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Chapter 416: The Invitation From a Princess

Chapter 416: The Invitation From a Princess
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The grand master's face suddenly became serious, "Whatever I am about to tell you, keep it between you and me."

Ma Dutian nodded. There was no need to explain the significance of what the grand master was about to reveal.

Inside the meeting room, Ma Dutian was driven deeper and deeper into terror as Old Fart explained the series of events that led to this point, After a while, he finally gathered himself and heaved a sigh. "So, it is like this, and there is no other way?"

"No. We can only play by ear. If the human race were wiped out from existence, we could only accept it as our fate."

"We can only hope for the best. Wang Tong is growing fast...but not fast enough."

"Don't bring up that dimwit again. I had almost given up on him, and that was why I arranged for him to go to Norton. But, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise after all."

"I have a plan that might be able to alleviate some of the damage."

"Do tell!"


After Ma Dutian had explained his plan, the grand master's eyes lit up with hope, "That sounds like a plan to me!"

"However, there is still a key piece missing in the technology."

"Haha! If it all came down to Wang Tong and the Hall of Valhalla, I wager that the Blade Warrior has already intervened."

"I hope so too."

The crowd gathered outside Wang Tong's room every day, but thanks to his four "disciples," none of the fans were able to enter the room. Wang Tong's visitors ranged from ordinary citizens to renowned politicians and even royalties.

As Princess Heidi nodded at Zhang Buyu, the young Templar blushed and stepped aside to make way for the Kaedeian princess.

Ever since the beginning of the tournament, Heidi had believed that Wang Tong was the chosen one. However, her pragmatic mind insisted on playing the devil's advocate until the Ivantian Prince's startling announcement.

"Brother Wang, sorry for visiting you without notice," Heidi said courteously and bowed slightly.

"Please help yourself to a seat and take your TIME." Ma Xiaoru plastered a smile on her face and emphasized the last word with a stern glare at Wang Tong, who was still slouching on his bed.

"Thank you, Miss Ma."

"What brings you here today? I have already told everyone that I am not related to the Blade Warrior at all. I don't even know if he is still alive. I just...know nothing." Wang Tong hurried to finish his sentence.

A giggle escaped Heidi's mouth; Wang Tong did not quite fit the character of the heir of the Blade Warrior.

"Brother Wang, I come here to ask you for a favor. We didn't come to the tournament for the title of the champion. Instead, we are here to seek the savior that was promised by the prophecy. I want you to come with me to Mars after the tournament is over. Your visit is of utter importance to the survival of our race." Heidi pleaded.

The mere mentioning of "savior" scared Wang Tong. There was no war nor genocide, so what was there to save, and HOW?

Li Feng had practically left nothing for Wang Tong except for the tactics of the Blade. Wang Tong found it hard pressed to think that he, or anyone, could save the world by himself.

"Um... I will probably need to stay in the hospital for a while after the final match, and I will need to go to the hall of Valhalla. I'm not sure when..."

"It's not urgent. We will be waiting for your visit to Mars."

Wang Tong watched Heidi's pitiful eyes and found it hard to refuse the princess's request. It occurred to him that he might have to wait a long time before he could live a quiet life with Ma Xiaoru in the middle of nowhere.

"No worries. As soon as Wang Tong finishes the urgent matters on the earth, he will visit Mars." Ma Xiaoru announced.

Heidi hurried to bow to the couple for their goodwill and left without saying a word. After she had disappeared in the street, Wang Tong turned toward Ma Xiaoru and said, "They are going to get your husband killed!" The word 'husband' came out so naturally that Wang Tong didn't even notice it.

Ma Xiaoru blushed but didn't rebut. "How could you refuse a princess's request?"

"A princess in a kingdom of women... Aren't you afraid that I would decide to stay there forever?"

"I won't let you go if I were."

Ma Xiaoru's healthy upbringing had taught her the importance of trust between couples, especially on the part of the woman. Like the sun and moon, one shoe as the other would wait; such it was the nature of man and woman in a marriage.

"Fine, fine. I will go. But I am not interested in becoming a savior at all! All I want to be is a good husband. I want you to come to the Templar's court with me. I want you to meet Old Fart."

"Can... can I?"

"Of course, you can! If the Old Fart dare says otherwise, I will make him puke up all the money he owes me!"

Meanwhile, the atmosphere inside House Li had never been more embarrassing and humiliating. Their connection with the Blade Warrior had always been the primary source of power, and the sudden development not only stripped them of their power, but also perplexed them. "Why didn't Li Feng choose one of his family members as his heir?"

Li Shiming had sustained much worse wounds than Wang Tong, and therefore, he was still bed-bound. Li Ruoer had been worried for her brother, unsure of how he was going to take the news. However, seeing her brother's calm and thoughtful face, she knew that her brother would eventually weather the sudden blow.

Patroclus's announcement also made Li Ruoer's mind race. If the Blade Warrior chose Wang Tong, it meant that he was one way or another related to House Li.

"Sister, what did our father say about it?"

"I didn't ask. Furious, I guess."

"You should talk to him and tell him not to butt heads against the Templar right now. Not only are the Templars behind Wang Tong, but also House Ma, who had been conspiring for a long time. We should be patient and wait for their strength to wane."

"What would you do?" Xi Ruoer asked.

"Sigh...No wonder Wang Tong would defeat you. I noticed that the tactics of the Blade would easily neutralize the power of the Enchantress. I want you to stay out of this from now on. I will wait, let him feast on his fame and success, and we will strike when he is belly-full and cannot move." Li Shiming said calmly.

"That's a good plan." Li Ruoer said thoughtfully. The biggest enemy of a hero was not any monster, but complacency.

"Who do you think will be the champion?" Li Ruoer asked. Out of all the combatants, Li Shiming was the most qualified to comment on the outlook of the final match. Not only was he the assumed enemy of Patroclus, but he had also fought Wang Tong at first hand.

"The Wang Tong I knew is no match against Patroclus. However, if he can unleash the final lance-strike again, I doubt Patroclus will be able to stop him. It would be a draw at best." Li Shiming was still not in favor of Wang Tong.

"But... he is the heir of the Blade Warrior!"

Li Shiming cast a searing glance at his sister and said, "Since when did you start to believe in fame? That was just a title."

Li Ruoer nodded.

"That will be it for now. Don't disturb me if you don't have anything important to say. I need to reflect and think quietly." Li Shiming said as he closes his eyes. His journey was far from reaching the end; instead, it had just begun.