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Chapter 24: Enchantment

Chapter 24: Enchantment

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A PVP incident had occurred today at Moon Shadow Valley, which was fairly common. But what the original poster of the forum post saw was absolutely extraordinary!

The poster and a few other enthusiasts were gathered, watching the beautiful NPC, Carolina. Suddenly, their surroundings were filled with 41 members of the Imperial Secret Service, all with the intention of getting rid of some nameless Thief. It was 1 v 41, and in plain view of everyone there, the Thief managed to kill 3 people while taking less than 100 damage himself before escaping…

The original poster saw this with his own eyes and was shocked; his hands were still shaking as he made the post.

The original poster was actually recording Carolina at the time, and so was fortunate enough to record the whole scene.

He said that this Thief was godlike, and every move he made was worth studying.

There was link that followed, and when you opened it, it would play the scene before the members of the Imperial Secret Service ported home.

The video had only been up for a few seconds, but comments were already appearing.

1: Jade Flower Lover – As someone who is a professional gamer part of the ‘MLG’, seeing this gives me the chills. Did this guy edit the video so it looks like this?

2: Painted Feathers – SECOND!!!!

3: Roman Vanguard – The Great Qin Empire Union are hiring. If you are the brother who is in the video, please add me as a friend. The yearly salary is greater than that of elders in a big company and our union consists of people who are strong and ruthless. Together we will dominate Dawn!

4: Midnight Melody – The Imperial Secret Service got smashed, woo hooo!

68: Water Fairy – To the one in the video, do you want to meet up somewhere to PVP?

71: Storm Warrior – To the 68th comment, Water Fairy, you are beautiful and I love you!

72: Interstellar boy – I have a car, room and all sorts of household appliances. My bank balance exceeds 8 figures. Please be my girlfriend Water Fairy!

73: Old man next door – How many PVPs does Water Fairy want to participate in, 3 or 4? Count me in…

320: Amusing Funeral – The original poster’s video is incomplete, it gets even better at the end. Please see my post: The wretched way is king, the ultimate path of the Thief!

The lower the comments, the crazier they became, but there were still numerous people who could see the value of this Thief, including renowned Thieves such as “Midnight Ghost”, “Blood Dagger” and “Song of Sorrow”. They all praised Lu Li’s technique and positioning, and each one held it to high esteem. But the top Fairy Thief, Water Fairy, in asking for a battle caused discussion to ignite in this forum.

The Imperial Secret Service then became an example of what not to do, and for a long time, their members had to keep their heads down when facing other players.

As Lu Li’s appearance was brief, while the video was taken from afar, no one could clearly see his name and so for a long time they just called him ‘nameless’.

Lu Li didn’t know about any of this, and after he left, he went straight to the Moon Shadow Village.

He was afraid that he was being followed, so he stayed in stealth. He only revealed himself when he had entered the Dwarf’s blacksmith.

“You sneaky Thief, are you here to steal something?” the Dwarf’s blacksmith could be found commonly in the game: after all, Dwarves forge the highest quality metals. However, in this kind of place like the Moon Shadow Valley, only Qum’s Blacksmith could be found.

The other blacksmiths in Moon Shadow Valley were all managed completely by elves.

“Master Qum, you misunderstand.” Lu Li took a step forward and saluted the Dwarf.

“Humph, Elf hypocrite, there’s nothing for you here.” There were large swords and shields hanging on the walls of the blacksmith; he wasn’t lying.

“I heard you’ve reached some troubles in your research, so I specifically went and looked for a piece of Superior Quality Copper for you.” Lu Li turned his wrist and pulled out the Superior Quality Copper Ore from the mines, placing it gently on Qum’s workstation.

“Superior Quality Copper ore?” Qum chuckled with disdain: “How can the deserted Whispering Forest produce a Superior Quality Copper ore? Ever since I was sent to this damned place, I haven’t seen any high quality ores.”

Although his mouth spoke with spite, his hand still reached out and picked up the ash covered copper piece.

“Well” Qum was surprised as he felt it, hastily picking up his magnifying glass to study it.

“Quality 86, it’s pretty good even for a Superior Quality Copper Ore” Lu Li said.

“You have a good eye…” the Dwarf gripped the copper ore tightly, clearly satisfied.

This wasn’t true though, as the system directly told the player the grade of the ore. No visual observation was required of the players, but he obviously didn’t tell the NPC that. Lu Li smiled as he took out a dagger from his backpack. “Master, you can keep the ore. All you need to do is enchant this weapon of mine.”

Enchantment, involved using magic to attach an effect to a weapon, helmet or other equipment, either temporarily or permanently.

Lu Li did not know whether Qum from the Moon Shadow Valley was an Enchanter, but according to the guide he knew, Qum was the only one willing to undertake tasks for the player.

“What a surprise, you know about enchantments?” Qum asked.

“It is a great art, graciously given by the Gods,” Lu Li patiently flattered. In fact, the current players hadn’t even heard of enchanting. The life occupations that were officially listed only included Forger, Potion Crafter, Tailor and Forager (picking medicinal herbs, mining or hunting for skins).

Others such as Enchanter, Jeweler, Scribe, Builder and Cook would only appear in the next update of the game.

When the players reached a big city, they would come into contact with an Enchanter. With a ridiculously high price, they could add an attribute to a piece of equipment. This could make a small or big difference and could also be good or bad.

Lu Li’s flattering made Qum feel more comfortable; the Elf before him didn’t seem so bad. He picked up the dagger and flicked the blade with his finger: “Crafted by Elves, looks good but functionally useless.”

Broodmother’s Kiss (Bronze): Damage 8-15, Agility +2, Equipment Requirement LV3, Durability 18/18.

This bronze weapon wasn’t too bad; it was a weapon that could be used when you were level 3, but was nothing compared to what the Dwarves could produce. Lu Li didn’t really address the criticism, just smiling with embarrassment: “Master Qum, can you give it a new life?”

“Of course, I’m not only a Dwarven Blacksmith.” Qum was also a special Enchanter.

“Khaz’Goroth on High, your generosity is to be admired.” Lu Li bowed in gratitude, successfully enticing the Dwarf to take on the job.

Dwarves place great importance on their image, and as he had already been praised in addition to being given the ore, it wasn’t too difficult for him to accept the request.

After taking out a few odd pieces from behind his workstation and laying them in a certain order around the dagger, both of Qum’s hands emitted a colored light, the outline of his fingers flickering. Symbols then appeared and flew towards the dagger without entering it.

After a while, Qum sighed with relief and returned the dagger to Lu Li: “The original material isn’t too great. This is best I can do.”

Broodmother’s Kiss (Steel): Damage 10-22, Agility +4, Special Effect: Target will be poisoned if they are hit, dealing 20 damage per second, lasting for 5 seconds. Equipment Requirement LV5, Durability 30/30.

Woah, in the blink of an eye the sparrow had become a phoenix; the Bronze equipment became Steel. If this was considered bad, what kind of Enchanter was? Lu Li had never heard of enchanting that changed the rank of an item.

Lu Li was completely filled with gratitude this time: “Master Qum, this is the best dagger I’ve ever seen. The greatness of your enchantment is amazing.”