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Chapter 403: The Phantom Cut

Chapter 403: The Phantom Cut
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The world seemed to have blurred out while Wang Tong was in the heat of the battle with Li Shiming. However strong Wang Tong could be, he wouldn't be able to unleash his full potential without the aggressive attacks of his opponent.

As everyone thought that Wang Tong had reached his full power, he continued to impress them by multiplying the power of his combat qi. Although Li Shiming's combat qi was powerful, it seemed to have quickly fallen short.

Under such pressure from Wang Tong, Li Shiming was forced to defend himself. He conceded that he had miscalculated Wang Tong's ability. Li Shiming's initial scheme was to use his combat qi to create an illusion of battle going out of control, so that it would be easier for him to deliver the murderous strike amidst the chaos. However, he didn't expect Wang Tong to be able to hold his ground firmly.

Lie Jian's face had become taut. He was taken aback by Wang Tong's display of power. Lie Jian conceded that the only person he knew who was as powerful as Wang Tong was his Einherjar father.

The MC Zhang Zhongren became quiet, since he simply couldn't comprehend what was going on.

Zhang Zhongren and Rockefeller cast a knowing glance at each other; not every audience knew that the two fighters had already reached the Einherjar Level as they did.

Although not every Einherjar had a powerful combat qi, the fact that both of them possessed such ability was a true sign of their promising future.

Were they destined to become Einherjars?

The importance of this game was palpable, since the two fighters' performance seemed to suggest that the earthlings were about to gain two more Einherjars, a development that would have far-reaching political influences.

Both Zhang Zhongren and Rockefeller knew that it was two entirely different stories to the world between a promising young warrior and a potential Einherjar.

Meanwhile on the moon, more than a few lightnings streaked across the sky. To a pair of trained eyes, those were not lightning, but energy flows of Einherjars that were echoing the presence of a new member. Some of those Einherjars who responded to Wang Tong's power were entirely unknown to the world.

Some audiences such as a couple of council members had already started to ponder over the implication of the appearance of another powerful fighter on the earth in addition to Li Shiming. Meanwhile, most audiences were only interested in the progress of the match. Li Shiming had lost the edge over his opponent and was forced to be on the defensive side.

The match started to take on a sinister undertone as soon as both fighters started using the combat qi.

Both warriors started attacking at the same time, as two explosions erupted on the ground under their feet. The Vayu wheezed in the air with a brilliant blade aura around it, while Wang Tong's layered fist of Tong hurled towards Li Shiming with the might of a god. Wang Tong wished to dedicate this match to his teacher Mr. Wannabe by defeating his opponent with the Layered Fist of Tong, which he had learned from the old ghost.

"Kom, Kom!"

Every impact of the fist and blade sent a shockwave throughout the arena. It was still quite obvious that Li Shiming had an edge regarding speed. Ever since the start of this round of attacks, both warriors gave all they had, and did not allow their opponent any time of respite. So careful and well planned were their executions that neither of them was able to spot a weakness in the other's moves.

Although Wang Tong's attacks and defense seemed to be improvised on the spot, they were practical and to the point. However powerful were Li Shiming's attacks, Wang Tong was always able to counter them with ease.



As Vayu cut through Wang Tong's shoulder, Li Shiming was dealt another blow on his chest.

Both fighters suddenly took a few steps back at the same time. They both had wished to overcome the opponent with their combat qi. However, neither of them had succeeded. After the training in the crystal space under Mr. Wannabe, Wang Tong had become practically immune to the combat qi attacks. On the other hand, Li Shiming's father Li Zhedao had also taught his son to defend against the combat qi, although the Einherjar's training method was extremely gruesome. Despite the fact that Li Zhedao had gained the title of Einherjar, he watched as the reputation of House Li tattered right in front of his own eyes. The sense of urgency and Li Zhedao's complete lack of care for his children resulted in the most inhuman training routines that borderlined on child abuse. However, not only had Li Shiming made it through the training, but he also did it with a smile on his face. So reserved was Li Shiming with regards to his feelings that he kept a nonchalant smile on his face even when his body was struggling to keep up with Wang Tong. Such reservedness, shrewdness, and patience were what his father most needed, but also lacked.

Li Shiming pointed the Vayu towards the ground as he was ready to unleash the ultimate coup de grace of the Tactics of Vayu. Sometimes, the deadliest attack was the quietest.

"Super Speed!"

Li Shiming's movement was so swift that Wang Tong knew that he could no longer rely on his eyes, not even his sixth sense. He could only rely on his instinct.


The cold blade pierced into Wang Tong's shoulder and almost severed his collarbone. Wang Tong knew that any more slip-up might mean only one thing: death.

Spurred by his anger, Li Shiming attacked again. He flashed forward, and before he reappeared, Vayu showed itself first.

Although the attack was deadly, Li Shiming didn't make any sound while executing the move.

"Vayu's attack: Phantom Cut!"

This was a renowned technique used by Li Feng three hundred years ago. As many Zergs died under this move as there were stars in the galaxy.

The uniqueness of this attack was its stealthiness, since it would not give off any hint of aggressiveness or sound. While coupled with Li Shiming's lightning movement, the stealthy attack would make the perfect concoction of death.

Even with his razor-sharp awareness, Wang Tong didn't sense the incoming attack until it was only a few inches away. Wang Tong conceded that this attack was even more stealthy than the Stealth Zerg.

Li Shiming's first attack struck home, and he quickly connected it with two more attacks. Without any flashy moments or techniques, Li Shiming was able to land blows on his opponent continuously.

By then, Li Shiming's murderous intent was laid bare in front of Wang Tong. The three blows he had received were aimed at his vital organs. Luckily, Wang Tong was able to evade the attack just in time. Otherwise, the battle would have already ended with his bleeding corpse on the stage.

While staring in Li Shiming's shiny eyes, Wang Tong knew that he had been making a performance for the audiences to cover up his real plan. Li Shiming had purposely appeared to be weaker while waiting for the perfect moment to do away with Wang Tong under the disguise of self-defense, and it worked.

By then, Wang Tong's soul energy and GN force had become so powerful that it started to resonate with a few veteran generals' seas of consciousness. No one would question Li Shiming even if he cranked up his soul energy to the point that it became dangerous.

No one would know that Li Shiming had orchestrated every turn of the event that led to the death of his opponent.

Li Shiming started the Phantom Cut as he disappeared into thin air again.


Rarely any move worked the second time while used against Wang Tong, but the Phantom Cut did. The blade stuck home again, and it was another close call for Wang Tong.

"Does he want to kill Wang Tong?" Zhang Jin shook her head and asked.