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Chapter 23: Tutorial

Chapter 23: Tutorial

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Even if Lu Li had secretly escaped, no one would blame him.

In Dawn, the specialties of the Thief occupation was hotly debated, but most people would concede that these dishonorable moves were definitely one of them.

Kills in ten steps and travels great distance with ease!

The former describes the burst potential of a Thief while the latter describes a Thief’s mobility.

“Come out if you’re worth anything!”

“This hiding business takes no skill, come out and fight…”

“Go home to your mother, stop pretending to be Sun Tzu!”

The Imperial Secret Service members were clamoring, but neither Lu Li nor the surrounding players paid attention to them.

After a good few minutes, the Thief still hadn’t shown his face.

Some people thought that he had already left, and yet some were still here foolishly searching.

They may as well have used this time to go and surround Carolina once again.

The surrounding players were watching and laughing as they slowly left, as the Imperial Secret Service members continued with shame and resentment. They didn’t have a choice in all this; they wanted to train instead of wasting time too, but this was a greater priority.

“Let’s return; this one person isn’t worth the trouble. We’ll wait for another opportunity to take him,” the commander ordered, but politely this time.

There were 30-40 members of the Imperial Secret Service that turned up so quickly. Even with this many people, they weren’t able to drive Lu Li into a corner and had instead turned into a laughing stock. No one wanted to continue this futile effort, and upon hearing the instruction, they started to take out their Hearthstones and activate them.

The activation time for the Hearthstone was 15 seconds with a cooldown of 30 minutes. It allowed the players to return to their designated village or city.

While the Hearthstone was being cast, light is shone around the user to signal their return.

The commander watched the changing sight before him as he teleported and in his vision, buildings materialized before the trees of Moon Shadow Valley. After relaxing, he found himself tired, letting out a sigh. This was truly a failed task.

Hearing that his members had been killed by the same person who got the first clear in an Instance Dungeon, he immediately set out to take revenge, hoping to also gain some respect from the players in the area. This had backfired badly, and now the reputation of the Union had been destroyed.

The members of the Imperial Secret Service didn’t stand a chance against the guy who took the first clear of an Instance Dungeon!

If he was able to take the first clear, he must have received good equipment. He also must have cleared the dungeon a few more times after that.

Who thought that they would find themselves in this kind of situation?

As he was muttering these reasons for his defeat to himself, a cry could be heard from his members.

“It’s that Thief, he hasn’t left!”

“Help, I can’t move!”

“Dammit, my return port was disrupted. Everyone don’t return yet, quickly come and help!”

There were 3 people; one was hit by Sap, another by Cheap Shot and the last was kicked, so all of their return ports were disrupted. The others had started their ports so early that they had all returned to Moon Shadow Valley.

What is this!

How can you play like this?

The return point was densely packed with members of the Imperial Secret Service. In such a small space, this was enough to display their strength, causing ordinary players to keep their distance.

But today, there was a chill in the air around them.

Until now, there were members who were arrogant about their ability, even though they hadn’t done anything. Numerous members had this mentality, however, now that they had faced that Thief, they were too ashamed call themselves experts.

He was the real expert.

He first killed an entire party, and then, under the noses of dozens of other members, he had butchered another three!

Can we not play with you anymore?


They had to ask the expert whether they could leave!

Lu Li kept 3 Mages behind. He didn’t need to manage the ones that had been hit by Sap or Cheap Shot because of the stun. The one he was facing was the most important; he needed to finish the fight in 20 seconds before the other player returned from the effects of Sap.

Mages learned a teleportation skill at level 10 called ‘Flash’. Before they cast it, their movement would be significantly reduced. If someone were to come into close range, they would have no hope of escaping. Their only option was to keep at it.

What Lu Li found was strange was that the target that he was attacking right now was not only in a complete mess, but didn’t know how to retaliate at all.

Lu Li didn’t know how strange what he had done to the other player was. After disrupting his port and immediately attacking his face, he had no idea how to respond.

After 6 seconds, the second player who used Ice Arrows woke up. Lu Li had already dealt with the first Mage.

The Ice Arrows hit Lu Li’s body, exploding into shards of ice and dealing 35 damage. It also applied a 20% movement speed debuff (it was a debuff spell, the opposite of a buff).

This didn’t matter, as Lu Li was already close by and could easily approach the Mage. He stabbed the opponent in the stomach like a viper and immediately pulled back. Lu Li then disappeared as he tumbled and reappeared behind him, casting Shadowstrike!

The other player had just finished loading the next Ice Arrow when Lu Li had disappeared from view. He then felt like he had been stabbed, which interrupted his skill and stunned him.

This Mage that had been stunned was not bad; the moment he recovered from the stun he knew exactly what he needed to do and immediately began his attack when the opportunity presented itself. It was too bad that his opponent was Lu Li. It was as if his mind was read, and when he quickly turned around after he recovered, Lu Li was already behind him again.

With your back to a Thief, this was one of the most brainless ways to die!

Immediately after Lu Li had killed his target, he immediately entered Stealth.

The last player that woke up was nervous, brandishing his Magic Staff and calling out: “Don’t come over here, don’t come here…”

After a few seconds, a light shone behind him and the Cheap Shot skill was successfully cast. He was stunned for 4 seconds!

The result had already been determined/ Lu Li quickly dealt with this kid who was scared out of his wits and picked up the items that were dropped before fading into the shadows…

This time he really left.

It sounded like this all happened over a while, but the process of Lu Li interrupting their return ports and killing them actually occurred in under a minute.

In the return point, the three unlucky kids appeared. Their faces were sullen and restless.

The others were completely silent; no one made a sound in that return area.

The commander looked at everyone and shook his head as he said: “Forget about today, everyone should go back to training. If you see this Thief then run away and wait for a later opportunity. However, we should all pay extra effort to gather more information about him.”

The morale of the troops was lost, so any further attempts would only be humiliating.

“Boss, quickly check the forums!” Just as he was about to tell them to disperse, someone called out.

In Dawn, you could directly access the game forums. You only needed to instruct the interface and it would appear before your eyes on screen.

The hottest post currently on the forums, with a hit rate increasing at over 1000 per second read:

Moon Shadow Valley God level Thief, tutorial included!