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Chapter 384: First Night of Love

Chapter 384: First Night of Love

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Ma Xiaoru was not interested in the stories of the Blade Warrior, but her heart sank quickly when she heard about Wang Tong's numerous injuries. Ma Xiaoru only cared about her boyfriend and no one else, not even the legendary Blade Warrior.

In that sense, Wang Tong was extremely lucky.

However, his luck didn't stop there, as Ma Xiaoru was offering her first night to him. He realized that if he refused Ma Xiaoru again, it would be not only cowardly, but also rude.

To the two young lovers, nothing would be sweeter than this moment, not even the joy of winning the tournament.

Fame and glory had nothing to do with what was happening right now; it was pure love. The only thing that Ma Xiaoru wanted was to find someone she truly loved, and when she finally found him, he happened to be as madly in love as she was.

The rest of the night lost its meaning to them, and before they knew it, the sun had come out; it was a new day.

Wang Tong stayed in bed. They had done it so many times last night that he barely had time to sleep. But still, he felt energetic in the morning. This was not Wang Tong's first time, and therefore, he knew how to last longer to enjoy the satisfaction of the flesh to its fullness. Although it was Ma Xiaoru's first time, the Tactics of the Enchantress had made things much easier for her. No only her tactics had heightened Wang Tong's pleasure, but the combination of the Enchantress and the Tactics of the Blade had greatly enhanced the power of Wang Tong's soul essence—a benefit even Wang Tong didn't realize until much later.

Ma Xiaoru was still asleep, with a faint but sweet smile hanging on her rosy cheeks. The scene evoked a sense of pride inside Wang Tong; he knew his life would no longer be complete without her.

Wang Tong held back his urge to wake up his girlfriend to quench his new found lust. Instead, he channeled out his soul energy into Ma Xiaoru. To his surprise, he found that Ma Xiaoru's GN nodes were already starting to recover.

"Perhaps the Tactics of the Blade is the cure?" Wang Tong was elated by the thought. He recalled the moment last night when he was about to relieve himself, he felt that his soul energy was so closely intermingled with that of Ma Xiaoru that they were practically one. The union of their soul energy had also given him an explosion of pleasure that was beyond physical sensation.

'What had happened at that moment?' Wang Tong thought. Perhaps, no one other than Li Feng would be able to answer this question, since his wife, Zhou Zhi, had also cultivated the Tactics of the Enchantress.

Wang Tong kissed gently on Ma Xiaoru's forehead before he cleaned himself up and started his daily practice.

As soon as he started cultivation, he was shocked by the huge improvement in his power. He had never felt so much improvement in one night. The more he advanced his cultivation, the more difficult it was to improve. The Tactics of the Blade only provided a solid framework for Wang Tong, and he had since been struggling to beef up his power by increasing his soul energy. However, the process had been extremely slow, despite being rightfully so.

The promise of a huge advancement had given Wang Tong a newfound carefulness. Instinct told Wang Tong that the first round of practice would be crucial in determining the actual improvement he could harvest, so he took his time to finish the first round to maximize the benefit.

As soon as Ma Xiaoru opened her eyes, she found Wang Tong hovering above the ground, surrounded by a golden hue. He had become so powerful that Ma Xiaoru suddenly felt lack of words to describe it. Was it the power of the Blade Warrior? No, this was the power of her boyfriend.

Wang Tong finally took a deep breath as the golden hue dissipated. He immediately felt Ma Xiaoru's gaze on his half-naked body.

"You are awake."

"Yeah! Your power is so... different."

"Haha, yes! But, I can't let my guard down. I bet both Li Shiming and Patroclus are no less powerful. How are you feeling? I have checked your GN nodes this morning, and they are already recovering."

Wang Tong said as he jumped on to the bed and spooned Ma Xiaoru's naked body. "Looks like the Karmamudra had worked!"

"There is no such thing! You pervert!" Ma Xiaoru blushed at the mentioning of last night's passion.

"It's true. Think about it; our tactics are the same as Li Feng and Zhou Zhi's. We just need more experiments to prove it." Wang Tong said as he cracked a smile.

Ma Xiaoru nodded. Deep down, she was ready to agree with whatever Wang Tong would say from then on.

It wasn't until breakfast that Ma Xiaoru mentioned that her mother was also on the Moon.

"Let's go see my mom together. I was supposed to go home last night...You know how she is..." Ma Xiaoru paused, wondering if she should continue.

Wang Tong understood Ma Xiaoru's concern, and he felt that there was no point in hiding anything from Wu Xin. He was unable to hide anything even if he wanted to anyways.

"Ok, let's go meet the in-laws."

"Who is your in-laws?"

"Your mom!"

Although Wang Tong had anticipated this moment, he was unnerved by its possible consequences. Wang Tong wanted to see Ma Xiaoru happy. However, if her mom were strongly against their relationship, he would be stuck in a very tough position. Nevertheless, Wang Tong conceded that he had no way out.

Wang Tong and Ma Xiaoru were greeted by the butler's ingratiating smile. "Ma'am is in the living room."

Xiaoru pulled Wang Tong closer to her; she was more nervous than Wang Tong, as she was worried that her mom still held prejudice against Wang Tong.

However, she was adamant that she would spend the rest of her life with Wang Tong, regardless of what others might think.

The two plodded into the living room, and Wang Tong saw Wu Xin relaxed on the sofa, reading a newspaper without any sign of distress. Realization suddenly downed upon Wang Tong that Wu Xin had already acquiesced their action—it was time to cement his relationship with Ma Xiaoru.

Wang Tong closed in with a few bold strides and bowed deeply to Wu Xin "Nice to meet you Mother in law. I wish you a nice day!"

An amused grunt escaped Wu Xin's mouth and then she said, "Who the heck is your in-law? You don't feel shame, do you?"

"Mother in law, I promise I will look after Xiaoru. "Wang Tong announced sincerely.

"Mom! Don't talk to him like that!" Ma Xiaoru complained.

Wu Xin rolled her eyes at her daughter and then said, "I didn't do anything yet! Wang Tong, since you had taken her first night, I hereby announce you her fiancé. You can take her hand the day you claim the title of champion."

Ma Xiaoru was caught off guard by her mother's announcement, overtaken by joy. She didn't know what to say.

Wang Tong was also shocked. "Thank you, would-be-mother-in-law." Wang Tong hurried to reply and bowed to Wu Xin one more time.

"Ru'er, I have something to ask him, alone." Wu Xin announced. Ma Xiaoru left reluctantly, but she nodded at Wang Tong before she disappeared behind the door, willing him to relax.

After Ma Xiaoru was gone, Wu Xin gestured Wang Tong to sit down. "Don't be afraid. We will be one family soon. I know that you are hiding a lot of things from us, but that's not what I want to talk to you about. I only want to ask you this… Will you devote yourself to my daughter's happiness?"

Wang Tong had been expecting threats. However, he only felt a mother's love for her daughter.