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Chapter 426: The Real Templar“s Court

Chapter 426: The Real Templar's Court
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"I see your point, and it reminded me of something that I wanted to talk to you about. As you said, our original intention in forming the S-Club was to facilitate the exchange of new ideas and not grabbing attention. Looking at our club today, it seems to be heading in a different direction.

Wang Tong nodded.

"Ah...There is someone who insisted on seeing you—"

Before Zhou Sisi could finish her sentence, Wang Tong noticed a little head poking through the threshold: it was Bei Bei.

"Haha! Bei Bei, come —come!"

Having gotten the permission to enter, Bei Bei ran into the room with a skip in her steps.

"Uncle Wang Tong, you are the BEST!"

"Cough, cough... Call me brother. I'm not that old."

Bei Bei was too young to see the humor in it, so she pulled an overwrought face and the rebutted, "Mommy told me to call you that, saying that you are about the same age as daddy."

"Ok... fine. I will be your ... uncle." Wang Tong gave in.

The three girls laughed at Wang Tong's helpless face after watching the comical interaction.

In response to the girl's snickers, Wang Tong held Bei Bei's hand and started to introduce the "aunties." "Come here Bei Bei. This is your aunt, Li Ruoer. She has a hot temper. Don't be like her when you grow up. "

Li Ruoer closed into the little girl and said with a pleasant tone: "Bei Bei, Call me sister. Do you think I am the same age as your mother?"

"Sister Li Ruoer is pretty. You are not...aunt." Bei Bei was quick to pick up the cue and wiser in choosing the side.

"Follow me Bei Bei. I will give you candies and treats, but we won't give any to that old uncle. OK?"

"YAY! I like treats!"

It suddenly occurred to Wang Tong that he still had no clue why the little girl would show up in his room, so he asked. "Bei Bei, did you come here by yourself?"

"No, mommy took me here." Bei Bei said, her mouth half full with rice pudding.

"Principle Samantha invited Bei Bei and her mother to cheer for you." Zhou Sisi explained.

"That's very nice of her. How is she doing?" Wang Tong asked.

"Very busy! She has been elected as the Earth Councilor, and she still needs to look after the school. She is such a doer. I don't think I could do those many things at once."

"That's good. She has finally reached her goal." Wang Tong exclaimed.

Wang Tong fed puddings to the little girl and tried to get as much information from her about Jansining and other comrades as possible.

The conversation brought out Wang Tong's memories of the days he had spent on Norton with his beloved comrades, and that love-defining moment when he held the dying Ma Xiaoru close to his body. He didn't notice when his eyes glazed over. The couple locked each other's eyes in a knowing and loving gaze.

"I can't stand you two!" Li Ruoer couldn't bear the couple's public affection, so she stormed out of the room.

A few minutes later, the doctor came and cleared the room. When Wang Tong was alone by himself again, a mix of nostalgia and accomplishment came over him.

There was no doubt that Patroclus was a stronger warrior than him. However, strength and power alone did not dictate the outcome of the match, where Wang Tong's will and adaptive strategy triumphed. After the tournament, Wang Tong had seen a new field where he could cultivate, and learned much more about his power than he ever would, particularly regarding his Soul Essence.

"Thank you, Mr. Wannabe. I really appreciate your help."

Mr. Wannabe and Charcoal both appeared out of the crystal. Wang Tong knew that he would not have been able to bring his opponent down without the help of his old friends.

"Balls! That Ivantian's feminine diarrhea-BS must be contagious. He made you so sentimental, gross! Have you recovered yet?" Mr. Wannabe jested.

"Don't worry. I will be fully recovered soon."

"Atta-boy! That's it! Good job, by the way."

"Haha, thanks! Have I told you that Old Fart is actually the grand master of the Templar? He is in charge. I think I should be able to free you."

"Well, what are you waiting for?"

"On another note, are you...interested in that harpist? She is quite a looker!"

"None of your business!"

A few days later, a space-liner full of young warriors headed towards Earth from the moon. Although the tournament had ended, their journey had just begun. These young warriors were excited about the promise of entering the Templar's court.

A couple of hours later, the space liner landed at the Washington Bay. Without taking a break, the group headed directly towards the Templar's Court.

Although it was not the first time for many earthling teenagers to enter the Templar's court, curiosity gripped the hearts of all of the boys and girls from other planets.

The airplane dropped the group of young fighters in a valley and disappeared behind the mountain range. Zhang Buyu and the other three inner curt disciples felt light-hearted as they had finally reached home.

"Attention everyone, you have entered the territory of the Court. Look above you… You will see the light at the mountaintop. That's the Hall of Valhalla. Feel free to look around, and I will meet you up there." Zhang Buyu announced to everyone.

"Michaux, follow me!" Lie Jian shouted out and started up the mountain. He was eager to be the first one to arrive at the top, so he used his soul energy and started flying.

It turned out that Lie Jian was not alone, as Li Shiming, Patroclus, and Wang Tong all started flying towards the top. The other fighters had to follow them on foot.

As Lie Jian approached the plateau at the top, he was blown away by the scale of the development. The Templars had practically turned the entire mountain into a city. Streets weaved into each other and skyscrapers jutted out like teeth of an ancient giant. Lie Jian had imagined the Court to be similar to a senior's complex, but the vibrant and lively scene proved him wrong. Even Wang Tong was taken it back by the ambiance.

"Hehe, who would have thought, eh?"

"Haha, this is the real Templar's court."

In a heartbeat, the four air-bound warriors had already reached the gate of the city.

"What an extravagant place!" Lie Jian shouted.

"They all seem to be top level fighters."

"Of course, even a peddle could be a level-six warrior." Li Shiming said lightly.

Wang Tong was in no mood for sightseeing. He looked left and right, searching for the culprit.

"Ah...you have finally arrived, young master." A disciple greeted Wang Tong with a deep bow.

"Yes. No need for the formality. Could you please show me the way?"

"Hey, are you going to pretend we are not here?" Lie Jian piped up.

The young disciple didn't even spare him a glance and replied, "Please help yourself."

Seeing that he was not alone in the cold-shoulder treatment as Li Shiming and Patroclus also stood quietly beside him, Lie Jian decided to let the matter rest.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong was concerned with only one task: finding Old Fart.