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Chapter 14: First Clear

Chapter 14: First Clear

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The 8 Guards each needed to be pulled quite a few times before they could be killed. While this seemed very troublesome, it in fact did not use up that much time. Moreover, this method made a difficult boss easy to defeat.

As for the Boss itself, after all the Guards were dead, its HP quickly dropped.

“Keep at it! So far there hasn’t been a world announcement. We are likely to be the first to clear an Instance Dungeon. This is a matter of getting an entry in the historical record, I’m feeling a little excited” Azure Sea Breeze spoke incoherently: he wasn’t just a little excited, he was in fact very excited. He almost bashed Lu Li in the face with his shield.

Just for fun, Dawn had a historical record. In addition to recording some NPC related background events, it also recorded player actions. Of course, it had to be a big enough event for it to be recorded.

Speaking of the historical record, the other players also started to get excited. The steady teamwork between them started to get messy; Northern Tang Kitty cast Heal twice, wasting some magic points.

“Steady, steady, if this keeps up we could get a record” Lu Li was sweating, reminding everyone:

“Careful of the area of effect attack”

Only then did everyone put their full attention on the Boss, but before 3 seconds had even passed, Northern Tang Kitty called out again: “I hear that the first time an Instance Dungeon is cleared, it gives everyone an item rather than just dropping one. Is that true?”

“Ah, Heal, heal!” As the healing stopped, the Boss conveniently made a big attack, Azure Sea Breeze was shocked and started shrieking.

So once again everything was thrown into confusion.

“That should be the case” Lu Li responded, seeming to agree with what Northern Tang Kitty was saying.

In the previous generation, he hadn’t ever broken a record before, let alone participate in this unprecedented occasion of clearing an Instance Dungeon for the first time. Thinking about how everyone would get an item, he also started to get excited. Maybe he could get the Jade Spider Web in one go.

Upgrading the Supreme One Ring to the Supreme Two Ring had 2 requirements: to be at the Sacrificial Altar and to have the right material.

The Sacrificial Altar was in the Whispering Forest. The monsters around the forest were no issue, and when you had all the items there was a shortcut you could take. However, to upgrade it this time, there were 7 rare items that were needed. All these items were also highly versatile so no one would sell them in the market.

Lu Li had planned on learning the Craftsman Trade Profession to make jewelry. Levelling it up to an Intermediate level required 2 Jade Spider Webs. In total, that meant he needed 12 Jade Spider Webs. Who knew if the Boss would even drop any, or if the person who got it would want to give it up?

As he was thinking, the Boss HP feel down to 5%.

Azure Sea Breeze called out in alarm again, “It’s gone berserk, heal! Woah its damage is quite high, and Shieldstrike missed, heal, heal…”

The Boss going berserk was expected; most Bosses in Dawn would go berserk in the final moment, unless of course if you could kill the Boss in a very short window. But with the equips they had now, this was impossible, and berserk bosses had a strong resistance to crowd control skills.

The additional attack damage, attack speed and aggression by the berserk increased the strength of the Boss by a significant amount. Azure Sea Breeze who was originally holding the boss back as steadily as a mountain was being pushed back. His body had a trickle of red; there were clear remnants of blood.

“Main Tank fall back for a bit, Druid cast bind…” Lu Li’s voice was still calm.

“It didn’t hit” Northern Tang Kitty was in a mess trying to read her skills, not to any great effect. But this wasn’t anything new for her, at least she knew to go back to healing Azure Sea Breeze.

Azure Sea Breeze had been hit and was bleeding out. He raised his head to drink a HP restoring potion. His HP was mostly restored, and he immediately charged back into battle.

Lu Li took a breath, his wrist twitching, throwing out daggers seemingly at random. Damage values started to float up one after another, and the others who were watching were so dumbfounded they almost forgot to keep attacking.

If you looked carefully, every time he attacked it seemed like he didn’t use all his strength, doing just enough to maximize the limits of his attack.

This technique was not something Lu Li made up, but was developed by a famous Dawn player - the female goddess “Water Fairy”.

The beauties in Dawn were extremely beautiful, but those who were experts were very few. Northern Tang Dream for example had attractive cheeks and great stature but her technique was at best second class.

However, this wasn’t absolute. There were two notable exceptions, with one of them being the female Thief, Water Fairy.

Water Fairy was a legend in Dawn.

First of all, she was a beauty, but also an expert. Moreover, and most importantly, she was a tycoon.

When others were searching for their first legendary equipment, half of her body was already covered in legendary equipment. To her, money was just a number. As long as there was something she wanted, she would just pay for it.

With such good equipment, her damage was naturally extremely high. It was said that the ordinary attack of Water Fairy was comparable to a big trade union’s main force using the Thief’s final skill together.

Lu Li had personally seen Water Fairy use a skill; it was an incredible scene that could only be described as cutting corners.

Taking a complex skill as an example; the Thief’s Bonestab. When this skill was performed it was very beautiful, with an exaggerated action and high damage. Generally, every Thief who wanted to maximize damage dealt would carefully observe all of the details.

However, for Water Fairy, only the most important parts were performed. As such, the skill wouldn’t fail but would also not have high skill completion.

While other people took 3 seconds to cast Bonestab, she could do it in less than 1. But, because her equipment was insane, the damage difference wasn’t much.

As of now when there weren’t many skills, Lu Li could raise his attack frequency in this moment, but the effects of doing that were not generally good.

The berserk Boss had less than 800HP, and with that round of attacks, they had already taken out half of its remaining HP.

The situation wasn’t looking good, however. Azure Sea Breeze had to retreat again and could not keep drinking the potions due to the potion resistance.

“Northern Tang Dream cast Charge, Drinking Alone stop, you’re almost OT” Lu Li mechanically took over the situation, his voice was monotone: “Stand firm, the Boss only has a little bit of HP left, but don’t get greedy”

Drinking Alone had been standing back, unaffected by the Boss, but for a while he had been drawing the aggro of the boss.

The charge of Northern tang Dream was similarly resisted by the Boss. What was even more unfortunate was that Azure Sea Breeze suddenly got hit by a big attack again, dropping HP as quickly as water flows…

“I’m almost out of mana” Northern Tang Kitty stamped her foot, feeling helpless.

Mana was a slang term that referred to magic points used to cast spells.

“It’s over,” Lu Li smiled, as the shade cleared and he cast Cheap Shot out of Stealth. The Boss was successfully stunned on the spot. Behind the Boss, he stabbed the dagger into the back of its head with all of his strength.

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 87%, dealing 100% of Skill damage, Stun for 0.8 seconds.

The Boss then recovered from its stun, immediately crying out before crumpling into a pile of 8 legs, unmoving.

Before he could even take a breath, Lu Li received a system announcement.

Honorable player, your team has successfully cleared the Spider Lair (Elite) Instance Dungeon. The system will now make a global announcement. Would you like for your name to be announced?