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Chapter 10: Physically Abusing an NPC

Chapter 10: Physically Abusing an NPC

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“You despicable Elf, where is your elegance and dignity? You have insulted the great Krolly. Krolly’s items are the best in the entire Continent!” The Goblin was furious, and began to argue with Lu Li.

“What the hell is wrong with your head? And why are you so smelly? I bet you live in the sewers… don’t ruin the word “great” by using it to describe yourself, alright?”

Lu Li didn’t hold back at all as he continued to verbally abuse the Goblin Businessman.

System Announcements continuously rang out in his ear:

You insulted the Goblin Businessman Krolly, Goblin Reputation -5.

You insulted the Goblin Businessman Krolly, Goblin Reputation -5.

You insulted the Goblin Businessman Krolly, Goblin Reputation -5. Your relationship with the Goblins has dropped from ‘Friendly’ to ‘Neutral’…

After falling to ‘Neutral’, Krolly’s items would no longer be available for purchase by Lu Li and his teammates. However, Lu Li didn’t show any sign of stopping at all, and began to insult him even more.

“I heard that insulting NPCs can cause them to attack you.” Azure Sea Breeze said as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked at Krolly’s level with fear. It was LV53.

Moreover, any NPC with a name was usually Elite grade, or even a Boss.

“He can probably insta-kill us in 1 hit…” Northern Tang Kitty was on the verge of tears. Her LV4 EXP bar was only 2% full. If she died right now, she would go back to LV3.

“What the hell is Lu Li doing…”

Lu Li’s new teammates all took a step back.

The poor Goblin was at a clear disadvantage in this insult competition with Lu Li. The system only gave him enough intelligence for negotiating with players for money; he had no skill at all in an insult standoff.

“The great Krolly curses you, despicable Elf,” He cried out, “You will be killed like an animal by the Goblins, and your pitiful cries will be heard in every corner of the Continent…”

System: You insulted the Goblin Businessman Krolly, Goblin Reputation -5. Your relationship with the Goblins has dropped from ‘Neutral’ to ‘Hatred’…

“Alright, Sea Breeze, start attacking. Everyone else, follow suit.” Lu Li took a few deep breaths before yelling to his teammates.

Azure Sea Breeze’s face fell as he pleaded, “Big bro, I’ll call you big bro, alright? I’ve never done anything to make you angry. I also saved you 10% EXP today, so why do you have to do this to me?”

“Cut the crap, get to work!” Lu Li said as he stabbed Krolly with his dagger.


Almost as soon as he was injured, a green +1 appeared.

Although he had barely been hurt, Krolly’s reaction was incredibly surprising. He helplessly started screaming, as if he was a little girl being violated.

Lu Li didn’t say anything as he ran behind Krolly and start stabbing at his behinds.

The other people started to realise that something was off. This Goblin Businessman didn’t retaliate when being attacked, and because of the weight of the things he was carrying, his speed was incredibly slow.

However, he regenerated his HP almost instantly.

“Stop standing around, hurry up and help me. We still need to go do an Instance Dungeon!”

The others all hesitated for a moment before also attacking.

The moment they started attacking, they almost all started crying.

System: Because you have attacked the Goblin Businessman Krolly, your relationship with the Goblins has dropped to ‘Hatred’…

“Goddammit Lu Li, go die!” Azure Sea Breeze inwardly screamed. He had already offended an entire race; how would he survive in this game?!

The Goblins were a neutral faction, and were famous for their business and scroll-making. They were one of the biggest races.

Everyone else’s faces also weren’t pretty, but they held it in.

“Don’t worry, it’s easy to earn reputation with the Goblins. Just find a random Goblin NPC and give him a few gold coins. You’ll be able to get your reputation back up.” Lu Li comforted them.

The others were speechless- he wasn’t sure if they were surprised by what he said, or if they didn’t believe him.

“It’s a small bug. However, getting to ‘Worship’ is a bit hard.” Lu Li quickly explained.

The Goblin race’s reputation was the easiest to earn out of all the different races. As long as you had money, you could quickly raise your reputation with them. It was just that being on friendly terms or being worshipped by them didn’t have much point- the greedy Goblins wouldn’t give you any discounts, no matter what.

“Unbelievable… wouldn’t we be able to kill as many Goblins as we want and earn their equipment?” Northern Tang Dream’s objections were now gone, and was even considering slaughtering Goblins for a living.

“Not every NPC is as easy to bully as Krolly. He’s a special case. In future, we won’t bully any more cute little Goblins.”

“We can’t kill him, he regenerates too quickly.” Drinking Alone yelled.

“The point isn’t to kill him,” Lu Li calmly replied, “Just keep attacking. We’re nearly there.”

After yelling for a while, Krolly finally couldn’t take it anymore. He roared, then took something out of his bag and threw it at Lu Li’s head.

Lu Li quickly picked it up, but didn’t stop attacking.

[Small Health Potion]: Instantly restores 50HP, is not restricted by battle. Cooldown Time: 30 seconds. Potion Resistance: 20.

Potion Resistance can be explained like this: If a Potion has a Potion Resistance of 80, then using the same type of Potion next time will have 20% reduced effects, and the Cooldown Time will be increased by 20%.

Of course, the more Potion Resistance, the better.

A Potion with a Potion Resistance of 20 was simply trash. However, at the current stage of the game, the only option most players had was to escape from battle to sit down and eat Bread. Being able to instantly recover 50HP was already not bad.

When Lu Li shared the Potion’s stats with everyone, they were all filled with motivation.

After throwing out an item, Krolly soon found that his weight was still too heavy to be able to run away, and could only continue to throw items out.

It was a pity that they were all Potions. After a while, he had already thrown out 5 bottles of Potions, but still wasn’t fast enough to run away. He screamed, “Krolly won’t forgive any of you. You will suffer under the flames of the great Goblins!”

After screaming, he threw out an item, which smashed into Northern Tang Kitty’s face. She yelled out, then quickly picked it up, and shouted in joy, “Aiya, it’s a Bronze grade equipment!”

[Whisperer] (Bronze): 10-18 Damage, Intelligence+2. Level Requirement: LV4. Durability: 17/20.

What an incredible Bronze grade Magic Staff!

“Woohoo!” Azure Sea Breeze whooped, and everyone began to attack even more furiously.

After throwing out another few Potions, the Goblin Businessman once again threw another Bronze equipment in front of Lu Li.

[Night Leather Armour] (Bronze): 8 Armour, Constitution+1. Level Requirement: LV4. Durability: 11/20.

The stats of this piece of equipment were quite average, and couldn’t compare to the Magic Staff from earlier. However, none of them complained- this was a piece of Armour, and could save their lives in the Instance Dungeon.

After throwing out 2 pieces of equipment, the Goblin Businessman could finally start to jog.

“Northern Tang Kitty, Bind!” Lu Li called out.

Northern Tang Kitty immediately scrambled into action, and unleashed one of her Druid skills, Bind, on Krolly.

Success, rooted for 3 seconds.

Another Potion!

“Sea Breeze!”

Pa, Charge, stunned for 2 seconds, Potion!

Pa, Shieldstrike, stunned for 2 secoinds, Potion!

Northern Tang Dream’s battle sense was pretty good. Just as the Goblin Businessman recovered from a stun, she immediately stunned him again.

It was a pity that it was another Potion!

Northern Tang Dream and the others all started to give up, seeing that Krolly was about to escape.