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Chapter 393: A Fledgling Among Einherjars

Chapter 393: A Fledgling Among Einherjars

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Wang Tong carried Ma Xiaoru and rushed into the medic room.

"She is fine. She only got minor injuries from the shockwave... How are you doing? Would you like a check up?"

"I am fine…" Wang Tong announced.

Before Wang Tong could finish his words, he felt the world turn dark, and then his collapsed to the floor.

People around Wang Tong were shocked by the sudden development, and they started to perform all kinds of checks on him, trying to figure out if he were still alive. After a while, they noticed Wang Tong's snores; he had fallen asleep.

In another Medic room, Michaux was still in critical condition, and had been carried into the medic bay for intensive care. He knew that he had to evade the attack when he caught the glimpse the golden dragon. However, he was grazed by the dragon's claw, and had almost lost his life.

The power of the natural force as too powerful for a human to withstand, and this power would become the new trend among cultivators.

Looking at the unconscious Michaux floating in the medic bay, Lie Jian felt a heavy weight on his mind as he pondered the reason for his defeat. To Lie Jian, Wang Tong had done the impossible. However, the thought of someone as powerful as himself elated him.

"Rest well, Michaux. I will avenge you."

Lie Jian said as he clenched his fist; Wang Tong, Patroclus, Li Shiming, either one of them would be an interesting opponent for him.

The first two of the quarterfinals were finished. Although Wang Tong and Li Shiming had led Team Earth to a complete victory, the two fighters would face each other during their next fight. Wang Tong's recent rise to fame undoubtedly had given Li Shiming a lot of pressure.

In addition to the gain and loss on the stage, the two also competed for Ma Xiaoru. On that front, Li Shiming seemed to have lost his advantage. Losing Ma Xiaoru would be a more devastating blow to House Li than losing a tournament.

No one in House Li had believed that Wang Tong was the heir of General Li Feng, as they reasoned that Li Feng would have chosen one of his family members instead. The fact that House Ma had believed such nonsense had given Li Shiming another reason to strike Wang Tong down.

Karl and his friends had been waiting outside the medic room ever since Wang Tong had collapsed. A few hours later, the doctor informed them that Wang Tong had simply fallen asleep.

"Can you believe that? Who falls asleep like that?" Karl exclaimed.

"What a waste of our time!" Hu Yangxuan lamented, even though his voice was filled with joy. He reasoned that since Wang Tong was not seriously injured, he should be able to be patched up quickly and ready for the next fight, the semi-finals.

Just like the sleepless crowd on the Earth, no one on Mars found it easy to fall asleep, as they struggled to come to terms with the defeat of their young master. What was worse was that Michaux was defeated by a dark horse that no one had ever heard of.

After the fight, Wang Tong had officially claimed his spot among the heirs of the Great Houses.

Zhang Mi, the journalist, had worked overnight in pushing out the first draft of the fight to her editor. However, popular as the topic might have seemed, it was not the most eye-catching headline of the day. There was another more sensational news: Einherjar Lee Moshan had challenged Einherjar Wannabe.

This news had shocked the entire Confederation. Einherjars had always been a strategic arsenal for the three factions, and therefore, they rarely participated in any real combat.

In the three hundred years after the Great War with the Zergs, the three major factions of the Confederation had reached a consensus that no regional skirmish, however heated they were, should warrant the commissioning of Einherjars. This was also an unspoken law among Einherjars themselves, and it was very rare to see two Einherjars fighting with each other. Every Einherjar had sworn loyalty to the faction he or she belonged to, and therefore, any conflict between two Einherjars would quickly escalate into a conflict between two factions.

After all, humans' common enemy were the Zergs, and the purpose of every Einherjar's life was to make sure of the human race's survival.

Before Einherjar Wannabe became a viral sensation, all Einherjars represented the confederation instead of themselves. So, what had spurred Lee Moshan to make such a drastic decision?

As the rumor spread, many people believed that Lee Moshan was infuriated after having learned that Qin Lanyue had fallen in love with Einherjar Wannabe after their fight.

Einherjars were not gods, and therefore, they were susceptible to emotions, if not more so compared to an ordinary human. For Lee Moshan, unable to marry Qin Lanyue had been the only hurdle of his life that he could not come to terms with. Since Lee Moshan could not win her heart, he refused to accept the fact she had fallen in love with someone else.

Rumors aside, the fight would be very beneficial to both fighters' cultivation, since they were bound to learn a great deal from each other. That benefit alone had made every Einherjar tempted to challenge Mr. Wannabe, and Lee Moshan was the first one to make a move.

To most ordinary viewers, the fight between two Einherjars was a fight between gods. Therefore, no news would trump its gravity.

Employees of DREAM were shocked when they received the challenge letter from Lee Moshan. No one had thought that a simulation game would be able to attract the attention of an Einherjar. Regardless of the outcome of the match, it would be a huge win for the PA system. However, one question remained, "Would Einherjar Wannabe accept the challenge?"

Such a question was out of the DREAM's control, and therefore, they could do nothing other than sit and wait for the reply. Ever since its conception a few months ago, the online community "Marshal Hall" had increased its members by almost ten folds. After Einherjar Wannabe's victory over Qin Lanyue, he had become a synonym of hope for ordinary citizens of the confederation.

Wang Tong finally woke up the next day and left the hospital with Ma Xiaoru as if nothing had happened. Both of them were fine, and had fully recovered from their minor injuries.

After the two returned to Wang Tong's room, Wang Tong wished to introduce Ma Xiaoru to his only "relative," Mr. Wannabe.

"Mr. Wannabe, this is my future wife, Ma Xiaoru. Xiaoru, this is my old bro, Mr. Wannabe." Wang Tong announced as he beamed from side to side. He didn't know what to call Mr. Wannabe, since he saw the old ghost as a friend and tutor at the same time.

Ma Xiaoru hurried to bow to the old ghost. "Nice to meet you. Thank you for taking care of Wang Tong."

"Hehe, good girl. That idiot is lucky to have you! You can call me Mr. Wannabe." Mr. Wannabe said with a smile. However, Wang Tong noticed that a sadness shrouded Mr. Wannabe's eyes.

"I have good news for you. Einherjar Lee Moshan has challenged you in the PA. What do you say?" Wang Tong asked.

"Lee Moshan? You mean that fledgling?" Mr. Wannabe replied without any delight in his voice.