaporated into thin air.

After all the fire poison were eliminated that way, Wang Ben finally regained some consciousness. Wang Tong cracked a smile and said to him, "Rest now! We should hang out sometime."

Wang Ben looked at Wang Tong with a pair of eyes filled with sorrow and remorse; the people in Ayrlarng were his only true friends.

Although Wang Ben's training had forced him into seclusion, no one liked to be alone forever. Only the ones that had suffered from loneliness knew how precious true friendship was.

Wang Ben nodded as Wang Tong patted on his shoulder. The medics finally arrived and carried Wang Ben off the stage, not paying much attention to Wang Tong.

All the while, Lie Jian had been standing at the other end of the stage and watching the interaction between the two. The seemingly ordinary boy was the second level six fighter of the year, and had defeated Li Ruoer. According to Michaux, he was supposed to be Einherjar Wannabe as well, although Lie Jian was no longer certain on that one.

Wang Tong looked up and locked his eyes with Lie Jian's; they didn't speak a word to each other.

All matches that were scheduled for today had been finished. However, another equally enticing match was about to start. As soon as the final match was over, everyone rushed to the nearest bar to watch Einherjar Wannabe's PA fight.

Ever since Einherjar Wannabe defeated Zambrotta, he had become the synonym for the phrase "Everything is possible." The debate over his age had also stirred thing up. Till this day, no one knew for sure if he were a real human or a ghost.

After all, who could live for over two hundred years?

To add salt to the injury, the PA system had verified Einherjar Wannabe's age to be 16 years old when he first joined the PA system. The verification process during a user's first registration was very strict, and therefore, it was not likely that PA had made a mistake.

Tonight, Einherjar Wannabe was about to face Lan Qinyue, the grand master of the Soul Devouring Sect. She was a well-known fighter among the Ivantians, and was regarded as the goddess of martial arts on the moon, not only because she had single-handedly destroyed hundreds of Zergs, but also because of her beauty and many of her Einherjar level pursuers.

At the age of thirty, Lan Qinyue had retained her youth through her cultivation. As a result, hr look never changed ever since she was eighteen. However, her wisdom that had accumulated over the time shone through her pair of wide eyes.

Not a lot of people knew what had motivated Lan Qinyue to challenge Einherjar Wannabe. Ever since she retired from the military, she had been focusing on her music and grooming her disciples.

Wang Tong and his friends had already been waiting for the fight to start. Wang Tong liked watching Mr. Wannabe's fights, and he wondered how he would fare in this fight against such a beautiful woman. Too bad that Mr. Wannabe had lost his memories. Otherwise, Wang Tong would love to hear his wild stories.

Everyone was in a good mood since Wang Tong had won his fight against Li Ruoer without even a scratch. After the fight, many students who had not yet joined the S -Club quickly handed in their application. They were completely mesmerized by his performance.

In addition to Wang Tong, Hu Yangxuan's display of mettle had also won the hearts of many fans, although he had ultimately lost the fight.

Since Wang Tong had invited everyone from the S Club to join him in watching the PA fight, over three hundred students had come to the meeting hall and turned it into a theater.

Knowing the gravity of the fight, DREAM had shut off all other PA fights to prepare for this one.

The Harp Goddess had already arrived, but Einherjar Wannabe was still nowhere to be seen. Sweat crept onto Cameron's forehead as he prayed that he would not bail on the match last minute.

Although there was still half an hour before the start of the match, and Cameron knew that Einherjar Wannabe had the habit of being "fashionably late," the stake was too high to be so nonchalant this time.

Fans raised the picture of Lan Qinyue high up in the air; although she was not as beautiful as Heidi, her unique mannerism and her wisdom were what captivated the world.

Wang Tong nodded as he felt that she would be a great match for Mr. Wannabe. He wondered if Mr. Wannabe would feel bad for striking such a delicate and elegant lady.

Meanwhile, inside Wang Tong's dorm...

"HA!! You cheated! Charcoal, you are an a*shole! You cheated!" Mr. Wannabe shouted furiously. He was playing poker with Charcoal and got a little bit too carried away.

"I would like to remind you about your fight in half hour."

"Don't change the topic! One more round, you sneaky b*stard!"