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Chapter 9: Verbally Abusing an NPC

Chapter 9: Verbally Abusing an NPC

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“Are you talking about the Spider Lair? I heard that the monsters inside are pretty strong. The LV3 monsters inside there are as strong as LV5 monsters outside, and don’t even mention the Elite monsters and Bosses.” Azure Sea Breeze was excited by this idea, but also worried. After all, dying meant losing EXP.

“Find some people to work with us, it should be fine,” Lu Li confidently said, “Do you have any friends? We’ll make a five-man team.”

It would be fine for the two of them to kill some of the weaker monsters, but Elites and Bosses were out of the question. Instance Dungeons were good opportunities to earn money and items, but the risks were high.

“You think I have friends? I’ve been training by myself all this time.” Azure Sea Breeze felt quite awkward; every expert had ten or so followers, but he didn’t have any.

“Then I’ll go and find a few people.”

Lu Li had been planning to call Square Root 3, but what happened yesterday had caused him to lose faith in the Star Moon Union’s people. He thought about it for a while and rejected the idea.

Lu Li’s friend list was pretty much empty. Apart from Square Root 3 and the newly add Azure Sea Breeze, he only had one other person- Drinking Alone.

Screw it, if it wasn’t for his help yesterday, the Star Moon Union definitely wouldn’t have given in so much. Lu Li directly called him, “Are you free?”

“Hey Mr Expert, what’s up?”

“A LV3 Instance Dungeon- have you ventured out into the wilderness yet?”

“We tried once last night, and everyone died.”

“I want to find a few people to do an Instance Dungeon together; do you have any Druids who have learnt Bind and Regeneration, as well as some other healing spells…”

“We’ll be there soon. Where do we meet?”

“At the entrance of the village. The one at the north, near the Wild Wolf Territory.”

Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze didn’t wait for long before they saw Drinking Alone walking over.

Drinking Alone was a Warlock, and was followed by a little demon who was jumping around. Evidently, he was already LV4. With him was a female Druid and a female Warrior who wielded a large two-handed axe. Lu Li couldn’t see their levels, but they had equipped new weapons over their Common beginner ones.

“I say, bro, this is crazy. Wait, is that Northern Tang Dream? It’s got to be Northern Tang Dream. And that guy at the front is Drinking Alone.” Azure Sea Breeze was shocked to see who was joining them.

The last game he played was ‘Shadow Realm’, and he was quite familiar with all the famous people.

Lu Li looked over, and saw that the person walking with Drinking Alone was indeed the Grand Hegemony’s North Tang Dream.

In Dawn, there were a few famous beauties. There was the bewitchingly beautiful ‘Dancing Flower Charmer, the lolicons’ favourite ‘Not A Primary Schooler’, the cold goddess ‘Water Fairy’, as well as the dashing and elegant ‘Northern Tang Dream’!

Northern Tang Dream was one of the key figures of the Grand Hegemony, and was even more famous than the leader.

“LV4 Warrior, Northern Tang Dream.” She wore a suit of thin plate armour, which emphasised her slim figure. Coupled with her beautifully sparkling eyes and valiant-looking eyebrows, it was no wonder that she not only had male admirers, but many female admirers as well.

“Hello big brothers, I’m the Druid Northern Tang Kitty. I’m a bit rusty, so please take care of me.” Northern Tang Kitty was also a beauty. It was just that she was quite short, and had a soft and cute voice- a typical loli.

“As long as you know how to heal, that’s fine. This is my friend Azure Sea Breeze, a LV5 Warrior.” Lu Li casually glanced over at Northern Tang Dream, then turned away, looking extremely calm.

“Hey there beauties.” Azure Sea Breeze said shyly. He didn’t even dare to look at them in the eyes- a typical otaku!

Apart from being slightly shocked at Azure Sea Breeze’s level, the women didn’t appear to be too warm.

Comparatively speaking, Lu Li was in fact doing better than Azure Sea Breeze- after all, he had a Skill Book and Bronze grade equipment. When Drinking Alone told them this, even Northern Tang Dream became interested in this person.

What methods had this person used to earn a powerful Skill Book and Bronze grade equipment?

There were thousands of people in the Grand Hegemony, and even until now, no one had been able to obtain a Skill Book like the Frost Nova. In total, they had only found 10 or so Bronze grade equipment, all of which were obtained from killing Elite monsters in the wilderness.

Hearing that Lu Li wanted to find people to do an Instance Dungeon, Northern Tang Dream had immediately headed over.

“2 Warriors and a Thief. Our team seems a bit skewed towards the melee side. Should we call over someone with a ranged profession? I only came to have a look at the expert who could get so many good things in a day.” Northern Tang Dream was called the Dashing Beauty, and was a straightforward person, saying whatever was on her mind.

In Dawn, skills were very important. Not only were ranged professions safer, their attacks were usually more effective. As such, they were especially important for clearing Instance Dungeons- no one used teams with three melee professions.

“No need, melee teams are pretty good too,” Lu Li said as he shook his head, “Did you guys bring any restoratives? Instance Dungeons need a lot of consumables.”

“We’ve got a lot of Bread and Spring Water,” Northern Tang Dream said in a generous manner, “Just ask us for some if you need any.”

Spring Water was similar to Bread- it could restore MP.

“I’m not talking about Bread and Spring Water,” Lu Li shook his head, “Do you have any potions that can instantly recover HP during battles?”

“We had a quite a few bottles, but we used them all yesterday. We only have 3 bottles left.” As one of the high profile members of the organisation, Northern Tang Dream was frustrated by their poverty.

Health Potions that could be used during battles could be obtained from quite a few places: the Potion Shop sold them, and they could be dropped by Elites in the wilderness. Alchemists could also make them if they had a recipe. However, to the players of the current stage of the game, buying them from the Potion Shop was the only viable option.

In the Village’s Potion Shop, 5 bottles spawned every hour. Not only was each bottle valued at 1 silver coin, buying them also required luck. Many organisations often left people at the shop to wait for them to spawn.

“Without Potions, Instance Dungeons are a bit difficult. Everyone, come with me, and follow my orders later on.” Lu Li remembered seeing a post in the forum in his ‘past life’, and had remembered it because of how amusing it was.

There were all sorts of people in the game. Some liked to mess around, but who would have thought that their work would have actually come in handy now?

If everything went to plan, they would be able to obtain some Potions.

Lu Li led his group towards the Forest, and came to a campsite.

“This is the Goblin Businessman, “Northern Tang Dream was surprised, “He has quite a few good items, but they’re all really expensive. I only have 3 silver coins.”

The items weren’t just “quite expensive”. Not too long after the game had started, many people had met this Goblin Businessman, and found that he had lots of great items. However, until now, no one had ever bought from him before.

The price of items was 5 times that of the normal price!

Lu Li couldn’t afford any of the items either- he didn’t have a single silver coin on him.

However, this didn’t matter. Lu Li walked over to the Goblin Businessman and started to verbally abuse him, “You dirty Goblin, what is this crap you’re selling?”

The people behind him stared with eyes wide and mouths open, and even Northern Tang Dream’s jaw dropped.

Lu Li wasn’t extremely handsome, but he seemed to be an intelligent, temperate and calm person…

However, this impression of him was turned on its head.