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Chapter 387: The Seal of Thunder

Chapter 387: The Seal of Thunder

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While everyone's focus was on the sword "Thunder Blade," Michaux and other top fighters had noticed something else on the stage. It was a web of an unseen force, looming over the stage.

"The Seal of Thunder!" Michaux marveled.

On the stage, a soul-energy seal was slowly taking shape amidst the roiling dark clouds. This was the unique power of the Tactics of the Thunder Blade.

Wang Tong's eyes glinted. He was astonished to see that Lee Xin was able to cast such a powerful spell while engaging in a full-fledged assault at the same time.

Wang Tong always had been very curious about the Mastery's techniques, and had attempted to copy some of their abilities by linking his soul essence with the energy in nature. He conceded that harnessing the nature's energy would be extremely convenient while fighting a large amount of Zergs, since he would not have to worry about exhausting his soul energy in the prolonged battle.

Despite having the soul essence, Wang Tong found it hard to master the Mastery abilities. He hoped that watching Lee Xin's fight would help him improve his skills. Wang Tong's intention was shared by other top fighters, as they were all eager to learn as well.

On the stage, Li Shiming knew he had to walk a very fine line between learning from his opponent's techniques and total failure.

Up till now, Li Shiming was able to hold his ground despite the aggressive attacks. His training had focused not only on aggression, but also defense. Li Shiming carefully and swiftly countered every rise and fall of the Thunder Blade. Infused with the power of the lightning, sizzling electric tendrils surrounded the blade. Every impact would cause an ear-deafening crackling and rumbling.

Lee Xin became increasingly focused as the battle intensified. A shimmering light started to cover his entire body, making him look like the God of Thunder in ancient paintings. So powerful were his attacks that every strike would force Li Shiming to take a half step back to dull the impact. To make the matters worse for Li Shiming, the Thunder Blade never attacked in a straight line. It would take a sudden turn at any time during the attack, zig-zagging like lightning that scarred the night sky.

As Lee Xin's attack had become increasingly difficult to defend, he slowly started to gain the upper hand in the battle.

A thousand sparks erupted from each impact of the two legendary blades, intensifying the suspense of the fight.

Although Lee Xin had started to take a noticeable advantage in the fight, Li Shiming's expression remained calm. However, the seemingly waning vigor of Li Shiming's counter-attack unnerved his supporters.

Patroclus and Zhang Jin, on the other hand, watched the fight unfold calmly in one of the VIP balconies.

"This is impressive. To complement his own power, Lee Xin has drawn the energy from nature. I think Li Shiming had underestimated his opponent this time." Zhang Jin exclaimed.

Patroclus cracked a smile, "Jin, it is you who have underestimated Li Shiming. He is no less powerful than me."

Patroclus's replied had caught Zhang Jin off guard. "Really?"

"Hehe, House Li is very shrewd. People only talk about how difficult it is to cultivate the Tactics of the Deva King, but rarely do they mention that the Tactics of Vayu were no less difficult or powerful. Too bad Li Shiming's father lacked talent, otherwise..." Patroclus paused as he was distracted by the fighting scene on the stage.

Zhang Jin burst out laughing, "Haha, I dare you to find another person in the world who could claim that Einherjar Li Zhedao lacks talent. Fine, I believe you. But, I want to see how Li Shiming could get himself out of this" Cultivation required the cultivator's absolute devotion, and therefore, Zhang Jin wondered how powerful could a power-monger such as Li Shiming be after he had wasted so many hours on politics.

The "One Hundred and Eight Cuts of Thunder Blade" were not merely 108 strike techniques, since all 108 moves could be combined in random order to form millions of different variations.

Everyone knew that Li Shiming could level up with ease if he chose to. However, Li Shiming had maintained his soul energy at level five, without any intention of advancing into level six.

By then, Lee Xin was convinced that he should be able to defeat Li Shiming with his much superior soul energy. However, despite the ever-increasing intensity of his attack, Li Shiming seemed to be able to counter the attack with just enough power before his defense crumbled.

Lee Xin was eager to defeat his opponent, and he would not give Li Shiming any chance of turning the tide. Therefore, he doubled down on his attacks.

"Kom! Kom!"

"Clank! Clank!"

As soon as Li Shiming's Blade Aura was about to get an inch longer, it was immediately suppressed by the Thunder Blade. It happened so fast that majority of the audiences could not even tell what was happening on the stage, other than swirls of Blade Aura dancing in all directions.

The Ivantian audiences cheered loudly for Lee Xin; they believed that sooner or later, Li Shiming would slip up and allow him to land a solid and decisive blow.

The thought of defeating Li Shiming elated all Ivantians. Although the impact of the rise of Li Feng could still be felt today, the tattered influence of House Li had encouraged the Ivantians to reclaim dominance of the Confederation.

If Li Shiming lost the battle, it would be another decisive blow to the reputation of House Li.

Suddenly, stormy clouds that had been hovering above the stage gathered around, as something bright roiled within, threatening to pierce through the dark clouds with its brightness.

Meanwhile, Lee Xin's soul energy soared, the energy around him made his hair stand on their ends. However, Li Shiming still refused to crank up his soul energy despite the imminent defeat.

All Earthling audiences were on the edge of their seats by the development. Many of them felt that Li Shiming was going to give the victory away freely to his opponent.

Wang Tong's mind raced; although he was certain that Li Shiming would not give up so easily, he was perplexed as to what this guy had planned for his next move.

The Seal of Thunder was finally complete! There was no escape once trapped inside the web formed by the cracking lightning serpents.

Lee Xin knew that his moment had finally come, so he unleashed the deadliest final eight strikes.


The Thunder Blade suddenly increased its size and hewed at Li Shiming, as it released all of the energy stored within. Everyone realized that Li Shiming had come to the moment of life and death.

A curl crept onto Lee Xin's mouth; it was only the beginning.

Li Shiming watched as a few strands of lightning escape the dark clouds and charge into the Thunder Blade—the second attack was coming.

Li Shiming drew a large gulp of air right before he was overwhelmed by thousands of tendrils of crackling lightning. He tried to defend against the attack using his GN force, but to no avail. Already, the second attack was on its way.

Sensing that there was no other way out, Li Shiming forced his soul energy to increase and then broke free from the first attack. He then quickly raised Vayu to block the second attack. However, he had underestimated the power in the attack, and was blown away, losing the precious chance to defend himself.

Seizing the opportunity, Lee Xin followed with another attack. The Seal of Thunder had given him a decisive advantage in controlling his opponent's movement, turning the fight into his solo performance.

The third attack hit home and sent Li Shiming's body flying. With his balance gone, Li Shiming failed to fend off the fourth and fifth strike. The fifth strike had even cracked open his GN defense and injured him.

After having received the sixth attack, Li Shiming's hands started to tremble and nearly dropped Vayu.

However, Lee Xin had slipped up during his seventh attack and missed his target, giving Li Shiming a moment to catch his breath.

Finally, Lee Xin unleashed the last attack, the eighth and the finishing move.

Lee Xin pointed the Thunder Blade at the ground as the dark clouds started to shrink in, like they had received a command. With an ear-deafening blare, the clouds had formed a giant lightning ball above Li Shiming's head.