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Chapter 32: Warrior God Moonlight

Chapter 32: Warrior God Moonlight

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“How do we know that you won’t just run away after you get the money?” someone queried.

Before Lu Li could even respond, someone shot back: “Get out of here, this guy is an expert who has gotten 2 First Clears. Why would he want your small bit of money?”

No one could respond to that, as he truly was incredible. He had sold a skill book yesterday and everything on sale had been obtained today. This made all the ordinary players feel useless in comparison.

This was probably the first Steel equip that had been put on sale!

This was probably also the first Bronze suit that had appeared in game!

“For these two Bronze equips, I bid 200 real money.” The crowd was silent for a moment, before someone shouted out a price.

“Let’s not mess around. For those two Bronze equips, we the Great Qin Empire bid 2000 real money.” Lu Li didn’t even need to say anything before someone raised the price significantly.

This was a textbook seller’s market, without any fear that no one would want to buy it.

The price that Lu Li had set was 4 gold together, or 2 gold per piece. According to the current trade market, gold had an exchange rate of 1000 to 1. As such, a bid of 2000 real money was just to test the waters.

“We the Gods of Dusk bid 4000 real money, but would also like to remind everyone not to bid too highly. These attributes are good, but it is only level 5. Let’s not hurt each other but be amicable instead.” This was spoken by a senior player who was experienced and reliable. He accurately pointed out a key issue - these equips were too low level.

Several unions in the crowd hesitated, as they needed to consider this.

“5000 real money.” The silence didn’t last long before another bid was called out. The price had now surpassed Lu Li’s original marked price.

Lu Li followed the voice to find Drinking Alone standing in the crowd. He was obviously attempting to buy it for his Union, and if no one increased the bid, he would happily take it at 5000.

“10,000!” A cold, yet magnetic voice sounded from the crowd. It had a mysterious charm to it.

Water Fairy!

The name was shouted and like magic, the crowd split to make way for her.

This was the first time that Lu Li had seen Water Fairy in person. However, he wasn’t unfamiliar with her. She would later become Dawn’s first competitive representative, with her image being placed on a large promotional poster.

Water Fairy as an extremely beautiful woman in every sense, with long legs and a charming, slender waist. She maintained a youthful appearance with her immature facial features, but her demeanor was cold and arrogant. As such, she had gained the image of a goddess to the players.

It wasn’t clear whether it was because of Water Fairy’s presence, or that 10,000 well and truly exceeded the value of these items, but no one placed any further bids.

“Add me as a friend.” Water Fairy’s voice was actually very soft, like a typical Japanese girl. It was too bad that this was ruined by her monotone intonation.

Lu Li gawked for a moment, before attempting to send Water Fairy a friend request. However, he was met with a system message which told him that the player he was trying to send a request to forbade friend requests…

“Ah… I can’t”

So, she was also someone who didn’t accept friend requests.

After a second, Water Fairy responded: “It’ll work now.”

Lu Li didn’t receive a cold system prompt this time and successfully added Water Fairy as a friend.

“Water Beauty, I worship you, please add me.” Other people saw that Lu Li and Water Fairy had added each other, so they also quickly sent their invitations. However, they were all disheartened when they rejected by the system.

How could this Thief who was hiding his face add her, but a genuine person couldn’t?

“Water Beauty, I am from the Gangnam Royals, please add me. Perhaps my union could work together with Drizzle Court sometime.” Gangnam Royals were ranked 2nd among the unions, but upon hearing a proposition like this, one couldn’t help but chuckle.

A player like Water Fairy had no regard for unions.

A union would provide its resources in exchange for a person’s allegiance - it was a mutual relationship.

High-ranking players like Water Fairy, Beast King Hunter, Glacial Autumn Wind and Berserk Warrior Moonlight usually did not engage in union matters, regarding themselves as equals to the unions. They usually spent more time on their own matters.

Only Drinking Alone and Indifference were the kind of people to regard matters of their union to be their primary occupation. However, they would be unable to rise and become the best of the best.

“When can we PVP? You can choose the time and place.” This was the reason for the friend request. The female tycoon was showing her aggressive side, and if he were to decline, she would probably scream and attack him.

“Wait until I’m free.” Lu Li wanted to tell her that as of now, she wasn’t a match for him, but he was scared that he would be killed by her nearby supporters.

Water Fairy seemed to trust that this ‘expert’ was in the middle of something, and left after completing the transaction with several other members of the Drizzle Court Union.

Spending this kind of money just for a PVP match was something that only Dawn’s first female tycoon would do.

“Next is this big Steel axe for a Berserk Warrior. Everyone has already seen its attributes. If you have it, it doesn’t matter who you fight in a PVP. You will be the one reaping the rewards!” Lu Li didn’t say anything more and announced the starting price.

The Elven race was unsuitable to be a Main Tank and those who played Warrior as an Elf would mostly follow the Berserker Warrior path. As this was Elven territory, this typical Berserker Warrior weapon would almost certainly be sold.

Elf characters were also beautiful, which is something that tycoons loved. Elf Berserker Warriors had therefore made a name for themselves in being extremely wealthy.

“Wait!” Suddenly, someone called out to Lu Li.

“Woah, who do you think you are? Just because you say wait, should we all just wait?” Those who were about to name a price were all startled by the shout and nearly choked on their own saliva, while others began to shout back at her. If it weren’t for the fact that you couldn’t attack anyone here, they would have started fighting long ago.

“I am Moonlight.” The voice was firm and steady, unaffected by the scolding.

Others were laughing, but Lu Li didn’t even crack a smile.

Within 2 or 3 years, Moonlight would quickly rise up within the game community.

There were too many Thief experts, so there was too much dispute over the title of Thief God, but the Warrior God was absolute. Many people used this to refer to Moonlight!

Some people said that he possessed an evil spirit because of how bloodthirsty he was. He once picked a Union called Twilight Gloom and fought them. In that battle, he had completely broken all his equipment and lost several levels, but had also managed to kill several hundred of the opposing players.

With such a glorious outcome, should you just accept your victory?


It wasn’t many days before he was re-equipped with a full set of high quality equips and killing people from that union.

No one knew how the situation was resolved, but Moonlight had shocked the entire player-base, and no one dared to offend him from then on.

Others claimed that Moonlight was some Godlike player with a smurf, because his technique was too good and his levelling speed was too fast. The equipment on his body was also the best, which was not the mark of an amateur.

Who knew that today was his lucky day? Two future experts had unexpectedly arrived. Lu Li was a little shocked.

He was curious, however, as to why Moonlight had told him to stop the auction.