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Chapter 392: Turn the Tide

Chapter 392: Turn the Tide

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The familiar sense of Ma Xiaoru's soul energy had caught Wang Tong by surprise. From the corner of his eyes, he caught her approaching the stage, and was frightened.

Wang Tong's slight distraction had given the fiery bird advantage, and allowed it to press forward by another few inches. Wang Tong would lose the fight if he couldn't stop the bird.

By then, the oxygen around Wang Tong had been sucked clean by the vacuum. He conceded that the only way of surviving was to shield his sea of consciousness with his GN force. Even then, Wang Tong fingered that the odds of surviving the attack were extremely small. What was worse was that the shockwave from the impact would kill Ma Xiaoru as well.

Suddenly, Wang tong realized that Ma Xiaoru had walked to the stage because she wanted to die with him.

Wang Tong never feared death, not even during the moment of life and death. He would always remain calm until he found out a solution. However, there and then, Wang Tong found that he could hardly think straight.

Li Feng used to say that emotion was the source of the strongest power in humans. But, how could one harness the power?

Wang Tong rounded his eyes as he doubled down his defense. For the sake of Ma Xiaoru, he could not lose the battle.

Suddenly, Wang Tong's eyes started to burn with a golden luster. Ma Xiaoru's danger had triggered and unleashed Wang Tong deepest emotion and given him strength.

A burst of golden whirlwind appeared around Wang Tong. However, the fiery bird didn't waver.

Seeing Wang Tong's unyielding fighting spirit, a sense of respect suddenly rose inside of Michaux. However, he knew that his coup de grace was unstoppable, and Wang Tong had already reached his limit.


Wang Tong struggled to resist the force from above, but he could barely lift his arm above his shoulder. Truth be told, what he wanted to do was practically impossible.

Wang Tong knew that if he still wanted to win the fight, he would have to find out a way to turn the tide right now.

Inside Ayrlarng, a fist-clenching, teeth-gritting quietness fell in the campus. Everyone's thoughts were the same.

Wang Tong pushed himself closer to a trance as the situation became more urgent.

Finally, a golden energy burst out from Wang Tong and shot straight up into the air. Wang Tong pushed his arms up slowly as his eyes turned into a mixture of gold and blood. Suddenly, the energy in the air stopped moving about, and even Michaux sensed the sudden change in the flow of energy.


The golden energy flowed anew and took on a snake-like shape as it shot higher up into the air, then released a deafening roar.

A dragon slowly rose from the ground and pushed its head against the Undying Phoenix. The phoenix's movement was slowed down already. Despite the temporary setback in Michaux's attack, no one had thought that Wang Tong had a chance of turning the tide of the battle. However, only three seconds later, the audiences learned that they were wrong. The golden dragon opened its mouth and swallowed the Undying Phoenix, then soared into the sky towards Michaux. Michaux was ready to defend against the incoming dragon, but so powerful was the attack that the golden dragon shredded Michaux's defense and blew the young master away.

The giant dragon continued soaring higher until it blended into the starry sky.


The entire arena trembled, and suddenly the floor caved in. When the dust finally settled, the stage had turned into ruins.

Wang Tong held Ma Xiaoru in his arms and shouted, "Are you out of your mind? Why did you come so close?"

In the distance, Li Shiming paused before he could reach Ma Xiaoru. His eyes glinted as he felt something was amiss.

Losing control of his body, Michaux was about to thud onto the ground, but was rescued by Lie Jian. If Michaux fell from such height, he would be gravely injured. Nevertheless, when Lie Jian looked down on Michaux's face, he noticed the young master was unconscious.

Ma Xiaoru didn't answer Wang Tong's question. Instead, she touched Wang Tong's face and smiled. She had been ready to die with her lover.

As soon as Ma Xiaoru's fingertip touched Wang Tong's face, his eyes returned to their normal color. Seeing that the shockwave had injured Ma Xiaoru, Wang Tong picked her up and rushed towards the medic station.

Staring at the stage that had been reduced to piles of rubble, the audiences wondered how the two were able to wreak such havoc.

The MC finally gathered himself and announced the decision of the referee panel.

"The winner is—WANG TONG!"

The audiences boiled over after hearing the announcement. This result was the most uncalled-for of all tournament fights!

Cheers erupted from the entire city of Shangjin, as the citizens celebrated this unexpected victory of Wang Tong. Inside every house, and around every corner of the streets, everyone stopped what they were doing and joined the celebration. This was a miraculous victory that would mark a new era for Ayrlarng as well as Earthlings.

The students and the teachers hugged and congratulated each other. No one had thought that Wang Tong would be able to win. However, he had done the impossible and created a miracle.

Inside the Dream cafe, the owner was so excited for his lucky charm's victory that he slammed a half-empty beer bottle on the ground and announced to all of his customers, "Let's celebrate! All drinks are on me!"

Ever since Wang Tong had made a name for himself in the tournament, the Dream cafe had become the most popular internet cafe in the entire Shangjin. The room of terminal number five had been permanently reserved for Wang Tong's personal use.

Meanwhile, in the sky arena, the MC shouted out Wang Tong's name, and all the audiences followed.

"Wang Tong—Wang Tong!"

Although this fight had brought danger to the audiences, it was such a marvelous fight that it was truly worth commemorating even hundreds of years from now.

After the fight, over a hundred thousand media outlets unequivocally praised the significance of the fight. Not only was it a fantastic fight to watch, but the two fighters had painted a brand-new landscape for the future of METAL combat.

"The darkest dark horse of all time—Wang Tong!"

"The pride of Earthlings, the bane of Martians."

"An average Joe, but feared even by the Great Houses."

Heroic headlines fell like a flurry of snow, and other talk shows also started to focus on the topic.

"I do believe that Wang Tong is worthy of the title 'The darkest dark horse.' "

"I agree too! He has proven himself as powerful as the Great Houses' combatants."

"I think we should call him the Magic Boy instead."

"Haha, that sounds kinda trashy."

"What about the Dragon Warrior?"

"Oh! That one is great. Fits his finishing move as well!"

From then on, Wang Tong was dubbed as the Dragon Warrior.

The inquisitive journalist also quickly sniffed out the love affair between Ma Xiaoru and Wang Tong, and therefore, the two's relationship had quickly become the second most talked about topic. Most people thought the two were a very cute couple, and gave them best wishes. The only ones who were disgruntled about the love affair were the House of Li, since they had been planning the marriage between the Li and Ma for years.

Ma Dutian was very pleased after watching the fight. He conceded that Wang Tong was capable of protecting his daughter, although he had freaked out when he saw Ma Xiaoru walking right into the danger zone.