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Chapter 381: The Third Wheel

Chapter 381: The Third Wheel

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But why? Why did such a hero remain incognito for so long, and who exactly was he? For the first time, Lan Qinyue had felt that she was genuinely interested in someone.

Einherjar Wannabe cast an icy stare at Lan Qinyue and announced, "If you say one word to anyone about what you saw, I will kill you." And then, he signed off.

Audiences strained their ears to capture the fading echoes of the music. The scores were perfectly touching and mesmerizing. As many men saw the tears on the face of the Harp goddess, they wished they could do something to ease her sorrow.

Everyone was so emotional at the time that no one seemed to remember why they were there, nor cared about the outcome of the match.

After a while, people finally managed to gather themselves and started to reflect on the fight. Did Lan Qinyue win?

To be fair, no one would be able to judge the outcome of the fight except for the fighters themselves.

The result of the fight aside, Lan Qinyue knew that she was finally about to advance in her cultivation. However, she also conceded that she had fallen in love with that lone-star—a warrior consumed by love.

After Lan Qinyue signed off, she sent a letter to DREAM, acknowledging her defeat.

What technique did the two use while they fought?

Why did Lan Qinyue break into tears towards the end?

One question bade another, but no answer had come.

Wang Tong finished watching the fight with red eyes and wet cheeks. The music reminded him of Ma Xiaoru, and the moment when he thought that she had left him for good.

The fight had clearly gone beyond a normal person's comprehension, and what people failed to foresee at that time was that it would later on change the human history.

After the fight, many analyses of the fight surfaced on the internet, and their interpretation of the fight diverged significantly from each other, some being outright preposterous.

Einherjar Wannabe didn't even move a finger, yet he had subdued the powerful harp goddess; not even an Einherjar was able to achieve that.

After watching the fight, Wang Tong felt the urge of holding Ma Xiaoru close to him. Knowing that was impossible, he felt depressed. So, he decided to chat with Mr. Wannabe to relax a bit. As soon as he was about to leave the hall, he received a message over Skynet. His heart almost jumped out of his chest when he read the message. He quickly excused himself from his friends and ran towards the arena number one.

Arena one was empty, except for one girl sitting in the audience seat. She wore a baseball cap and a familiar ponytail.

Wang Tong closed in and hugged her tightly. There had been many things Wang Tong wanted to tell her, but words just evaporated from his mouth by the sweetness in the air.

In contrast to the scene inside arena one, Li Ruoer had been troubled by her seemingly senseless infatuation. As soon as she woke up from her coma, she had kept on thinking about Wang Tong.

However, she never regretted anything. Instead, she felt relieved after confessing her feelings to Wang Tong.

Too many things had happened between Li Ruoer and Wang Tong. She was curious at first, then provoked, tricked, rinsed and repeated. Her cultivation was also greatly affected by her relationship with Wang Tong. Despite her defeat, her injury had given her the precious time and distance to reflect on her actions and her relationship with Wang Tong.

She couldn't help but notice that she could find Wang Tong at every turn of the corner in her life. It was as if her life entirely revolved around him alone.

The pain in her lower back reminded her of the first confrontation with him, when he had so ruthlessly spanked her. She no longer held the grudge for what he had done to her. Instead, she felt a refreshing feeling of being conquered, something she would otherwise never feel as the heir of House Li.

When she first approached Ma Xiaoru, she wasn't sure how it would turn out due to her ulterior motives to "befriend" her. However, as she spent more time with Ma Xiaoru, the innocent girl started to grow on her, and eventually, the two became real friends.

However, their friendship had complicated the already murky situation. Li Ruoer wanted Wang Tong, but she didn't want to hurt her friend.

Li Ruoer had never been so altruistic, and therefore, the fact that she cared for Ma Xiaoru's feeling was refreshing to her. It was against her former belief, yet it made her feel so good. Li Ruoer finally fell asleep with a taste of sweet bitterness in her mouth. In her dream, she was married to Wang Tong, together with Ma Xiaoru.

Li Ruoer felt well rested the next day and was in a good mood because of her dream. After breakfast, she heard a doorbell ring.

As soon as she cracked the door open, she was greeted by a large bouquet of blue flowers.

"Hey girl, are you feeling better?" Lie Jian poked his head out from behind the bouquet and smiled, revealing two rows of healthy teeth. Flowers and a handsome face should strike a chord with any girl's heartstrings. However, Li Ruoer was annoyed.

"None of your business. Do I know you?" Li Ruoer side with a distanced voice. He had completely ruined her mood.

"Of course! Haven't you heard that the great houses are one big family? I could be your cousin if that's the case."

Li Ruoer felt hardpressed to get mad at him, and neither did she want to offend House of Lie. "Thank you for the flowers. I am a bit tired, so..."

"Well, let me cheer you up then!" Lie Jian was still very confident that he had won the girl's heart with the flowers.

Li Ruoer didn't know how to respond, as she was surprised by Lie Jian's confidence. Too bad the Enchantress was injured. Otherwise, there would be one more name to be added to her list of victims. Nevertheless, Li Ruoer let Lie Jian into the house.

Half a second later, the door cracked open again, and Ma Xiaoru poked her head into Li Ruoer's room. She was caught off guard by the presence of Lie Jian. Ma Xiaoru had brought Wang Tong with her to make peace with Li Ruoer. After all, she didn't want to be stuck in the middle of a bitter rivalry between her boyfriend and her best friend.

Lie Jian's eyes shined as he spotted another beautiful girl. Immediately he recognized her as the heir of House of Ma.

A rush of testosterone shot through Lie Jian's body, as what was in between his legs overrode the control of what was on his shoulder. He wondered what it would feel like to be in bed with both girls at the same time, 'Threesome is awesome.'

However, Lie Jian's eyes lost its luster as soon as he saw Wang Tong trailing behind Ma Xiaoru.

Ma Xiaoru registered the despise and conceit on Lie Jian's face, so she moved to eclipse Wang Tong from the Martian's view.

"You can hide him now, but he will have to face the great house sooner or later! "Lie Jian announced.

The two girls looked at each other, and were not sure what to make of his comment.

"My Ladies, why don't we go out and have some fun? I know a perfect spot for us to hang out." Lie Jian heard himself talking. Lust had completely subjugated his mind.

Ma Xiaoru linked her crook of the arm with Wang Tong's and said, "Nah, I have plans with my boyfriend already."

The announcement disheveled Lie Jian. He wagered that Wang Tong had won Ma Xiaoru's heart after he had defeated Li Ruoer.

"Well, I hope you don't mind a third wheel?" Lie Jian asked. He was confident that he would be able to change Ma Xiaoru's mind with time.

Li Ruoer laughed out loud and held onto Wang Tong's other arm, then said, "Excuse you, the third wheel is here!"