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Chapter 425: Two Girls One Pillow

Chapter 425: Two Girls One Pillow
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The tournament had finally closed its curtain. It was an unprecedented success, which also marked Wang Tong's coronation. Although he had defeated Patroclus, one victory was hard to convince everyone that Wang Tong was a superior fighter.

As Wang Tong carried on the Blade Warrior's banner, everyone wondered how far he could go and how strong he would become.

On the other hand, the defeat ought to have been a wake-up call for Patroclus. Would he gather himself after the defeat and seek revenge in the future?

Both of them were still very young, and their journey had just begun.

The final match had been epochal, and it would live forever inside people's hearts.

Although the Ivantians were upset that their prince had failed to claim the title of Champion, Patroclus's performance had given them some hope that he would one day bring Wang Tong down from his throne. For now, they would let the earthling warm up the cold seat for Patroclus.

Many powerful fighters, although defeated, had improved themselves during the tournament, and they were all eyeing the title of Champion for next year. But first, they would need to train harder. Although the tournament had ended, it had lit up the enthusiasm inside every fighter's heart.

The biggest winner of this year's tournament was Ayrlarng and the S club. Membership applications fell into their mailbox like snow in December.

Unlike Wang Tong, who had lots of friends, Patroclus had only one: Zhang Jin. Although he was recognized as a prodigy at a very young age, his exceptional talent had overshadowed day-to-day life. As a result, Patroclus had always been a loner, and he found it hard to blend in with other schoolmates.

On the other hand, almost everyone could relate to Wang Tong and easily become friends with him. His circle of friends grew out of control after his victory.

"Piss off!" Li Ruoer had finally broken the ladies code and cussed out loud at Lie Jian.

Lie Jian's servile smile didn't waver. "I have never seen anyone who looked so pretty even when she is mad. My hometown on the Mars is a beautiful place. Why don't you come visit me after the trip to Valhalla?"

Michaux stood a good ten feet away from Lie Jian; the latter's ingratiating smile made him want to puke.

Frustrated, Li Ruoer finally brought out her coup de grace. "I already have a boyfriend. His name is WANG TONG!"

Lie Jian knew she was bluffing, so he ran his finger through his hair like a hair shampoo model and attempted a smoldering tone, in vain, "Wang Tong is with Ma Xiaoru. Oh, I know everything, baby."

Disgusted, Li Ruoer paused for a second and then said, "Well, didn't you know that both my BFF Ma Xiaoru and I are sharing the same boyfriend? "

At the corner of Li Ruoer's eyes, she caught the unwitting Ma Xiaoru walking by. Li Ruoer rushed to grab and pulled her in front of Lie Jian. "Ask her for yourself."

Li Ruoer squeezed Ma Xiaoru's hand as a signal. Ma Xiaoru had heard many stories about the rascal standing in front of her, and therefore she decided to play along for the sake of Li Ruoer's sanity.

"Yes, we had promised each other ever since we were little to share the most powerful man in the world."

Li Ruer hugged Ma Xiaoru and then cast a searing glance at Lie Jian. "Can you fu*k off now?"

Michaux nudged Lie Jian and said, "Let's go unless you want to fight two Enchantresses."

Lie Jian shrugged, "I know I couldn't count on you. Anyways, I am no match for Wang Tong right now, but I will bring him down from his high horse one day. Don't you dare go near him before I come back for you!"

Michaux hurried to drag Lie Jian away before the martian brute could provoke the two girls any further.

Three days later...

"How are you feeling?" Zhang Jin took out the old flowers in the vase beside Patroclus's bed and replaced them with a new bouquet. She studied his face as the latter lay quietly in the bed, his face devoid of any expression, but handsome nonetheless.

Patroclus's wound had healed at an astonishing rate. After the battle, Patroclus conceded his lack of resilience and endurance. Despite the Einherjar level power, Patroclus was about as tough as a glass cannon.

"I had opened my mind ever since I was five, so it took me twelve years to reach Einherjar. He didn't open his mind until fifteen, and he still defeated me...Ha-Ha!" Patroclus beamed from side to side.

Zhang Jin smiled, "Sounds like you are taking it pretty well. I should thank him for finally letting you taste defeat."

Patroclus smiled and regarded the blooming flowers under the sun. "How is he doing?"

"Don't worry. He is more resilient than a cockroach. You should worry about yourself first. Who would have thought that a level six fighter would—"

"It caught me off guard as well… haha! Cough...cough" Patroclus rubbed his chest where he had received the blow.

"Be careful! You have not recovered yet. Once you have recovered, we will leave for Valhalla right away."

"Templar's court? I will pass." Patroclus was convinced that he would not learn much at the Templar's court.

"They specifically invited you... I think it was about Wang Tong. Maybe ..."Zhang Jin paused, but Patroclus knew what she meant.

"Ah...Alright, alright. I will visit them, I have never been to the earth before."

"Great! If you have time, I want you to visit Ayrlarng with me. I have heard many good things about that school."

"Ayrlarng..." Patroclus mauled the words as he vaguely remembered that that was the school Rilangalos had attended.

Wang Tong lied on the soft bed while Ma Xiaoru was spoon-feeding him some food.

Li Ruoer's rolled her eyes and scolded, "Why did he need you to feed him? He is already recovered! Pathetic!"

"It's ok. He is still weak."

"He is going to take advantage of you if you spoil him like this."

After Wang Tong's secret identity was revealed, Li Ruoer felt more related to Wang Tong than before. After all, he was her ancestor's successor. Although it was no longer a secret that Li Ruoer had a crush on Wang Tong, she felt it hard to be as nice to Wang Tong as Ma Xiaoru would.

"Wow, what a lucky guy! Ma Xiaoru, don't be too nice to him!" Zhou Sisi walked into the room and jested.

"That's what I told her, but she won't listen."

"Boss, there are too many applications for the S-Club. What should we do?"

"I think we should only accept members who are currently enrolled in school, eh?"