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The Grandmaster Strategist

Author:Follow The Crowd (随波逐流)

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Updates:Chapter 8: Among Green Willows and Fragrant Grasses

This is an alternate history. Decades after the fall of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the world is still in chaos, although there is hope for reunification. Of poor background, Jiang Zhe, styled Suiyun, has finally, after ten years of hard work, passed the imperial examinations and become a scholar within Hanlin Academy. Unwittingly, he becomes involved in the succession dispute of the Great Yong Dynasty. He faces conspiracies and machinations and countless battles of strength and wits. Intending to avoid court politics, he ultimately has no choice but to become involved. With no alternative, Jiang Zhe can only follow the crowd, joining the chaotic political turmoil. In this conniving world, he uses his intelligence and knowledge to provide for himself and his companions a stable environment to survive. Watch nations fall, great men rise, and supreme martial artists kneel before the quiet whispers of a frail, unassuming scholar. Associated Names Yīdài jūnshī 一代军师
《The Grandmaster Strategist》 Volume 1
Chapter 1: A Destitute Scholar
Chapter 2: Attaining Top Marks in the Imperial Examination
Chapter 3: Hanlin Academic
Chapter 4: Appreciating Art, Overturning Injustice
Chapter 5: Battle over the Heir Apparent
Chapter 6: Yong Envoy, the Prince of Qi
Chapter 7: The Floating Fragrance Pleasure Boat
Chapter 8: Duel of Words at Bright Moon Pavilion
Chapter 9: Military Retainer
Chapter 10: A Campaign of a Thousand Li
Chapter 11: Scheming Against One Another
Chapter 12: Chained Malicious Strategies
Chapter 13: One Song to Force Suicide
Chapter 14: Shattered Jade, Submerged Pearl
Chapter 15: Preparing to Build a Secret Camp
Chapter 16: Great Upheaval Cometh
Chapter 17: A Loyal Spirit becomes Distant and Indistinct
Chapter 18: The King of Southern Chu Declares Himself Emperor
Chapter 19: The Strategy to Invade Southern Chu
Chapter 20: Profiting from Others’ Misfortune
Chapter 21: Learning the Truth
Chapter 22: Jianye Falls
Chapter 23: Becoming a Captive
Chapter 24: Distant Journey of a Thousand Li
Chapter 25: Arrival at the Yong Capital
Chapter 26: Unceasing Repercussions
Chapter 27: Appreciating Snow, Composing Poetry
Chapter 28: Extreme Disappointment
Chapter 29: A Matter of Life and Death
Chapter 30: Tiger's Wind, Dragon's Cloud
《The Grandmaster Strategist》 Volume 2
Chapter 1: The Legend of Fengyi Sect
Chapter 2: Presenting the Lord with Three Stratagems
Chapter 3: Prelude to the Storm
Chapter 4: Old Friends Reunited
Chapter 5: A Nimble Chess Piece
Chapter 6: A Top Level Operative
Chapter 7: Bright Future Prospects
Chapter 8: The Magnificent Feast at the Start of Spring
Chapter 9: Exhibiting Martial Arts and Comparing Skills
Chapter 10: Heart Belongs to Another
Chapter 11: Moving According to One’s Benefit
Chapter 12: Plotting a Trap
Chapter 13: Guests Come to the Cold Courtyard
Chapter 14: Breaking a Destined Marriage
Chapter 15: Unaware of the Oriole Behind
Chapter 16: Hanging in the Balance
Chapter 17: Disturbances Behind the Scenes
Chapter 18: Snatched from the Jaws of Death
Chapter 19: Secret Discussions in the Pavilion
Chapter 20: Chasing Over a Thousand Li to Kill
Chapter 21: Bloody Battle Beside the River
Chapter 22: Southern Chu Envoy
Chapter 23: Returning Home with Honor
Chapter 24: Laying a Trap to Hunt
Chapter 25: Caught in a Dilemma
Chapter 26: The Princess of Jingjiang
Chapter 27: Passing Judgment on the World
Chapter 28: Marrying Couples
Chapter 29: The Shadow of the Waning Moon
Chapter 30: Silencing Witnesses
《The Grandmaster Strategist》 Volume 3
Chapter 1: Hidden Waves Surging
Chapter 2: Repeated Abuses of Power
Chapter 3: Flattery
Chapter 4: Shadows of the Past
Chapter 5: Preparing the Bait
Chapter 6: Guest from the Eastern Sea
Chapter 7: Lifting Heavy Weights Easily
Chapter 8: A Grandmaster Pays a Visit
Chapter 9: Heaven Startling Misconduct
Chapter 10: Vicious and Merciless
Chapter 11: The Secret of the Devil Sect
Chapter 12: Ultimate Rupture
Chapter 13: Sovereign of the Concealed Star Branch
Chapter 14: A Bloody Night in Chang’an
Chapter 15: The Divine Prestige of a Monarch
Chapter 16: Tangled and Complicated
Chapter 17: Each with Their Own Thoughts
Chapter 18: The Yong Emperor Returns to the Capital
Chapter 19: The Princess’s Secret Remonstration
Chapter 20: Layer Upon Layer of Heavy Sins
Chapter 21: A Sudden Change in the Situation
Chapter 22: The Fengyi Sect’s Plot
Chapter 23: What Else Cannot be Endured?
Chapter 24: Prepared for Everything
Chapter 25: Missed the Decisive Opportunity
Chapter 26: Escaping the Hunting Palace
Chapter 27: Blood Splatters the Imperial Residence
Chapter 28: Panicked Cherishing Fragrance
Chapter 29: Overt and Covert Messengers
Chapter 30: Mobilizing Troops to Rescue the Emperor
Chapter 31: The Prince of Qi’s Methods
Chapter 32: Demonic Shadow and Rakshasa
Chapter 33: Heaven Shaking Reversal
Chapter 34: Bitter Fighting at Dawn’s Frost
Chapter 35: Affection as Deep as the Ocean
Chapter 36: Retreating to Advance
Chapter 37: Using Blood to Atone for Transgressions
Chapter 38: This Regret, Interminable
Chapter 39: Unceasing Repercussions
Chapter 40: Sincere Mercy, Vanished Enmity
Chapter 41: Vanished Like a Spring Dream
Chapter 42: Cool Breeze and Bright Moon
《The Grandmaster Strategist》 Volume 4
Chapter 1: Splendid, Flaming Female Clothing
Chapter 2: Gossiping About Inside Stories
Chapter 3: Dragon Flying in the Heavens
Chapter 4: Arriving at Binzhou
Chapter 5: Having Common Interests
Chapter 6: Life and Death Without Regrets
Chapter 7: Brothers Meet
Chapter 8: Southern Fujian’s Yue Family
Chapter 9: Wedding Joy Turns Tragic
Chapter 10: Eastern Sea Swells Pacified
Chapter 11: Gathering at Tranquil Sea
Chapter 12: Satisfied with a Son
Chapter 13: Betraying Beloved Son
Chapter 14: Nemesis
Chapter 15: Abyss of Suffering
Chapter 16: Regretful Parting of My Heart
Chapter 17: Selecting a General to Establish Prestige
Chapter 18: Breaking a Goshawk’s Wings (Beginning)
Chapter 19: Breaking a Goshawk’s Wings (Middle)
Chapter 20: Breaking a Goshawk’s Wings (End)
Chapter 21: Cutting Off a Vital Part
Chapter 22: Enemies Within and Without
Chapter 23: A Priceless Letter from Home
Chapter 24: Making Arrangements Throughout the World
Chapter 25: Silencing Witnesses
Chapter 26: Killing Intent in the Snow
Chapter 27: Immediately the Best of Friends
Chapter 28: Consolidating at Every Step
Chapter 29: Fighting by Risking One’s Life
Chapter 30: Rebirth from Danger
《The Grandmaster Strategist》 Volume 5
Chapter 1: Startling, Frightening News
Chapter 2: Wudi’s Crime
Chapter 3: Difficult to Explain Oneself
Chapter 4: Ambush from Ten Sides
Chapter 5: Breaking Off All Ties
Chapter 6: Eve of the Decisive Battle
Chapter 7: Dark Clouds Gather
Chapter 8: Secret Base in an Old Tomb
Chapter 9: High Mountains and Flowing Water
Chapter 10: Opening Engagement on the Qin River
Chapter 11: Bloody Scorched Earth Battle
Chapter 12: Last Vestiges of Ziyan
Chapter 13: Defeat at Anze
Chapter 14: Joy at Decisive Victory
Chapter 15: Heartened Even in Defeat
Chapter 16: Walking Right into a Trap
Chapter 17: A Slim Chance of Survival
Chapter 18: A Life for a Life
Chapter 19: Turning Their Plan Against Them
Chapter 20: Startling Insider Information
Chapter 21: Troops Sally Forth from Hu Pass
Chapter 22: A Raging Inferno Burns the Fortress
Chapter 23: Reunion on the Battlefield
Chapter 24: War Like a Game of Weiqi
Chapter 25: Incinerating the Qin River
Chapter 26: Surrounded by an Inescapable Trap
Chapter 27: Scattered, Vivid Shadows of Apricot Blossoms
Chapter 28: Arranging Tasty Bait
Chapter 29: Cutting One’s Losses
Chapter 30: Separated by Life and Death
Chapter 31: Breaking Out in Three Directions
Chapter 32: Blood Shed by Loyal Patriots
Chapter 33: The Mists of Daizhou
Chapter 34: Deciding Endgame
Chapter 35: Deciding Endgame (Second Half)
Chapter 36: Doubting the Loyal and Steadfast
Chapter 37: Doubting the Loyal and Steadfast (Middle)
Chapter 38: Doubting the Loyal and Steadfast (End)
Chapter 39: Enemies Meet on a Narrow Path
Chapter 40: Bloodbath at Yanmen
Chapter 41: Longing for Seclusion in Nature
《The Grandmaster Strategist》 Volume 6
Chapter 1: The Young Have No Worries
Chapter 2: Green, Beanlike Plums
Chapter 3: Learning an Old Friend Has Come
Chapter 4: Shooting Willows in the Garden of the Golden Valley
Chapter 5: Withered Flowers by the River
Chapter 6: Slim, Graceful Reflection
Chapter 7: Where is the Good Life?
Chapter 8: Among Green Willows and Fragrant Grasses