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Chapter 404: Two R*scals!

Chapter 404: Two R*scals!
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Patroclus shook his head and replied, "That is not the case, Jin. It is not Wang Tong's life Li Shiming wants, he only wants to prove his point that the Blade Warrior should have chosen him instead of Wang Tong."

If this message didn't get across, even if Li Shiming got rid of Wang Tong, there would be a second Wang Tong. With the slightest hint of hope, Li Shiming wished that all this was part of a test that the Blade Warrior had set up for him.

At this point, anything was possible, and Li Shiming was convinced that he had made the right choice.

Zhang Jin cast a glance at Patroclus, and immediately knew that Patroclus was right. Nevertheless, it surprised her that Patroclus would have known Li Shiming so well. Perhaps, she thought, the two were not that different after all.

On the stage, Wang Tong had already received the sixth blow. Although he had prevented the blows to land on his vital points, the strikes had injured him. The match seemed to be about to come to an end. Even after a long fight, Li Shiming's movements were still fluid and smooth like liquid silver. Although Wang Tong had defeated Michaux, he was pinned under Li Shiming's thumb and could not fight back.

Thus it was, the power that had to build three centuries of glory for the House Li.

Li Shiming gathered his strength and used the Phantom Cut on his opponent again. However, as the tip of the sharp blade glided through the air, it missed its target by a margin.

Wang Tong's evasion worked this time, and seizing the opportunity, he finally unleashed the Layered Fist of Tong. The sudden development had caught Li Shiming off guard, but his incredible speed had saved the day again as Li Shiming flashed out of harm's way.

The close distance finally gave Wang Tong an opportunity to study Li Shiming's move up close. It only took half a millisecond for Wang Tong to see through Li Shiming's tricks. A smile slowly crept onto Wang Tong's lips as he lamented the price he had paid for such an obvious solution.

Li Shiming didn't pause after he retreated. Instead, he followed with more Phantom Cuts. So persistent was the phantom cut technique that even Lie Jian had become its victim during the last tournament.

Having gained a number on Li Shiming's ability, Wang Tong had predicted the precise landing spot of Vayu. Before Li Shiming got close, Wang Tong yanked his fist and hurled it at Li Shiming. Li Shiming was thrown off balance by the sudden counter-attack and struggled to gather himself and retreat.

Wang Tong didn't chase after Li Shiming. Instead, he patched himself up with bandages and announced, "Interesting and marvelous! But, did you know that a real phantom was not only quiet, but also has no heartbeat either?"

Li Shiming's incredible speed and the stealthy ability of the Phantom Cut was a double whammy for making the moments undetectable. However, as long as Li Shiming's heart kept on beating, it sent a loud and clear signal to Wang Tong about his whereabouts, like a brilliant beacon on a starless night. However potent was the techniques of House Li, Wang Tong had out-witted it with his street-smartness and common sense.

Both Patroclus and Lie Jian were pleasantly surprised by Wang Tong's anti-stealth method. However, they conceded that it would be difficult for them to execute such a method while in the heat of the battle.

Wang Tong's unconventional technique amused even Li Shiming. He smiled broadly as if he were enjoying the development much more than Wang Tong.

Wang Tong felt a chill at the sight of Li Shiming's smile. It irked him that he could never know what the heir of House Li was thinking through his thick mask.

"Looks like Wang Tong has found the counter for Li Shiming's Phantom Cut! That was incredible!"

"The heartbeat? Is it as simple as it sounds?"

Rockefeller nodded, "What a pity that this moment of epiphany came a bit too late. With his injuries, the remaining fight won't be any easier. "

"My lady, Wang Tong is about to lose the battle. Are you sure he is The One?" If Princess Heidi were right about the identity of the new Blade Warrior, Wang Tong should have already defeated Li Shiming by now.

"Let's see," Heidi answered. She was not only impressed by Wang Tong's ability to pick up new abilities but also how well those new abilities blended in with his existing moves. Seeing Wang Tong countering Li Shiming's attack, Heidi had become more certain of the relationship between the earthling and the Blade Warrior.

Li Shiming flashed out of the view. Was he going to use the Phantom Cut again?

Wang Tong struck back with the Layered Fist of Tong, However, instead of using the stealth attack, Li Shiming had used a direct frontal attack with Vayu.


Blood splattered again amidst the din of the attacks as Wang Tong was struck and forced back.

"You won't defeat me. Tell me, why do you never use a weapon?"

Although Wang Tong's fist was as powerful as any weapon, it was no match for the legendary blade of Vayu. Therefore, Li Shiming had a huge advantage over Wang Tong by using the blade.

"Do you mean that I am not your worthy opponent if I can't find a way to counter your weapon Vayu?" Wang Tong licked the blood off his fist and asked. He could tell that Vayu was much more powerful than Li Ruoer's Rosy. The difference could come from the power of the wielders, but Wang Tong was not sure of the exact cause of such gap.

Li Shiming nodded.

In a real battle, a good weapon was as important as a solid METAL.

Many people seemed to have forgotten that the blade in Li Shiming's hand was the legendary weapon used by General Li Feng.

"Did you know this all along?" Zhang Jin asked Patroclus.

"Haha. Only the Deva Lance can counter the power of Vayu." Patroclus knew that a superior weapon was the only sure way of gaining a definite edge over an opponent whose power was at par with his. Among all the weapons in the world, only the Deva Lance possessed the same power as Vayu.

In other words, since Li Shiming had a decisive advantage over his opponent due to his superior weapon, his victory was guaranteed. Li Shiming didn't want to achieve victory solely relying on the hardware advantage, as he had tried many times to subdue Wang Tong using his swordplay techniques alone. By then, Li Shiming conceded that he should just finish up the match using whatever method necessary.

Vayu bore down on Wang Tong with the intention to end the match there and then. The execution was direct and simple.

"Clank! Kom!"

As a violent shock wave swept across the arena, a golden lance appeared in Wang Tong's hand, and it blocked the path of Vayu.

Wang Tong growled as his charged GN force into the golden lance. As if hit by a car, Li Shiming was blown back a dozen feet. Wang Tong twirled the lance in one hand before he rested it against his shoulder.

It had been a while since last time Wang Tong had to use the weaponized Charcoal. The very last time was while Wang Tong was fighting for his life the crystal space against Mr. Wannabe.

"...What? What kind of a weapon is that? Is stopped Vayu!"

"I have never heard of it before. It must be a new invention."

Even as the two event interpreters marveled at the power of the golden lance, the battle changed tides on the stage again. Vayu shone with an intense blue light while the lance matched it with a brilliant golden hue. Suddenly, another silvery white light shot up from the audience; it came from the Deva Lance!

"Is that what resonance is?"

"I thought that was made-up!"

"We have the Vayu and Deva, but what is the other weapon called?"

"This is incredible! Who exactly is Wang Tong?"

A swell of murmurs rose from the audiences as the development piqued everyone's interest.

Li Shiming fixated his eyes on the golden lance and asked, :"Does it have a name?"

Wang Tong's knee-jerk reaction was to shout out "Charcoal". However, after a second thought, Wang Tong announced, "Einherjar."

"Lance of Einherjar." Li Shiming repeated its name in his mouth and tried searching for any clue in his memory. After a while of fruitless searching, he said, "You think you can defeat me with that stick?"

Wang Tong's wounds had already stopped bleeding. Such injuries are only a little bit worse than scratches for Wang Tong. "Well, I have to try. And, don't call it a stick… It's a lance." With the Lance of Einherjar in his hand, Wang Tong seemed to have gained more confidence and determination.

"R*scals! They both had been holding back their power from us!" Hu Yangxuan lamented as he shook his head.

"I don't blame them. My brother said Patroclus could counter any move as long as he had seen it once." Li Ruoer commented coldly.