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The Charm of Soul Pets

Author:Fish’s Sky

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Updates:Chapter 402: Obliterating heart, Slaughtering Pool Beast

Author Synopsis: Cloud birds that soar through the blue sky; Terrorblood wolves that roam the wastelands ruthlessly. Dream beasts that dart through the moonlight forests; Ghost kings that dwell on foggy cliffs. Ocean spirit beasts that haunt the depths of the boundless oceans; thousand-eyed treants that stand unyielding on precipitous peaks. Sword Beetles, Sunset Eagles, Ancient Wood Demons, Chaotic Thunder Sprites, Cursed Demon Fox: Ice… Plants, Beasts, Elementals, Undead, this is the eccentric, variegated, beautiful, and stunning world of soul pets! Our protagonist, a soul pet trainer, had at first a young, mutated soul pet – a Moonlight Fox. In unending fights, it mutated into the stronger Evil Flamed Six-tailed Demon fox and the even higher leveled Queen Flamed Nine-tailed Firefox! Under the companionship of this soul pet, he walked on the path to become a king, catching precious and rare soul pets, and never ceasing his endeavor to becoming the very best! TL Synposis: Many islands dotted the vast oceans of this world. However, some of the islands were a lot more sinister than the rest. Those islands, known as Nightmare Islands, were true nightmares to all but the strongest and most fortunate. Children were kidnapped and thrown on these isolated islands by the Nightmare Palace, forced to sign soul pacts with evil soul pets: Nightmares. These devils slowly devoured the souls of their trainers to grow stronger. If the children did not cultivate fast enough, their souls will be devoured whole, leaving only an empty husk behind. Chu Mu, the protagonist, was an heir to the Chu Clan, but due to a plotted murder, he was thrown on the island, sentencing him to almost certain death. Dancing on the edge of life and death, he struggled to survive with a small Moonlight Fox he captured. When he finally escaped the devilish foremen on his island, he couldn’t help but let a breath out. But little does he know, the experience was only a beginning to a fated journey with his little Moonlight Fox… Associated Names Allure of the Pets Chong Mei 宠魅
《The Charm of Soul Pets》 Book 1
Chapter 1: Nightmare Island
Chapter 2: Survival Instinct
Chapter 3: Coerced into Death
Chapter 4: Looking for a New Soul Pet
Chapter 5: Bramble Demon
Chapter 6: Trapping and Capturing a Soul Pet
Chapter 7: Surpassing 9th Stage Organism
Chapter 8: Species Mutation, Moonlight Fox
Chapter 9: Soul Pact; Obtaining a Mutated Soul Pet
Chapter 10: The First Fight, Bramble Demon
Chapter 11: Growth, Stage Two Moonlight Fox
Chapter 12: Grind, Train, Improve
Chapter 13: Provocation, Duel Invitation
Chapter 14: New Ability, Ripping Claw
Chapter 15: Ten Legged Centipede
Chapter 16: Second Stage Defeating a Third Stage
Chapter 17: The Nightmare's Advent
Chapter 18: Encountering a Powerful Enemy
Chapter 19: Ripping Apart the Hundred Eyed Palm
Chapter 20: A Crisis Appears
Chapter 21: Murder, The Indifferent Fox
Chapter 22: Stage Nine Flametail
Chapter 23: The One Who Died Was Luo Chen
Chapter 24: Soul Technique, Chong Mei
Chapter 25: Pitiful Appearance, Mo Xie's Disguise
Chapter 26: Lethal Moonlight
Chapter 27: Duo Type Soul Crystal
Chapter 28: Devil Crying in the Night
Chapter 29: The Foremen's Anger
Chapter 30: Death Notice: The Decisive Battle Has Been Shifted Forward
Chapter 31: Chu Mu: The Strongest, Hidden The Most Deeply
Chapter 32: Fear Wolf, The Foremen's Ruthlessness
Chapter 33: Elimination, Death
Chapter 34: Victory: Ruthlessness When Least Expected
Chapter 35: The Last Fight
Chapter 36: If You’re Courting Death, Let Me Help You
Chapter 37: Advanced Level Battle Technique and A Moon Blade
Chapter 38: Murderer, Chu Mu
Chapter 39: Evolution: The Second Phase
Chapter 40: Training- Heading Towards a Ninetails Transformation
Chapter 41: New Battle Technique: Flaming Awn
Chapter 42: Leaving Cyan Nightmare Island
Chapter 43: Water Sprite
Chapter 44: Cyan Nightmare Main Island
Chapter 45: Not Enough Funds, Hunting Time
Chapter 46: Second Phase Soul Pet Battle
Chapter 47: Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen
Chapter 48: Killing A Stage Two Gila Monster
Chapter 49: Ten Man Free For All Battle
Chapter 50: Cao Yi’s Conspiracy
Chapter 51: Triggering A Chaotic Battle
Chapter 52: Instant Kill - Changing the Situation
Chapter 53: Striking Fox
Chapter 54: Comparable to a Commander Rank Soul Pet
Chapter 55: Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation
Chapter 56: Mark, Seal Break
Chapter 57: Fighting One Against Ten
Chapter 58: Battle Awn - Reveal of Strength
Chapter 59: Declaration of Battle, The Fire of War Burns!
Chapter 60: Slaughtering Everyone Present (1)
Chapter 61: Slaughtering Everyone Present (2)
Chapter 62: Massacring the Entire Stadium (3)
Chapter 63: White Flame, Chu Mu's Anger
Chapter 64: Devil Fire’s Flame Awn - Burning Cao Yi
Chapter 65: Unexpected Appearance, Fifth Phase White Nightmare
Chapter 66: Opportunity to Live
Chapter 67: Prison Island - One out of Three Thousand Survives
Chapter 68: The Option of Seeking Death
Chapter 69: An Unknown Creature
Chapter 70: Middle Class Warrior Rank
Chapter 71: Little Cyan Bug's Unprovoked Anger
Chapter 72: Accidentally Entering the Resting Grounds of Ice Falcons
Chapter 73: Cyan Bug Pupates
Chapter 74: Abnormal Metamorphosis, Gigantic Cocoon
Chapter 75: Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 76: Capture- A New Soul Pet
Chapter 77: Innate First-Rate Ice Type Talent
Chapter 78: Fragmented Map
Chapter 79: Dual Soul Summons
Chapter 80: The Ice Fairy's Potential
Chapter 81: Rare Blood Beast, Yang Family
Chapter 82: The Enemy Met with the Blade
Chapter 83: Fourth Phase Bloodthirsty Beast
Chapter 84: Species Mutation, Proud Mo Xie (1)
Chapter 85: Species Mutation, Proud Mo Xie (2)
Chapter 86: Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox
Chapter 87: Soul Technique - Wind Dragon Bind
Chapter 88: Stage Advance - Fifth Remembrance Spirit Soldier
Chapter 89: Following Yang Clan's Footsteps
Chapter 90: Trapped Savage Beast (1)
Chapter 91: Trapped Savage Beast (2)
Chapter 92: Stalk and Assassinate
Chapter 93: Ice Wall, Separation of Death
Chapter 94: Old Injury, Defecting Soul Pet
Chapter 95: The Escaped Multi Colored Devil Tiger
Chapter 96: Swallowing Star Wolf
Chapter 97: Wide Disparity
Chapter 98: Illusion, Fatal Attack
Chapter 99: Soul Armor
Chapter 100: Metamorphosis of the Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 101: New Soul Pet, Devil Tree Battle Soldier
Chapter 102: Elegant Figure in the Rain
Chapter 103: Killing Cao Yi(1)
Chapter 104: Killing Cao Yi(2)
Chapter 105: The Most Beautiful Thing in the Heart
Chapter 106: Three Years
Chapter 107: Monarch Rank, White Nightmare
Chapter 108: Night Thunder Dream Beast
Chapter 109: Bug Kingdom, The Innards of a God
Chapter 110: Battle of the Silk Covered Skies
Chapter 111: Dream Shatter: Nightmare Descends
Chapter 112: Molten Fury, Two Fires Merge
Chapter 113: Yang Lengcang
Chapter 114: Emerging from the Pupa, Ancient Soul Pet
《The Charm of Soul Pets》 Book 2
Chapter 1: Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 2: Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon VS Mysterious Unknown Creature
Chapter 3: Split Off Hidden Dragon Egg
Chapter 4: Treasure, Violent Blood Pupil
Chapter 5: If He’s Still Alive, This Position Might Not Be Yours
Chapter 6: Ice Air Fairy VS Blue Nightmare(1)
Chapter 7: Ice Air Fairy VS Blue Nightmare(2)
Chapter 8: Title, Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince
Chapter 9: Nightmare Palace
Chapter 10: Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen
Chapter 11: One Day, Challenging Five People
Chapter 12: Effective Killing Weapon, Cold Poison Invasion
Chapter 13: Killing People, It’s Become Normal
Chapter 14: The Fight Starts Now
Chapter 15: The Prison Island King That Lost A Soul
Chapter 16: Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox vs Blue Nightmare
Chapter 17: The White Nightmare That Devours Nightmares
Chapter 18: Bestowed a Sixth Level Soul Armor
Chapter 19: Qin Family’s Young Lady, Qin Menger
Chapter 20: Commander Rank Gale Colt
Chapter 21: Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast, Incredible Speed
Chapter 22: I, Chu Mu, Did Not Die. I, Chu Mu, Have Returned
Chapter 23: Things Are Different Now, A Powerful Chu Mu
Chapter 24: Mo Xie Looks Upon the Fight With Contempt
Chapter 25: Abnormally Strong Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 26: I’m Fine, But We May Not Be Soon
Chapter 27: Forest Gap, Forest Thing
Chapter 28: Chu Family’s Clan Pet, Mo Ye
Chapter 29: Tenaciously Fighting Mo Ye
Chapter 30: The Soul Pet With Exceptional Healing Ability (1)
Chapter 31: The Soul Pet With Exceptional Healing Ability(2)
Chapter 32: Mo Ye VS Mo Ye
Chapter 33: Abandoned Soul Pet
Chapter 34: Family Group Encountering Misfortune
Chapter 35: Raging Flame to the Rescue
Chapter 36: New Soul Pet – Mo Ye
Chapter 37: Causing the Entire Gangluo City to Shake in My Presence
Chapter 38: Territory Crisis(1)
Chapter 39: Territory Crisis(2)
Chapter 40: Dark Night High Winds, Killing Night
Chapter 41: Commotion in the Auction House
Chapter 42: Let Blood Rain
Chapter 43: Devil Tree Demon
Chapter 44: Mo Ye, A Technique that Drove Opponents Crazy
Chapter 45: Robbing and Killing Yang Mantian Father and Child (1)
Chapter 46: Robbing and Killing Yang Mantian Father and Child(2)
Chapter 47: Using the Yang Family’s Money to Auction Against the Yang Family (1)
Chapter 48: Using the Yang Family’s Money to Auction Against the Yang Family (2)
Chapter 49: Chu Family’s Overbearing Eldest Young Lady
Chapter 50: Cleansing the Chu Family’s Inner Dirt
Chapter 51: Preliminary Competition of the Recommendation
Chapter 52: It’s Only That My Life is a Bit Tenacious
Chapter 53: The Weakest, Chu Mu, Leading The Fight
Chapter 54: Instant Combined Kill!
Chapter 55: Summoning Three. All Dead
Chapter 56: A Person Is Going to Die, Not A Soul Pet (1)
Chapter 57: A Person Is Going to Die, Not A Soul Pet (2)
Chapter 58: Killing To Bring Out the Family’s Honor
Chapter 59: Yang Family’s Mysterious Contestant
Chapter 60: You Yang Family, Anyone Who Comes Up, I, Chu Mu, Will Kill
Chapter 61: Yang Family, A Great Catastrophe Is Imminent
Chapter 62: Chu Mu, King of Prison Island!
Chapter 63: Luo Region Nightmare Prince VS Prison Island King
Chapter 64: A Gorgeous Yet Intense Fight of Existence
Chapter 65: Monarch White Nightmare, Disregarding Blue Flames!
Chapter 66: Should I Laugh Or Cry? The Mo Ye’s Turn to Fight!
Chapter 67: Continuous Revival, The Undying Zhan Ye (1)
Chapter 68: Continuous Revival, The Undying Zhan Ye (2)
Chapter 69: Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil
Chapter 70: Ghost Type Seal, Blood Devil Seal
Chapter 71: Nameless Old Servant
Chapter 72: Exterminating the Yang Family (1)
Chapter 73: Exterminating the Yang Family (2)
Chapter 74: Exterminating the Yang Family (3)
Chapter 75: Advancement, Eighth Remembrance Spirit Teacher
Chapter 76: Meeting a Powerful Enemy Alone
Chapter 77: Wanting to Kill, Acting an Escape
Chapter 78: Greater Fame
Chapter 79: Ancient City on the Plains, Jia City
Chapter 80: Coincidentally Encountering Princess Jin Rou
Chapter 81: Fight Under The Heavens
Chapter 82: Jia Region Fight
Chapter 83: Exquisite Dodging, Exceptional Speed
Chapter 84: Perfect Warrior Rank VS Perfect Commander Rank
Chapter 85: Dyed In Blood, Silver Colored Fox
Chapter 86: Tail is a Fox’s Honor!
Chapter 87: Mutation, Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox
Chapter 88: Evil Pupil Scare, Mind Control!
Chapter 89: Aiming for the Strongest of the Young Generation
Chapter 90: Princess’s Late Night Visit
Chapter 91: Seizing the Princess
Chapter 92: Forbidden Territory, Breaking Free From Nightmare Palace
Chapter 83: Heavenly Flame Rite, Killing a Spirit Master
Chapter 94: The Ninth Rank Misleading World, Mysterious Forest World
Chapter 95: Dream Underworld, Reverse Killing While Escaping
Chapter 96: Trap, Demon Feast
Chapter 97: Ancient Firmament Wood, Magnificence of a Crown
Chapter 97-2: Ancient Firmament Wood, Magnificence of a Crown
Chapter 98: Marvel, Half Man Half Soul Pet
Chapter 99: Perfect Girl, Deserted Soul Pet
Chapter 100: Earth Fiend Dream Demon, Terrifying Dream Trap
Chapter 101: Demon Night Dream, Double Dream (1)
Chapter 102: Demon Night Dream, Double Dream (2)
Chapter 103: Xia Guanghan’s Soul Pet, Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon
Chapter 104: Inner Darkness, Soul Backlash
Chapter 105: Advance to Spirit Master, Becoming the White Devil!
Chapter 106: Half Devil Chu Mu VS. Xia Guanghan
Chapter 107: Destructive Power, Three Layered Heavenly Flame Rite
Chapter 108: Terrifying Galactic Demon Emperor
Chapter 109: Xia Guanghan’s Malicious Pledge
Chapter 110: Starlight Soul Pet, Noble Woman
Chapter 111: Scorching Hot Soul
Chapter 112: Untitled
Chapter 113: Cold Beauty, Noble Woman Liu Binglan
Chapter 114: Polar Ice, Sin Source Cold Pond
Chapter 115: Banding Together, Vagrant Brother and Sister
Chapter 116: Purple Robe Dream Beast, Trained After Birth
Chapter 117: Slippery Slope, First Cold Pond
Chapter 119: Sixth Rank Cold Pool, Hegemon Soul Pet
Chapter 119: Sixth Rank Cold Pool, Hegemon Soul Pet
Chapter 120: Killing People Is To Make Money Faster
Chapter 121: Luo Region Yang Family, Kill (1)
Chapter 122: Luo Region Yang Family, Kill (2)
Chapter 123: Pervert Ye Wansheng
Chapter 123: Hegemon, Centipede Tail Boulder Devil
Chapter 124: Ye Qingzi, Water Heart Healing Heart
Chapter 125: Treasure, Eighth Level Soul Crystal
Chapter 126: You Really Don’t Have An Interest In My Sister?
Chapter 127: Glazed Ice, Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 128: Chu Chen, Are You Stronger Than Chu Mu?
Chapter 129: Budding Emotions of Childhood, Chu Qian
Chapter 130: Hundred Valley, Eternal Blood Fruit
Chapter 131: I’ll Single Control, You Can Summon Whatever
Chapter 132: Ice Air Fairy’s Imposing Manner
Chapter 133: Single Control Challenging Chu Mu’s Triple Control?
Chapter 134: Chu Yue? I’ll Stomp You All The Same!
Chapter 135: Invitation To Take Part In A Competition
Chapter 136: Sealed Pet, Self-Destruction
Chapter 137: Coordinating With Ye Qingzi to Fight the Chu Family Experts
Chapter 138: Chu Mu vs Chu Yue (1)
Chapter 139: Chu Mu VS Chu Yue (2)
Chapter 140: Clear the Place and Resolve the Battle!
Chapter 141: Extravagant Gamble, Single Control vs Triple Control
Chapter 142: Insta Kill Purple Senluo
Chapter 143: Three Forms of Punishment, You Can Pick Any
Chapter 144: White Clothed Guard, Powerful Main Pet
Chapter 145: Face Strong Opponent, Princess Joins the Battle
Chapter 146: Insufferably Arrogant, The True Chu Mu
Chapter 147: Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox VS Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox
Chapter 148: Awaken White Nightmare, Devilishly Alluring Princess!
Chapter 149: White Demonic Devil Flames, Spirit Master Chu Mu
Chapter 150: Monarch vs. Monarch
Chapter 151: Mountain Top Shaking, Heavenly Flame Rite
Chapter 152: The Princess Taking Troubles To Heart
Chapter 153: Insect Calamity, Hibernating Desolation (1)
Chapter 154: Insect Calamity, Hibernating Desolation(2)
Chapter 155: The Scare of The Ninth Phase Monarch
Chapter 156: Imprisoned in the Hibernating Desolation, Transforming Into A Half Devil
Chapter 157: Ninth Rank Heavenly Flame, Thousand Insect Obliteration! (1)
Chapter 158: Ninth Rank Heavenly Flame, Thousand Bug’s Extinction! (2)
Chapter 159: Same Species Devour, Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect
Chapter 160: Soul Teacher Ye Qingzi
Chapter 161: Brave Stinging Heart
Chapter 162: Abandoned City, Lair Calamity
Chapter 163: Insect Blood, Insect Guts
Chapter 164: Enter Devil Insect Lair (1)
Chapter 165: Entering Devil Insect Lair (2)
Chapter 166: Eighth Phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect
Chapter 167: Eighth Phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect (2)
Chapter 168: Zhan Ye’s New Technique, Heavenly Splitting Claw
Chapter 169: Insect Egg, Shiny Golden Gold Coins
Chapter 170: Lost Soul Pet, Lost Ye Wansheng
Chapter 171: Zhanli Kingdom, Elemental Sect
Chapter 172: Forty Million Gold Coin Equipped Soul Pet
Chapter 173: Brave Stinging Heart, Sixth Phase Sixth Stage
Chapter 174: Swaying Mysterious Heaven Boundary Monument (1)1
Chapter 175: Swaying Mysterious Heaven Boundary Monument (2)
Chapter 176: Monument Tears1
Chapter 177: Tianxia Road
Chapter 178: Elemental Wall Design
Chapter 179: Ice Air Fairy vs. Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 180: Untitled
Chapter 181: Four Colored Porcelain Spirit
Chapter 182: Soul Capture Success
Chapter 183: Ghost King
Chapter 182: Soul Capture Success
Chapter 183: Ghost King
Chapter 184: Soul Palace Young Master
Chapter 185: Comprehend, Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 186: Colored Sky North Mountain, Heavenly Crystal Peak Monarch
Chapter 187: Mid Mountain Rock Cave
Chapter 188: Raging Flame Whirlpool, Raging Flame Fairy
Chapter 189: Ning’s Broken Ice Domain
Chapter 190: Elemental Sect’s Trap
Chapter 191: Escape, Danger
Chapter 192: Crafty Rock Guard Group
Chapter 193: Evolution, Seventh Phase Ning
Chapter 194: Cold Crushing Imprint, Seventh Rank Ice Technique
Chapter 195: The Ghost King on the Peak
Chapter 196: Mountain Peak Lone Fight
Chapter 197: 800 Crafty Rock Guards!
Chapter 198: Chaotic Fight on the Mountain Peak, Coming Across Life in Desperate Straits
Chapter 199: Mass Kill, Severe Towering Ice
Chapter 200: Sixth Phase Ninth Stage, Getting Braver As It Fights
Chapter 201: Monarch Guard, Sturdy Rock General!
Chapter 202: Midair Flesh Fight, Zhan Ye vs Ice Winged Tiger (1)
Chapter 203: Midair Flesh Fight, Zhan Ye vs Ice Winged Tiger (2)
Chapter 204: Mental Combat against Ghost King
Chapter 205: Heavenly Crystal Peak’s Master, Hegemonic Monarch
Chapter 206: Take A Risk, Gliding on Heavenly Crystal Peak
Chapter 207: Monarch’s Soul Scaring Chase
Chapter 208: Capture War, the Battle with Ghost King (1)
Chapter 209: Capture War, the Battle with Ghost King (2)
Chapter 210: The Ghost King’s Acknowledgement
Chapter 211: Absolutely Better, Monarch Rank Talent
Chapter 212: Conspirer, Yu He
Chapter 213: Unbridled Inside Soul Palace’s Great Hall
Chapter 214: Act First Talk Later
Chapter 215: The Tenth Young Master
Chapter 216: Poisoned Ye Wansheng
Chapter 217: Yu He’s Release
Chapter 217: Yu He’s Release
Chapter 218: Transcend, Yu City’s Appointed Fight
Chapter 219: Thousand Wood City, Bloodsucking Wood
Chapter 220: The Trap of Bloodsucking Wood Demon
Chapter 221: Evoked Brave Jungle
Chapter 222: Abnormal Lineage, Coronary Bloodwood Demon
Chapter 223: Devil Tree, Wood Finger Prison
Chapter 224: Mutated Bloodsuck
Chapter 225: The Strongest Absorbing, Life Force Absorbing (1)
Chapter 226: The Strongest Absorbing, Life Force Absorbing (2)
Chapter 227: Multikill, Bloody Devil Tree Battle Soldier
Chapter 228: End of the Dark Forest
Chapter 229: Marsh Corpse Hand
Chapter 230: Bell Noise Concubine
Chapter 231: Ancient Azure Devil Tree
Chapter 232: Eighth rank wood type soul crystal
Chapter 233: Whereabout of the Split Off Dragon Egg
Chapter 234: The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s Level
Chapter 235: Kingdom Capital, Li City
Chapter 236: Speed and Dodging, Li City Chase
Chapter 237: Li City’s Savage Creature
Chapter 238: Li City’s Savage Creature (2)
Chapter 239: Night City Scare
Chapter 240: Strange Demon Claw
Chapter 241: Terrifying Plot
Chapter 242: A Case With Boundless Danger
Chapter 243: Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Transformation
Chapter 244: Searching for the Savages in a Rainy Night
Chapter 245: Nightmare Tree, Fighting One Versus Ten
Chapter 246: Devil Tree, Fighting One Versus Ten
Chapter 247: Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Poison Effect
Chapter 248: Attached Pet, Hundred Mother
Chapter 249: Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 250: Exterminating Savage Creatures (1)
Chapter 251: Exterminating Savage Creatures (2)
Chapter 252: Hidden Dragon’s White Cocoon Silk
Chapter 253: The Hundred Mother’s Master
Chapter 254: Pursued by Death Through the City
Chapter 255: Gluttonous Insect Monster Group
Chapter 256: Underground Palace, Fake Masked Man
Chapter 257: The Meeting Of Many Factions
Chapter 258: Comparing Calmness? Comparing Attitude?
Chapter 259: I am Yu He, Dong Qing’s Old Wound
Chapter 260: Whoever kills Duan Xinhe gets the Dragon Egg
Chapter 261: An Arena That Belongs To Only The Big Factions
Chapter 262: Kill Yu He, Palace Lord Yu’s Favor
Chapter 263: Finding the Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 264: Beauty’s Night Words
Chapter 265: Confrontation of Schemes
Chapter 266: Fighting Yu He in the Old Hall
Chapter 267: Shockwave Kill, Nine Tail Hammer
Chapter 268: Corpse Diagram, Corpse-Like Decay
Chapter 269: Corpse Type Is Still The Same, Absorb
Chapter 270: Yu He, Dead
Chapter 271: Doubled Plot
Chapter 272: Underground World, Innards of a God (1)
Chapter 273: Underground World, Innards of a God (2)
Chapter 274: Split Off Reproduction, Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 275: A Race Against Time
Chapter 276: White Pupil Burning
Chapter 277: Half Devil vs Gluttonous Insect Monster
Chapter 278: The Cyan Hidden Dragon Awakens
Chapter 279: One of Five Summits, Xiao Ren
Chapter 280: Obliterating Heart, Killing the Gluttonous Insect Monster
Chapter 281: Collision of Power, Dragon VS Beast
Chapter 282: The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might
Chapter 283: The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might
Chapter 284: The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might
Chapter 285: The Great Battle of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might
Chapter 286: White Devil Flames In A Summit Contest
Chapter 287: Metamorphosis against a Powerful Opponent, Seventh Phase Mo Xie
Chapter 288: Eighth Rank Battle Technique, Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram
Chapter 289: Other Pupil, Devil Monarch, Chu Mu
Chapter 290: From the Nine Underworlds, the Evil Devil Monarch
Chapter 291: Descent, World Startling Devil (1)
Chapter 292: Descent, World Startling Devil (2)
Chapter 293: Arrival, The Devil That Shocked The World (3)
Chapter 294: Arrival, The Devil that Shocked the World (4)
Chapter 295: Supreme Diagram, Hidden Dragon and Half Devil
Chapter 296: Approach the Battle Tenth Phase Pseudo-Emperor
Chapter 297: The Strongest Soul Pet Formation in Li City’s History
Chapter 298 Mass Killing of Soul Pets Dimensional Devil Flame Sea
Chapter 299: Memory Steal Anger of Sealing
Chapter 300: Not a Single One Will Leave Alive
Chapter 301: The Fall of Many Experts, Shattered Heaven Strange Mark
Chapter 302: Human and Devil, Devil and Human
Chapter 303: Ice Cold, Deep Pond Removing Devil
Chapter 304: Nightmare Palace God, Half Devil
Chapter 305: Battle of the Realm, Emperor Soul Pet
Chapter 306: Startled and Frightened Xia Guanghan
Chapter 307: Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail
Chapter 308: Burn One’s Boat, Entering the Valley
Chapter 309: Narrow Hidden Blade Path, Savage Bugs Everywhere (1)
Chapter 310: Narrow Hidden Blade Path, Savage Bugs Everywhere (2)
Chapter 311: Break Through the Tunnel Alone
Chapter 312: The First to Arrive, Glamorous Smokescreen
Chapter 313: A Woman’s Favorite, Butterfly Species Monarch
Chapter 314: You Didn’t Treat Me Well Enough, Nightmare Palace
Chapter 315: Hundred Million, Nine Tail Inferno Fox Heart
Chapter 316: A Competition Without Age Restriction
Chapter 317: Young Man vs Middle Aged Man
Chapter 318: Chu Chen, What Person Is He?
Chapter 319: Opponent, Eighth Rank Title Female Soul Pet Trainer
Chapter 320: Soul Palace, Seven Diagram Saint Pets
Chapter 321: Decisive Fight, New Hunting King (1)
Chapter 322: Decisive Fight, New Hunting King (2)
Chapter 323: Glamorous Counterattack, Natural Wood Trap
Chapter 324: I Used to Kill, Hunting was just a Hobby (1)
Chapter 325: I’ve Killed People Before, Conveniently Hunting (2)
Chapter 326: Battle of the Realm’s Strength Ranking
Chapter 327: Travelling East, Putting Out a Net
Chapter 328: Tenth level, Folding Skies Bewildering World
Chapter 329: Challenging One’s Limits, Eighth Rank Bewildering World
Chapter 330 - Nearing the Perfect Phase and Stage, Ninth Phase Terror Wolf
Chapter 331: Scary Battle Surpassing Ranks
Chapter 332: Bloodthirsty Rage, Time of the Grim Reaper
Chapter 333: A Win Drenched in Blood (1)
Chapter 334: A Win Drenched in Blood (2)
Chapter 335: Ten Years One Person, Realm Thrones
Chapter 336: The Highest Authority Female
Chapter 337: Invisible Black Hand, Xia Guanghan
Chapter 338: Second Grade’s Strongest, Hunter Wang Xu
Chapter 339: Ancient City, Ancient Wind Spirit
Chapter 340: Mo Xies Evolution, Eighth Phase Inferno Fox
Chapter 341: Ruined Pillar Broken Wall, Nine Snake Lichen
Chapter 342: Monarch Ghost Transformation, Absolute Defense
Chapter 343: Ancient City, Night Encounter with Nightmare Palace
Chapter 344: Lu Shanli, the most powerful second tier
Chapter 345: Evil Eye Demonic Pupil, Using Someone Else’s Power to Clear the Path
Chapter 346: Wind Spirit Guard, Tenth Phase Storm
Chapter 347: Destructive Power, Ninth Rank hurricane
Chapter 348: Wait for the Trap, Natural Wood Trap
Chapter 349: Alarmed Nightmare Palace Lu Lishan
Chapter 350: Life and Death Chase in the Yellow Sand
Chapter 351: Accidentally Running into Fear Wolf Territory
Chapter 352: Only Fighting Will Result in Survival
Chapter 353: A Must Win Fierce Battle
Chapter 354: Eighth Phase, Demon Night Dream (1)
Chapter 355: Eighth Phase, Demon Night Dream (2)
Chapter 356: Moonlight, Blood and a Fierce Battle
Chapter 357: Spoils of War After a Bloody Fight
Chapter 358: Mysterious Housha Region, No One Has Stepped Foot Here Before
Chapter 359: Complete Counter, Ghost King’s Might
Chapter 360: Violent Scorpions from Four Sides, Sand Bone Basin
Chapter 361: Abnormal Level Young Expert
Chapter 362: The Third Tier
Chapter 363: Kill Thousands, Sudden Appearance of Expert
Chapter 364: Emperor Species Mo Ye, Defying Rank
Chapter 365: Soul Pet World’s Devil, Qin Ye!
Chapter 366: Hellish Training, Desert Nomad
Chapter 367: Return, Rematch against Luo Peng
Chapter 368: Rock type Monarch, Violent Ghost Monarch
Chapter 369: Violent Ghost King (2)
Chapter 370: Eighth Phase High Stage Night Thunder Dream Beast
Chapter 371: Soul Palace Seven Sacred Grounds, Binding Wind Region (1)
Chapter 372: Soul Palace Seven Sacred Grounds, Binding Wind Region (2)
Chapter 373: The Sobbing Monument’s Enormous Painting, A Distant Memory
Chapter 374: Four Great Wind Zones, Unknown World
Chapter 375: Wind Monarch, Binding Wind Spirit!
Chapter 376: Life and Death, Tenth Rank Wind!
Chapter 377: Onslaught of Mental Demons, A Struggle of Willpower
Chapter 378: Accidentally Capturing a Mature Binding Wind Spirit
Chapter 379: Eccentric Teen, Chu Mu
Chapter 380: Advanced Towering Ice, Eighth phase Ning
Chapter 381: Another Chance at Capturing a Child Binding Wind Spirit
Chapter 382: Marketplace, Encountering Old Friends
Chapter 383: Chu Family Brothers, Reunite in a Foreign Land
Chapter 384: Chu Clan Exile, Chu Tianqi
Chapter 385: Luo Region Sect, Merchant Alliance, Soul Alliance
Chapter 386: New Eighth Rank Soul Technique (1)
Chapter 387: Eighth Rank New Soul Technique (2)
Chapter 388: Leap through By Buildup, Eighth Phase Fifth Stage
Chapter 389: Night Operation (1)
Chapter 390: Night Operation (2)
Chapter 391: Descendant of Undying Immortal, Ye Qingzi
Chapter 392: Ye Siblings’ Great Enemy, Shen Yichen
Chapter 393: Mysterious Medicine, Memory Fluid
Chapter 394: Helpless Ye Qingzi
Chapter 395: Angry Beyond Imagination, Chu Mu (1)
Chapter 396: Angry Beyond Imagination, Chu Mu(2)
Chapter 397: Bloodsucking Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Great Battle with the Devil Poison Vine
Chapter 398: Undying Zhan Ye vs Ninth Phase Monarch (1)
Chapter 399: Undead Zhan Ye vs Ninth Phase Monarch (2)
Chapter 401: Shen Yicheng? I Said To Kill Him!
Chapter 402: Obliterating heart, Slaughtering Pool Beast