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Chapter 417: The Final Battle

Chapter 417: The Final Battle
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Li Shiming knew that the journey ahead of him would not be easy. However, good things never came for free, he had to work for it.

Even as Li Ruoer walked out of the hospital, her mind was seized by one question, "Could Wang Tong be able to repeat the final lance-attack?"

Although her brother was confident that Wang Tong's final strike was no more than a fluke, Li Ruoer knew that once unleashed, such moves would become muscle memory, and it would be difficult to forget even if Wang Tong wanted to. The Enchantress's instinct told Li Ruoer that the effect of Wang Tong's final strike on his cultivation, like that of Lie Jian's Phoenix's Test, was more profound than her brother had anticipated. However, knowing her brother's plan, Li Ruoer reckoned that Wang Tong was about to face his biggest challenge yet: his own contentment.

Seven days, 604,800 seconds, and Wang Tong could not waste even half a second. With Ma Xiaoru's help in the bed, Wang Tong's soul energy had been recovering quickly. When he was not in bed with Ma Xiaoru, he was training with Mr. Wannabe inside the Crystal Space.

Wang Tong knew that the odds were stacked against him, but he had already gotten used to it. Be it on Norton or in the Crystal Space fighting against Zachery, Wang Tong had always been teetering on the thin strip of ice along the border of life and death. It had almost become his method of cultivation, since every time he was pushed into a corner, desperation would drive him to make another breakthrough. Therefore, despite the seemingly imminent defeat, Wang Tong focused on his cultivation to uncover his full potential using the Soul Essence.

Patroclus had locked himself up inside his room ever since he had made the announcement to the world. As everyone thought that he was about to enter the final stage of preparation in order to further his condition during the final match, Zhang Jin knew that he was just relaxing without any training. Even Zhang Jin wondered where Patroclus's confidence came from. After all, he was about to face the heir of the Blade Warrior. Just like everyone else, Zhang Jin had become curious as to who would win the final battle.

Ever since the dramatic turn of events, the tournament had become the most crucial moment in human history, and had drawn everyone's attention, including those who were previously not interested in the tournament. Based on the results of the public pools, Wang Tong was leading in terms of popularity. Although the Ivantian Prince's handsome look had helped him win many young girls' hearts, the mere mention of blade warrior was enough to trigger a landslide victory in pool results.

Time flew by, and the seven days had already passed. The Sky arena was re-opened again to the public for the epochal battle.

The organizing committee had increased the number of protective layers to sixteen. People had started to gather at the arena gate since morning, and by noon, the entire arena was already packed with tens of thousands of people. A few kilometers away from the arena at the lunar plaza, millions of people gathered together in a giant street party to watch and celebrate the event.

The camera panned to the VIP section, displaying rows of important leaders from all over the world. Among them was Einherjar Andreas Dower, Patroclus's father. Sitting right beside Einherjar Andrea was Einherjar Lie Moshan, father of Lie Jian. Neither of them seemed to be too concerned with the outcome of the match. If not for the heir of the Blade Warrior, none of the Einherjars would attend this tournament.

The combatant section was filled to the brim with defeated contestants. No one wanted to pass up the opportunity to watch such an epic event.

Li Shiming, Lie Jian, Michaux, and Heidi were sitting in the combatant section with their heads up, none of them seeming upset by their defeat. These top fighters had cultivated nerves like steel, and they knew that showing any hint of sorrow for their failure would come off as weak in the public's eyes.

Plus, some of them, such as Li Shiming and Michaux, had nothing to feel regret for, since their opponent had won the competition by only a thin margin.

Although Li Shiming and Michaux were clearly much stronger than the other two, Lie Jian and Heidi, the power one wielded was not necessarily the only measure of the quality of a warrior. When it came down to the depth of one's understanding of Martial Arts, other aspects would also be considered.

The historic moment was about to arrive, and the audiences were kept on the edge of their seats as the interpreters of the event, Mr. Zhang Zhongren and Rockefeller, entered the broadcasting room and spoke into the mic. This battle was no ordinary fight, and therefore, both interpreters acknowledged that the Ivantian Prince would not get much home advantage. Wherever the Blade Warrior went, it would always be his home stage.

As the start of the match was fast approaching, citizens of the Confederation held their breaths and waited with great anticipation. They had waited for three hundred years for this battle, and finally, they would get what they wanted.

Inside Ayrlarng, in the streets of Shangjin, inside all public spaces and pubs on the earth, people had shown up to show their support for Wang Tong, the heir of the Blade Warrior.

Outside the entrance to the Dream cafe, people already filed up in wait to get in. This virtual cafe had become the most popular destination thanks to its unique connection with Wang Tong. What was more, people had purported that they had even met the heir of House Zhang, Miss Zhang Jin in this very pub. Because of that, the fat owner had garnered a lot of respect from his customer, as well as from his workers. The owner's face beamed from side to side. If the profit kept on rolling in, he would be able to open up a second branch in a few months.

"Praise the Lucky Charm!" The words blurted out of the owner's mouth, then hurried to cover his face as he realized that his lucky charm had already been the prestigious Blade Warrior in other people's eyes.

It was not only the Dream cafe that had benefited from its connection with Wang Tong. The grocery shop that belonged to Karl's grandmother had also seen soaring in its revenue. All the customers remembered that the old lady always mumbled to them about "Karl's good friend," but little did they know back then that the "good friend" was the Blade Warrior. Thanks to this connection, people started to view Karl and his grandmother in a very different light.

Under Wang Tong and his friends' influence, students at Ayrlarng had improved themselves by leaps and bounds, and so had the reputation of the school. In just a few short days, this A class academy had already become the most sought-after school in the entire confederation.

Samantha had arrived at the Moon City to cheer for Wang Tong. Due to her extraordinary work at Ayrlarng, her application for the council member had been approved without any difficulty. However, there was no time for politics, as she was about to witness her student complete his final transformation to become the hero of mankind.

Samantha had done her investigation and thought that she had got a number on Wang Tong's opponent, Patroclus. She wagered that the Ivantian Prince would fight relentlessly, and would not give up until one of them couldn't get up from the ground. The same could be said about Wang Tong as well.

Samantha knew that there was no use in persuading the two to do otherwise, and the only thing she could do was to pray for their safety.

"Samantha, where is Tong Tong Wang?" A cute little girl asked Samantha curiously.

"Bei Bei, remember what I told you? It's Madam Councilor." The girl's mother hurried to her daughter and scolded her for the faux pas.

"Oh no, that's fine. I like to be called Samantha." Samantha said as she picked up the girl and set her on the lap. "Your Tong Tong Wang is about to enter the stage. Aren't you scared?"

"No, Bei Bei is not scared. Bei Bei's father was a soldier, and so was Uncle Big Head and uncle Tong Tong Wang. They told me to be brave. "

"Yes, you are brave, Bei Bei. We all are."