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Chapter 414: Seven Days

Chapter 414: Seven Days
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As people reflected on what Wang Tong had achieved, the news gained more credence. Only the power of a Blade Warrior could transform a no account into a legend.

The impact of this turn of events was immeasurable. The influence of the blade warrior could still be felt three hundred years after his departure. Three hundred years later, as everyone thought that the era of the Blade Warrior had come to an end, his heir promptly showed up to prove it otherwise.

The dramatic development had to pull the rug out from under everyone. However, after people gathered themselves and started to piece evidence together, the entire affair became more convincing.

The announcement was made by Patroclus, the only possible heir of Rilangalos; it had to be true.

Just as it was prophesied, "Three hundred years later, in the Sky Arena, history will repeat itself once again..."

"Perhaps you were still lamenting the fact that you had missed the epic battle three hundred years ago and were unable to witness the creation of legends. There would be another opportunity for you to relive history in seven days! Are you ready?"

Wakana was soon laid off due to his mishandling of the recent case, and the new committee chair was a fast learner, as he brought himself up to speed with the public's opinion.

Ever since Patroclus's announcement, the ticket price for the final match had risen ten folds, that is if one were lucky enough to get hold of a seller on the black market.

The chance to witness a battle on such an epic scale was something that money could not buy.

This final match had been considered the one that would make an Einherjar out of Patroclus. But, ever since the revelation of Wang Tong's identity, the atmosphere about the match had changed considerably.

Wang Tong had achieved greatness against all odds, but the outcome of the final match largely rested on the degree of his recovery, which was yet to be determined.

To fulfill the destiny of the match and that of both combatants, no imperfection should be tolerated during the match; both fighters had to be in their prime condition.

Patroclus's proposal was approved without much discussion as no one on the committee dare spoke out against the plan. This made the new committee chair's job much easier, and he lamented his predecessor's stubbornness that eventually ruined his career.

With his attitude straightened, the new chair conceded that the committee was at the servitude of the combatant, and not the other way around. He needed to be as accommodating as possible to contestants' requests.

Enthusiastic fans and journalists surrounded Wang Tong's room on the first floor. A row of security guards blocked off the entrance, but that did little to deter the fans.

Inside the room, Wang Tong was chatting with his friends.

"I can't believe that Patroclus just spilled the beans! " Wang Tong lamented.

"So… It is all true?" Apache narrowed his eyes and asked.

"Kind of... I am not related to Li Feng; our only connection was the fact that I cultivate the Tactics of the Blade." Wang Tong shrugged.

"That's it?" Karl was astonished.

"That's it."

"What about saving the world? Or.. or... destroying a planet... Or...or..secret coup de grace?" Karl asked.

"Of course not! I don't even know if Li Feng is still alive. Do you think I would still be in the hospital if I knew any secret coup de grace?"

By then, Wang Tong's friends had gathered enough information to tell that Wang Tong had come across the power of the Blade Warrior by accident. And that, everyone realized, would make him just about half as qualified as the real heir of the Blade Warrior. In other words, Wang Tong's achievements were mostly self-made.

"Haha! The real heir or not, the news is going to make the S club even more popular." Zhou Sisi announced as she beamed from side to side. She knew there was something special about Wang Tong, so the news wasn't entirely uncalled for.

As Wang Tong cast a larger shadow on the world, people's perception of his power seemed to have grown in proportion. It made people wonder that if the power of the great houses were really as "great" as they perceived through the shadowy veil of fame.

The announcement had lit up the enthusiasm of Martians and Earthlings. In some way, the Martians were more connected with the Blade Warrior than anyone else, as the legendary warrior had spent most of his life fighting Zergs on Mars. To that end, most Martians supported Wang Tong wholeheartedly.

Lie Jian watched the news with a helpless smile, then asked Michaux, "Did you know of this all the while?"

Michaux smiled back and said, "I don't care about names and titles. But yes, I had my doubts."

"Well, lucky you! You have found a model to follow. Didn't the Blade Warrior ascend to godhood as a mortal?" Lie Jian jested.

Michaux stood up and looked out of the window into the bustling world of living colors and noises. "There will be an end to materialistic development, but human's ambition is boundless. To find the divine path is the only way for eternal peace. Wang Tong made me see the light at the end of the tunnel. You too can learn a great deal from him… Join me."

"Dream on! I can reach the Einherjar level sooner than later. Plus, I had just passed the test of the Phoenix. I am not worried about hitting a brick wall anytime soon. " Despite his defeat, Lie Jian was very proud of his advancement in cultivation, and rightfully so.

"You might have been right three weeks ago. But now, we have to follow Wang Tong's footsteps. It's not a power he inherited from the Blade Warrior… It was the secret formula to achieve immortality, of which, we are also part of the ingredients. Haven't you heard of the Super-Einherjar?"

"What nonsense!"

"You don't have to believe me, but it is our Master's own words."

"Really? Hmm... That explains it! I was wondering why Patroclus cared so much about that earthling boy. Anyways, all for the better. I was worried that I would lose the goal in my life after I have achieved the Einherjar level."

Michaux shook his head, "I don't think Patroclus needs Wang Tong to become a Super Einherjar. The first Super Einherjar in history was Rilangalos, so he must have written something down in the Tactics of the Deva King."

"I HATE that Ivantian dip-sh*t! Luckily, he is not that into political power." Lie Jian grunted.

Michaux smiled and said, "Are we talking about the same Patroclus? Heir of Rilangalos who wanted to rule the world?"

"You mean...he was pretending his disinterest?" Lie Jian gasped.

"No. But being someone that powerful, he ought to get bored very easily. Don't worry, you will always have my full support." As the young master of the Divine Master Sect, helping House Lie was Michaux's irrefutable responsibility.