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The Godsfall Chronicles

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This is a world of nirvanic rebirth, a strange fantasy world. This is a world of strong faith yet it is collapsing. A seemingly mediocre teenager, carrying a heavenly shocking secret. He rose from the very bottom, wandering between the thin line and the edge of life and death. With his wild and hot blooded nature, he chose to explore the truth of human civilisation’s destruction on Earth. After experiencing a series of unimaginable risks and bumbling on the road to maturity, the ultimate truth lies within the secret behind God Wars. This is how a hot-blooded yet shocking story begins to unfold. Translator Synopsis: The nuclear holocaust which caused the collapse of the Old Times on Earth should have wiped out all human life on the planet. Yes, the gods set up their beautiful Elysiums to provide sanctuaries for their chosen, but by all rights everyone outside the elysian lands should’ve perished long ago. Yet somehow, human life still managed to persist, even in the deadly, mutant-infested wastelands. Cloudhawk was a young scavenger who dreamed of being as free as the hawks in the skies, yet seemed destined to live out his life scrounging for scraps in the wasteland ruins. Fate, however, is ever-fickle. A chance meeting with a ragtag group of mercenaries changed the trajectory of his life, bringing him into a world with mutants and metahumans, demonhunters and godslayers, and even gods and demons. Cloudhawk would find his own place in a world that was far greater than he had imagined, find his own path between the zealous light of Sumeru and the whispering darkness of the Abyss… and one day, he would find that even gods may fall. Fallen God Fallen God Records FGR 陨神记
《The Godsfall Chronicles》 Book 1 – The Wastelands
Prologue – The Wastelands
Chapter 1 – The Young Scavenger
Chapter 2 – The Tartarus Mercenaries
Chapter 3 – Mad Dog
Chapter 4 – The Sweepers
Chapter 5 – The Mysterious Jewel
Chapter 6 – Passing Over
Chapter 7 – Metahuman
Chapter 8 – Blackflag Outpost
Chapter 9 – The Mercenary Base
Chapter 10 – The Night of Death
Chapter 11 – Training
Chapter 12 – Life in the Base
Chapter 13 – The Bloody Ring
Chapter 14 – The Crazy Innkeeper
Chapter 15 – A Bloody Party
Chapter 16 – Legacy
Chapter 17 – Beast Wave
Chapter 18 – Wolf Pack
Chapter 19 – The Alpha Wolf
Chapter 20 – A Near Escape
Chapter 21 – One Wave After Another
Chapter 22 – The Sweeper Battalion
Chapter 23 – Crushed
Chapter 24 – Entering the Fray
Chapter 25 – The Experts of the Wastelands
Chapter 26 – Life and Death in the Balance
Chapter 27 – The Bloodsoaked Queen
Chapter 28 – Breathtaking Power
Chapter 29 – The Queen’s True Visage
Chapter 30 – The Children of the Gods
Chapter 31 – A Dangerous Woman
Chapter 32 – Purposeful Poisoning
Chapter 33 – Treatment
Chapter 34 – The Outside World
Chapter 35 – The Conviction of the Weak
Chapter 36 – Accounts Settled
Chapter 37 – Exorcist Staff
Chapter 38 – Mission
Chapter 39 – Heading Out
Chapter 40 – A Trap
Chapter 41 In the Face of Death
Chapter 42 A Mans Choice
Chapter 43 Rage
Chapter 44 Betrayed
Chapter 45 Wipeout
Chapter 46 Another World
Chapter 47 The Fallen Outpost
Chapter 48 Knock 'Em Flying
Chapter 49 The Last Frenzy
Chapter 50 Dreams
Chapter 51 Fugitives
Chapter 52 The Edge of Life and Death
Chapter 53 A New Relic
Chapter 54 Supported in Life and Death
Chapter 55 Fiends of the Desert
Chapter 56 Land of Ruins
Chapter 57 The Desert Oasis
Chapter 58 The Fatal Forest
Chapter 59 Selling the Goods
Chapter 60 Exposed
Chapter 61 The Dungeons
Chapter 62 Hydra's Scheme
Chapter 63 Escaping the Dungeon
Chapter 64 Rebuilding the Team
Chapter 65 Temporary Accomodations
Chapter 66 Uncovered
Chapter 67 Tested
Chapter 68 Operation Fiendslayer
Chapter 69 An Uncertain Feeling
Chapter 70 Sudden Changes