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Chapter 394: An Old Ghost

Chapter 394: An Old Ghost

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Although she had heard from Wang Tong that Mr. Wannabe was a warrior, Ma Xiaoru was taken back by the Mr. Wannabe's audacious statement.

"You mean, Lee Moshan is only an entry level Einherjar?"

"Yes. Charcoal had already looked him up for me. He is a 100% noob…" Mr. Wannabe paused as he studied Wang Tong with a clear intent. "What about you fighting him instead of me?" Mr. Wannabe finally asked.

Wang Tong was shocked by the question while Ma Xiaoru had to cover her mouth to prevent herself from screaming out loud.

"Coward! He is just a puny weakling. What are you afraid of? He won't be able to reach Einherjar Level in the virtual world anyway. You need to fight him in real life!" Mr. Wannabe pouted and said.

Wang Tong suddenly realized what Mr. Wannabe was getting at, "So... you mean I'll fight him with a METAL suit?"

"Bingo! " Mr. Wannabe exclaimed, beaming from side to side.

"But where?" Wang Tong's eyes lit up with new found interest.

"In the space. With super METAL, you would be able to fight in the space. This way would provide a cover as well. I think you should fight him after your tournament though. You are ...not ready just yet. But, you might be ready after the tournament."

Mr. Wannabe had been watching Wang Tong's improvement for a long time, and he knew that since he had missed his chance of advancement into super Einherjar, he should provide as many opportunities for Wang Tong as he could.

Wang Tong's eyes glinted as his mind raced. Finally, he nodded slowly and said, "Let's do it!"

Mr. Wannabe smiled approvingly. He cast Ma Xiaoru a glance and then said, "Don't worry about him. That Einherjar-dude is a weakling."

Although Ma Xiaoru had her fair share of conversing with top notch fighters, she was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Wannabe's unswerving confidence.

"Xiaoru, Mr. Wannabe is telling the truth. You can trust him. He is over a few hundred years old, so he must have some mojo. Even if I can't defeat Lee Moshan, I can always run away." Wang Tong winked at Ma Xiaoru and said.

"Do whatever you want. I'm always here for you. But, don't risk your life, please."

"Don't worry. I'm pretty tough." Wang Tong smiled.

"I can testify that! Especially when he is in front of you. It's the power of love...Haha…" Mr. wannabe jested.

"Get lost!" Wang Tong cut Mr. Wannabe short.

Ma Xiaoru gave Wang Tong a shy smile. "Is that true? Tell me, come!" Ma Xiaoru said and then she dragged Wang Tong away.

Mr. Wannabe looked at the joyful couple and smiled like a father watching his growing son. Perhaps the old scars did not matter any longer. Mr. Wannabe lamented because the life now was so much more beautiful.

The news of Einherjar Wannabe accepting Lee Moshan's challenge had quickly become the most sensational news. What made this fight much more exciting for members of the marshal hall was that it would take place in real life, in the space.

Only in the space could the two fighters unleash their maximum power without the fear of hurting anyone else.

Everyone felt excitement and anticipation in the air. Many audiences had never heard of a fight between two Einherjars before, much less seen one.

Although no one knew how powerful Einherjar Wannabe was, they had watched his opponents fall one after another, and each one was more powerful than the last. Finally, the warrior shrouded in mystery was about to confront a real Einherjar.

The news of the fight had deeply disturbed the council. They knew that Einherjar Wannabe was finally ready to reveal himself in real life. Despite the gravity of his actions, the Confederation knew that there was nothing they could do to stop him. Plus, he had the populous on his side.

The confederation had spent a great deal of energy trying to figure out his real identity. However, whenever they thought that they had a lead, the mysterious fighter would throw a curve ball at the investigation and spoil their previous efforts.

Even the golden rule of elimination had failed, since the rule had indicated that the fighter was just an academy student. However, the PA system had confirmed his age to be over two hundred years old.

By then, all efforts in discovering Einherjar Wannabe's identify had failed.

Nevertheless, the failures didn't dull the great houses' interest in the mysterious fighter, since they gradually felt threatened by his existence. The establishment never welcomed changes, since they only cared about the status quo. But, Einherjar Wannabe had become an unstable element in the society, and therefore, he had become an inconvenience.

Meanwhile, Li Shiming and Porten were drinking together while watching a TV show about the coming fights.

"Bother Li, it appears that we were wrong about this Einherjar Wannabe." Porten lamented. However, he could not hide the snicker on his face.

He had been wearing the same snicker ever since he heard the rumors about Ma Xiaoru's relationship with Wang Tong. It ought to be a devastating blow the House Li. Life was a zero-sum game; others' failures might as well be Porten's gain.

Li Shiming gave him an aloof smile.

Li Shiming's sense of superiority always disgusted Porten. He furrowed his brows and announced, "It was a blatant insult to fight an Einherjar. How dare he!"

"That's too much. He is nothing but a clown."

"Oh? Why did you say so?"

"He always had been a clown. Maybe he is powerful, but he is also out of the league of the rest of the Einherjars. Such provocation would only end in humiliation. He thinks that people like him. But, people don't like him because he is the savior, people liked him because he is funny, like a clown." Li Shiming explained. General Li Feng had become powerful, not only because he was powerful, but also because he had saved the entire human race.

Porten's eyes glinted as realization dawned on him. "That's one very astute remark you have made! Once a clown, always a clown. Haha!"

Li Shiming smiled. Of course, he had oversimplified Einherjar Wannabe's character, but right then, he didn't have much energy to waste on such irrelevant matters. His priority right then was to get rid of Wang Tong.

Porten had seen through Li Shiming's calm disguise, and knew that he was concerned about Wang Tong.

Was it because of Ma Xiaoru?

Porten had known Li Shiming for many years, and it was the first time he had ever seen him truly troubled by someone.

"Uncle Lee has such short temper. Can you believe that he challenged Einherjar Wannabe?" Qin Yue rushed into her mother's room and announced the news to Qin Lanyue.

Qin Lanyue was caught off guard by the news. She paused for a second and asked her daughter, "What did you say?"

"Mom, what's up with this Einherjar Wannabe? What is he hiding? Why can't he show everyone who he is? Coward!"

"Nonsense, he is not a coward."

"How did you know? You only fought him once."

Qin Lanyue smiled and patted her daughter's head. "Trying to trick me, aren't you? Although I don't know him very well, I can tell that he was as much a superhero as a villain, but not a coward."

"Wow, that's a rare compliment coming from you. Now I'm curious if he could defeat an Einherjar. Imagine two duds duking out in the space: Phew-Phew! Phew-Phew!"

"Don't be silly. There is a reason why he set the stage in the space. The virtual technology is not capable of emulating the full power of an Einherjar." Qin Lanyue announced.

"Are you sure he has reached the Einherjar level? He calls himself a wannabe, remember?"