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Chapter 415: The Young Master

Chapter 415: The Young Master
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Despite Wang Tong's now-revealed identity, no one around him felt that he had changed in any way. If anything, his friends felt immensely proud of him.

Cao Yi and Zhou Sisi were bombarded by the new applications for the S club. Even before the Ivantian prince's surprising announcement, Wang Tong had already been the biggest draw of the S club. After the announcement, the S club was forced to remove the registration cap and allow anyone to apply for membership. In addition to applicants from the Earth, Mars, and Moon, Zhou Sisi also noticed a dramatic increase of applications from Andromeda Galaxy. Owning a membership of the S club become a must-have for all elite students. The badge of the S club would draw others' envious look on any campus. This had brought a sense of honor and pride into the hearts of the founding members of the S club. They believed that this was only a start, as the club had the potential to grow even more influential.

Cao Yi was born to be a manager thanks to his meticulousness and attention to details. Zhou Sisi, on the other hand, was busy collecting information from all the club members and trying to estimate the current influence of the S club.

From the very start, Zhou Sisi was well aware of two things: first, Wang Tong was not an ordinary student, and he was capable of achieving greatness; second, Wang Tong's heart would never belong to her. Zhou Sisi thought so many times that she had made up her mind to remove herself from Wang Tong's life entirely for her own sake, but couldn't bring herself to put her thoughts into actions. Her obsession with Wang Tong started off as an addiction, and by then, it had become a necessity like oxygen.

Everyone knew that Wang Tong would be busy preparing for the upcoming battle, so they didn't want to stay for too long. However, before they were about to leave the room, four more people walked in without a knock; no one knew how they had passed the security.

They were the four inner court disciples from the Templar's court, and they made their intentions clear right away: they wanted to meet the self-proclaimed heir of Blade Warrior.

Blade Warrior was worshiped as a god at the Templar's court, and calling oneself his heir was outright blasphemous to these four devoted young Templars.

As the four closed in onto Wang Tong, Apache stepped out and blocked their way. Wang Tong was still injured, but he was never vulnerable while being surrounded by his friends.

Zhang Buyu didn't slow down. He walked pass Apache, almost rubbing his shoulder until he was right in front of Wang Tong. The air inside the room was stall and awkward.

Suddenly, the four young Templars saluted to Wang Tong with utmost respect as they announced in unison, "Greetings, YOUNG MASTER!"

The people in the room was caught off guard by the sudden turn of events. Something told them that there was more than what met the eyes about Wang Tong's power.

"No...no,no,no. You must have mistaken. I am NOT your young master. I'm not related to the Blade Warrior at all!"

Wang Tong's reaction slightly amused Zhang Buyu, "We are aware of who you are. Look, this is a letter to us from our grand master." Zhang Buyu turned on the Skynet and retrieved a letter.

"Who is your grandmaster? I don't know him!"

"The Templars are sworn to uphold the values of the Blade Warrior, to safeguard the humanity. Since you are the heir of the Blade Warrior, you are our next grand master." Wu Gang said with a serious face.

Wang Tong looked at the letter which read, "Hey little shit, get rid of that 'Papa-rose' or whatever the f*ck you call him, and come see me at the Hall of Valhalla!"

Wang Tong's face turned pale… It was Old Fart's writing!

"This...this A*SHOLE is your grandmaster?" Wang Tong shouted in disbelief.

Zhang Buyu was taken back by the disrespectful way Wang Tong addressed the grandmaster. But, the matter was away above his rank, so he kept his mouth shut and head low. As a matter of fact, Zhang Buyu had only received the letter a couple of days ago, and he didn't know that the grand master even existed before he suddenly appeared two years ago.

"Well, all I know is that this letter is from the grand master himself and, I assume that you and the grand master know each other already." Ye Kai asked curiously. The tone of the young Templar's voices suggested that they had already come to terms with the fact that Wang Tong was their new young master.

"Hell yeah! Yes, of course, I know him. He is the reason why I was in so much sh*t. Do you know how much money he owes me? A LOT! You tell him that he better have the cash ready. Otherwise, I will tear Valhalla apart!"

Wang tong jumped out of his seat as fire burst out of his mouth.

The four Templar looked at each other and did not know what to make of the idea that their young master was planning to turn down Valhalla. If it came to that point, they figured, there was nothing they could do to prevent that.

Being Wang Tong's most intimate friend, Ma Xiaoru knew Wang Tong's joy, although it might have come out the wrong way.

"Please don't mind him. Wang Tong and your grand master know each other almost too well."

"Whatever you say, young master. We will follow your order." The four Templars bowed to Wang Tong with a measure of respect. The Templars were as brainwashed as the lunatics in the Divine Master sect.

"Ok, ok...But I need to finish my fight with Patroclus first. Can we talk later?"

"Yes, master!" The four answered together and filed out of the room.

After everyone had left Wang Tong's room, he cast a helpless glance at Ma Xiaoru and lamented, "What the heck just happened?" A mixture of happiness and anger roiled inside him. He wondered if Old Fart knew how difficult he had made his life by leaving him alone.

Ma Xiaoru hugged Wang Tong from behind, pressing her chest against his iron back, "I understand how you feel. Nothing can compare to the feeling of being reconnected with family."

Wang Tong enjoyed Ma Xiaoru's fragrant embrace and took a deep sigh. Deep down, he never blamed Old Fart.

"Maybe, he left you alone as a test. Look at you now." Ma Xiaoru said as a sense of pride rose inside her.

"Thank you, babe. I would never have thought that he was the grand master of the Templars! He was greedy, greasy, and ... stupid!"

"Well, not everyone has to be like you. Plus, he had looked after you for so many years, and that was not a minor achievement either."

"Please, it had always been the other way around. He still owes me lots of money."

"Fine, fine, let's talk about something else." Ma Xiaoru said, and then kissed Wang Tong's forehead.

"What do you want to talk about?" Wang Tong asked and shifted his gaze to Ma Xiaoru's bosom.

"Whatever you want." Ma Xiaoru blushed as she had noticed Wang Tong's stare.

Inside a meeting room of house Ma, Ma Dutian was talking to an old gentleman.

"Grandmaster, I bet you had waited long enough for this moment."

"It was nothing. I need to thank you for your protection of the child."

"Haha, he is going to be my son in law. Of course, I need to look after him. On another note, what brings you here today?"