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Chapter 424: Uncrowned King

Chapter 424: Uncrowned King
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Using the Einherjar Lance as a vehicle, Wang Tong commanded an immeasurable amount of natural power. No one, other than the Einherjar, could have done that.

Wang Tong launched himself into the air while holding the golden lance to greet his attacker.


The collision caused a powerful shockwave to sweep across the stage and annihilate all layers of energy shields.

Silence eerily crept into the jam-packed arena. The stage was gone while the two fighters still stood their ground and stared into each other's souls. The difference in power was palpable as Patroclus's power dominated the last exchange of blows. Patroclus stood with his back straight while carrying the lance in one hand with a measure of confidence. On the other side, Wang Tong slouched his shoulder and half leaned on the Einherjar Lance. The damage had overloaded his defense and severely wounded him.

Everyone's heart was caught in their throats as they wondered what would happen next.

After a while, Patroclus finally took a difficult step forward to prove that no matter how powerful Wang Tong was, a level six fighter would never overcome an Einherjar.

During the last impact, Patroclus could feel that Wang Tong was able to alleviate some of the damage using the intrinsic connection between his soul essence and nature. However, his ability in doing so was very limited.

As Patroclus took his first step, Wang Tong's body seemed to have quivered slightly. He looked so beaten-up that he could barely stand upright.

The Ivantians were elated; they were about to witness the most glorious moment of the Dower family. The legend of the Blade Warrior that had started with the Dower and would eventually end with the Dower.

Patroclus took another small but heavy step; each step was a leap for the Ivantian's history.

Wang Tong was at his most vulnerable state, and all that he could do was to watch as his opponent strike him down.

Patroclus attacked again.


The attack hit home and blew away the defenseless Wang Tong.

Despite the victory, Patroclus's every single movement was a struggle. It was apparent that his injury was no less severe than Wang Tong's, but his Einherjar power had supported him until now.

Patroclus struggled to raise the bright lance again and aimed it at Wang Tong. This was his ultimatum: surrender or die.

Patroclus wished that Wang Tong would fight till death, as he didn't want the latter to cower.

The struggle inside every Earthling's hearts was beyond words. Surrender? What about the honor and dignity of the Blade Warrior? Then, should he keep fighting? Wang Tong could barely stand up, much less fight.

Everyone waited for Wang Tong's decision quietly.

A sense of forlorn resignation suddenly rose inside Ma Xiaoru. She clenched her fists and tried to clear her thoughts, but realized that her mind was already a bleak wasteland. She wished that Wang Tong would live, but she knew that her boyfriend would not give up so easily.

Having received no response from Wang Tong, Patroclus knew it was the cue for him to claim his final victory. After this attack, he would have achieved what his ancestor had failed. After this attack, he would finally become the most powerful man in the universe. As Patroclus poured more and more energy in the Deva Lance, he felt his soul was aflame; he felt the power of a god.

Watching the glaring tip of the Deva Lance, Wang Tong smiled.

Everyone gazed at Wang Tong as they screamed in their minds, 'Was the legend of the Blade Warrior about to end there and then?' Reality forced them to come to terms with the fact that Wang Tong was no more than poor soul in mortal coil.

As the world had abandoned hope, Wang Tong finally gathered enough strength to strike back for the last time. He would never give up even if death was already at his doorstep.

The Einherjar Lance was lighted up by a gush of energy from Wang Tong as it charged at the unwitting Patroclus.


Blood spilled out from Patroclus's silver jacket as he dropped the Deva Lance. Patroclus lowered his head to study the golden lance buried in his chest. Mouth gaping, Patroclus's head lolled to one side, and he collapsed to the ground.

The invincible Prince, the perfect human, the son of the god had fallen without a sound. With his fall, the hope of all Ivantians followed suit.

How was that possible?

Wang Tong was piratically defeated! He was defenseless!

Overwhelming nausea came over Wang Tong. He stumbled a few steps but was able to stand on both feet in the end. By then, Wang Tong was unconscious, but a voiced at the back of his skull called out to him, reminding him to stand still.

After a few seconds of reverential silence, a tsunami of cheers erupted.

The euphoria of every Earthling was beyond description. This victory belonged to everyone from the Earth!

The outcome of the match had taken the wind out of Rockefeller. He slumped in his chair as he was still trying to wrap his mind around what had just happened.

Had an einherjar failed to defeat a level-six warrior?

What had just happened?

The same question rang inside of every Ivantian's mind. "Why?"

They were so close to victory, yet so far.

The flame inside Andres Dower's eyes turned into cold ashes. The dream of the Dower was crushed and stomped upon by a seventeen-year-old fledgling.

The arena had turned into a sea of colors and celebration.

Karl was so ecstatic that he couldn't even speak.

"B...B...Boss! You're...are the BEST!" Karl took off his shirt and whirled it in the air.

Ma Xiaoru and Zhou Sisi embraced each other in sheer excitement. It wasn't easy for them to watch the match; every minute felt like a torture.

In stark contrast with the Earthlings, all Ivantians drooped down their heads, and many were sobbing.

The pride and confidence of all Ivantians had collapsed with Patroclus.

Never before had the Ivantians felt the presence of the Blade Warrior overshadow, if not entirely subdue their existence.

Li Shiming watched Wang Tong thoughtfully. Perhaps Wang Tong's performance had made him accept Li Feng's decision, and perhaps he had even seen some of his ancestor inside Wang Tong.

The Martians were not sure which side they should be on. After all, their combatants had all but failed.

"The Living Lance of Soul Essence!" Michaux shouted.

"What the hell is that?" Lie Jian rebutted bitterly. How much had he wished that it was him standing at the center of the stage right then?

Michaux Odin didn't spare him an explanation; he knew that the brute would not appreciate a wee-bit of what he had to say. Instead, he applauded for Wang Tong as well as Patroclus. Deep down, the young divine master knew that the real struggle between Wang Tong and Patroclus had just begun.