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Chapter 383: Have Me Now

Chapter 383: Have Me Now

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"Right now?" Caught off guard by Wang Tong's request, Ma Xiaoru's heart fluttered.

Thanks to the internet, she had read a lot about what it meant to take their relationship to the next stage, and she had been looking forward to that moment. She knew that this was what she was supposed to do as a girlfriend, and therefore, she quickly swallowed down her fear.

Watching the flickering shyness in Ma Xiaoru's eyes, Wang Tong knew his words didn't come out right. However, the thought of intimacy throbbed in his mind as hormones coaxed him to take an advantage. Wang Tong hesitated, still feeling remorse over what had happened between him and Samantha, then made up his mind to take things slowly this time.

Wang Tong was very certain that he would always be faithful to Ma Xiaoru. However, he was not sure if he could provide enough for her. Wang Tong knew that Ma Xiaoru wouldn't protest if he decided to make a move then and there. However, he had promised to her father that he wouldn't touch her until he had proved himself. Wang Tong eventually decided not to break his promises.

"Ruoer, I want to do a check-up on you. I want to find out what had been hindering your cultivation." Wang Tong cracked a smile and then threw his jacket to the side.

"Why...didn't you tell me so earlier?" Ma Xiaoru blushed and lowered her head as she twiddled corner of her shirt in between fingers.

Wang Tong suddenly closed in and embraced Ma Xiaoru. "I do want to do it. I think about it every night!"

"We can... do it." Ma Xiaoru said quietly.

"I know. You know I love you so much that I will do anything for you. But, I need to gain your parents' approval yet. If anything happened to you before that, I don't know what your parents will think of me." Wang Tong pressed Ma Xiaoru against his chest while brushing his fingers against her soft and blushed cheek.

Ma Xiaoru was deeply moved by Wang Tong's honesty and sense of responsibility, so she nestled herself in Wang Tong's arms and said, "No matter what happens, we will always be together."

"Right. Now, can you take off your clothes?"

"You jerk, I was still talking to you." Ma Xiaoru laughed and then punched at Wang Tong. Nevertheless, Ma Xiaoru eventually obeyed the order and took off her shirt, revealing a tight body that was half concealed by a piece of lace underwear. Lights reflected off her fair skin as Wang Tong's heart started to beat like a hammer.

"What... about this?" Wang Tong pointed at her laced bra.

Ma Xiaoru raised her head slowly and said, "Well, you can help me with this one."

Hands trembling, Wang Tong clumsily took off Ma Xiaoru's bra, and he was shocked by the beauty of her alluring naked body. As blood rush through his body, Wang Tong felt his soul essence start to quiver as if it, too, was aroused by the scene.

Wang Tong struggled to gather himself and asked Ma Xiaoru to lay on the bed. Wang Tong reminded himself of his yet to start combat, and was eventually able to calm himself.

He raised both arms as Ma Xiaoru's body was lifted by an unseen force into the air. As Wang Tong channel his soul energy into her body, his face turned serious and said, "Xiaoru, listen to me. Make sure you follow my lead."

As soon as Wang Tong's soul energy entered Ma Xiaoru's system, he found that something was amiss. Although Ma Xiaoru's body was fully recovered, many of her GN nodes were still damaged and hollow.

This was beyond the capability of any medical doctor. Ma Xiaoru's healthy and robust GN nodes had become dormant and sluggish. Although the condition was not life-threatening, it would hinder her cultivation if not outright deteriorate her power.

If the situation worsened, it would be a devastating blow to someone like Ma Xiaoru, who was used to being a competent fighter.

Wang Tong tried to fix some of the nodes, but found that his double-GN force was incompatible with that of Ma Xiaoru. Wang Tong finally realized the seriousness of the situation; he had heard of the depletion of soul energy, but he had just learned that one's GN force could also be drained.

Wang Tong pulled back his GN force and sat down with a solemn face. Ma Xiaoru knew that something had gone wrong.

"What's going on inside me?"

Wang Tong plastered a smile on his face and answered, "Nothing. I just realized that you are not yet fully recovered."

Ma Xiaoru smiled softly and kissed Wang Tong on the forehead "You are the worst lier I have ever seen. I have already died once, so just tell me what it is. I'm not afraid of it."

Wang Tong heaved sigh and conceded that he could not hide anything from Ma Xiaoru. "It's your GN nodes; I think they are damaged. Don't worry though, I promise I will find a cure." Wang Tong announced while distress and worry were written all over his face.

Ma Xiaoru held up Wang Tong's face with both hands and kissed him. "I'm not afraid. I have you to protect me."

The two then embraced each other firmly. Cheesiness aside, the feelings of the two teenagers towards each other were pure and genuine, since they had gone through such difficult time together that no ordinary person could even fathom.

"Don't worry. I will find the cure!" Wang Tong announced with conviction.

"Don't force yourself too hard, some stuff in our life is better to be left to fate." Ma Xiaoru was not very hopeful that Wang Tong would be able to find a cure after all of her family doctors—experts in the field of medicine— had failed. Plus, she would be satisfied with her life as long as she was with him. Looking at Wang Tong's concerned expression, she suddenly felt that this misfortune was well worth it.

Wang Tong fixed his gaze on Ma Xiaoru's face and felt content to have a princess's affection. Unlike his predecessor Li Feng, Wang Tong had never harbored grand ambitions. However, he was willing to do anything for his loved one.

"There must be a way, you just have to believe it. Let me tell you a secret—"

"Well, don't tell me if it's a secret." Ma Xiaoru cut him short and laughed. Right now, she only wanted to lay in his boyfriend's arms and think of nothing else.

"Xiaoru, if I tell you that I am the heir of the Blade Warrior... would you believe me?" Wang Tong asked.

"You are ... who? WHAT?" Ma Xiaoru didn't see it coming, and was rendered dumbfounded by the question.

"The Blade Warrior, Li Feng, the greatest legend of human history." Wang Tong smiled. Already, he noticed that MA Xiaoru seemed to have gained some confidence in his claim of curing her.

"That is why I said I could find a cure. Didn't you notice that my tactics are unique?"

"That's right. I had been wondering all the while why your tactics are so effective against the tactics of the Enchantress."

"It's because I used the two hundred and fifty-six node version of the tactics of the Blade. The normal version had only eight nodes."

Ma Xiaoru was so shocked by the revelation that she almost screamed out loud.

"You want to know more?" Wang Tong said with a smug look. It felt good to brag about himself in front of his girlfriend.

"Hold on, let me get ready."

The two then laid on the sofa together as Wang Tong started to tell her stories from his life. An hour later, from the corner of his eyes, Wang Tong caught Ma Xiaoru crying.

"What's wrong? Did I say anything that upset you?" Wang Tong asked.

Ma Xiaoru stood up without saying a word. Any remaining concern and hesitation in her had capitulated in the face of Wang Tong's moving and heroic stories. She quickly took off her underwear and cuddled into Wang Tong's arms and said, "I am yours, and I want you to have me, now."