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Chapter 388: Never Forget the History

Chapter 388: Never Forget the History

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People started to realize that if the situation continued, Li Shiming might be in mortal danger. All would be lost for House Li if Li Shiming were killed on the stage there and then.

Lee Xin knew that this overbearing attack was necessary to defeat Li Shiming. He had been attacking for a while, and therefore, he had consumed much more physical strength and soul energy than his opponent. The hope of defeating Li Shiming would hinge on this one final strike. Therefore, he would have to make sure that this one counted. His opponent's safety was already out of the equation, since Lee Xin had always treated the tournament as a real battlefield.

The lightning ball was huge. It swooped down like a fallen star, aiming directly at Li Shiming's head.

However, Li Shiming smiled faintly and disappeared into thin air right before the lightning ball hit him. One of the abilities of the Tactics of Vayu was the extremely fast speed, and therefore, Li Shiming simply dashed out of harm's way. However, Li Shiming was still under the Seal of Thunder, and therefore, the lightning ball was able to detect his movement and trail behind him closely. As the lightning ball was about to hit Li Shiming, Li Shiming charged up his soul energy and swept Vayu in the air, causing a gale that immediately surrounded the lightning ball and slowed it down. Meanwhile, Li Shiming executed an almost impossible maneuver and shifted his body out of the way as the lightning ball whizzed past him.

Lee Xin was caught off guard by the backfire and instinctively raised the Thunder Blade to block the incoming lightning ball.


The entire arena trembled after the impact.

Lee Xin was hit by his own coup de grace. When the dust finally settled, the match was also over.

Although Li Shiming didn't dominate the fight, he had won the match using to his calmness and experience.

Cheers from the Earthling audiences erupted like an explosion. This was a suspenseful match, and the Earthlings had been holding back their cheers and applause for too long.

Li Shiming shook his head, seemingly disappointed at the real power of the Tactics of the Thunder Blade.

"He handled it very well. What an experienced and deadly fighter!" Michaux exclaimed. This fight would not be nearly as memorable if Li Shiming hadn't held back his power. Li Shiming had proven his might as well as wits by overcoming a level six fighter using only level five soul energy. It was obvious then that Li Shiming had been very confident about his ability from the beginning, and he had just shown that his confidence was founded on solid performance.

Although he was disappointed by his opponent, Li Shiming bowed to his audiences polity before he was about to walk off the stage.

"Li Shiming, where are you going? We have just started."


Lee Xin appeared in front of Li Shiming, blocking his way. The lightning had burned off his clothes, revealing a lightning-shaped-tattoo on his chest.

Li Shiming paused in his track, surprise written all over his face. "I knew you were better than this!"

"Hehe. My father had invented this new cultivation method by absorbing the nature's energy, and thanks to that breakthrough, he was able to become the only Einherjar who was not from the five houses. However, people usual mistakenly think that that is all he is good at. "

Even as the heir of the Thunder Blade spoke to Li Shiming, his body started to shimmer with a green luster. As soon as he finished the last word, Lee Xin disappeared into thin air.

Li Shiming's instinct told him that an attack was coming, so he raised Vayu to block. The attack was powerful, and Li Shiming was forced to take a few steps back.

Li Shiming sensed that Li Xin didn't only utilize the soul energy in his last attack, but also the energy from the lightning ball. He suddenly realized that Lee Xin had practically turned himself into to a vehicle like the Thunder Blade to contain the absorbed energy.

"Li Shiming, if you want to fight Patroclus, you better pass me first." Lee Xin reappeared in front of Li Shiming and announced.

Li Shiming cracked a smile as he posed Vayu about his waist. As he charged up his soul energy, a gale swept across the stage like a hurricane. Suddenly, the wild wind turned into a thousand tiny blades, hurling towards Lee Xin. Finally, Li Shiming had reached level six!

"Haha! Awesome! Now I don't need to hold back my power either!" Lee Xin shouted and lashed out the Thunder Blade at Li Shiming. However, he missed his target as Li Shiming disappeared right before the blow was about to land on him. Seeing that his first attack had missed, Lee Xin followed with a few dozen blows, but none of them had landed on target.

Thus it was, the real power of the Tactics of Vayu was its incredible speed.

Suddenly, Li Shiming appeared above Lee Xin as he bore down on him with a powerful attack—The Vayu's Denial!

Although Lee Xin was a very powerful fighter, he was not nearly as fast as Li Shiming. The blow struck home and the impact sent an explosion throughout the arena.

Lee Xin had successfully blocked the attack with Thunder Blade. Li Shiming quickly changed his position, and everyone watched as Lee Xin's body was picked up by an invisible hand. As Lee Xin wiggled in the air to break free, he started to spin as if he were held in the center of a tornado. A thousand tiny blades appeared from thin air and started to attack Lee Xin, nibbling away his defense.

Suddenly, the tornado hurled his body to the other end of the stage. Even before Lee Xin was about to thud back to the ground, a dark shadow appeared right above him. It was Li Shiming, and he bore down both GN-force-charged fists at the defenseless Lee Xin.

The fists hit squarely at Lee Xin's chest and completely crumbled his defense.


After the dust had settled, Li Shiming finally unsheathed Vayu. On the other end of the stage, Lee Xin lied inside a small crater in the floor motionlessly.

This was the true power of Li Shiming, heir to the legendary general Li Feng.

The Earthlings shouted out his name feverishly. Any attempt to undermined House Li's dominance was futile. On the other hand, the Ivantians were shaken after their fighter's defeat, as they marveled at Li Shiming's ability. Not only was he able to lure his opponent to unleash the full power of the Thunder Blade, but he also annihilated Lee Xin once he had seen enough.

Patroclus smiled faintly; he was satisfied by Li Shiming's performance.

"Are you sure you can handle that?" Surprised by Li Shiming's power, Zhang Jin was no longer certain if Patroclus would be able to defeat him with ease.

"No." Patroclus cracked a smile. "I won't know for sure until I fight him."

"Well, well, after all these years, you two will finally make an end to the centuries-old feud." Zhang Jin lamented.

"There is someone else."


"Wang Tong. Jin, I have never been so happy before." Patroclus sauntered out of the room after he finished his words.

Wang Tong and Michaux smiled at each other knowingly, and Wang Tong said, "It's our turn."

"See you in a bit!"

As the two patted on each other's shoulder and left for their preparation room, people around them felt they were more like friends than opponents.

Unlike the last fight, the fight between Michaux and Wang Tong lacked any suspense, since everyone believed that Michaux would be the winner. Although Wang Tong had been lucky and even defeated Li Ruoer, everyone thought that his lucky streak would end here.

All students of Ayrlarng had been waiting for this glorious moment, regardless of their odds of winning.

Under thousands of pairs of anticipating eyes, Michaux and Wang Tong walked onto the stage at the same time. In the private session, Li Shiming sat in the front row, watching the two quietly.

Everyone shouted the name of their fighter at the top of their lungs. Karl was so excited that he almost passed out from shouting for too long.