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Chapter 35: My Beautiful Landlord

Chapter 35: My Beautiful Landlord

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The person’s voice was slightly hoarse, and Lu Li turned around, he was that it came from a beautiful woman.

Her clothes were not very orderly and she had eyebags as well as an impatient expression, however, she was definitely a beauty. This went to show just how stunning she was.

The Lu brother and sister took a few steps back to make way for her. She was holding a sheet of paper with a sticky back, and she carelessly stuck it onto the bulletin board. She didn’t even bother to look at it after, and yawned, then shakily left.

“Big sister.” Lu Xin called out to the beauty.

The beauty turned around in annoyance. However, seeing that it was the cute little girl who had called out to her, her voice became somewhat more amicable. “What is it little sister?”

Lu Li had been completely ignored.

“Big sister, you stuck your ad upside down!”

The beauty seemed to waken up, and walking over, she saw that it was indeed upside down.

Villa overlooking the Little Mirror Lake. Renting out 3 rooms. Includes a private bathroom, shared gym, kitchen… IV-6 network port for gaming… Monthly rent: $8,000-12,000. For more information, please call 182*****001.

After turning it the right way up, Lu Li was able to read the ad, and immediately called out to the beauty who was about to leave.

“What is it now?” The beauty frowned and her eyes filled with annoyance. Her attitude towards Lu Li was completely different.

“The room you’re renting out has an IV-6 network port for gaming? Are you sure it’s an IV-6?” Lu Li asked.

The IV-6 network port was designed especially for gaming and costed quite a bit of money - about $2,000 per month. Furthermore, because of the network resources it took up, the installation of such network ports was strictly limited. Even if one had money, they might not necessarily be able to access one.

“That’s right, you want to rent?” The beauty gave him a strange look, “Sorry, but we only want to rent to females.”

“Big brother, it’s so expensive,” Lu Xin said as she held Lu Li’s hand. She was simply astounded by the monthly rent. The government handouts given to those in the Slum District would be around $8,000 per year, and it would rarely be given in cash.

“This price is actually quite fair. You know, Xin Xin, it would be quite hard for us to find a cheaper and better place than this in the Higher Education Mega Centre,” Lu Li replied.

“How about we go back to the Commoner District? We’ll come back when we have enough money.” Lu Xin didn’t want her brother to overwork herself. She would already be happy living in the Commoner District.

What a good girl. Lu Li couldn’t help but stroke his little sister’s head. “If we live over here, I can send you to a good school. That way, you’ll be able to go to the No. 1 Affiliated Middle School. I heard that the enrolment rate there is quite good, and the minimum mark for passing is alright. Big brother wants you to get into the best school and best university, alright?”

“But…” Lu Xin wanted to say something, but was cut off by Lu Li. “Don’t worry about money. Big brother will take care of that.”

These people probably weren’t looking for male tenants because there were females living there already. It would be quite awkward for them if he moved in. As such, Lu Li did not push it, and instead continued to look through the ads, searching for one that had an IV-6 network port.

An IV-6 network port was simply too important, especially to a Manual mode player.

A virtual reality game depended on the game helmet, as well as the network port. Only with a decent game helmet and network port would the game run smoothly and actually appear like a virtual world. Lu Li’s game helmet was one of the worst, and combined with the network port in the Slum District, he could definitely feel the effects.

“Oi, you two.” The Lu brother and sister were muttering together about the different ads when they heard the woman call out to them.

“Eh, you’re still here?” Lu Li was a bit surprised.

“Didn’t you say you were looking for a place to rent? Come with me.” Without waiting for them, the beauty started to march forwards.

From behind, the beauty’s figure was quite impressive. She had long, slim legs and had a thick waist with a well-rounded bottom. Even without trying, she was quite sensual.

Lu Li hesitated for a moment before taking Lu Xin’s hand and following her, as he asked, “How much rent do I have to pay at once?”

“Pay for 3 months plus the next 3 as security.” This time, the woman didn’t sound as annoyed at them.

“No problem, but can we start next month? I’ll need to prepare during this month,” Lu Li said.

“Why do you need to start next month? Are you going to become rich in a month?” The woman’s thinking process was a bit strange. Most people wouldn’t have agreed to such a thing, but instead, she had asked them why.

“I won’t be able to become rich, but renting a place should be fine.” Lu Li replied.

As they talked, they had come to the entrance of the Villa. No wonder they said that it was overlooking the lake - this villa had 2 storeys and was right next to it. There was also a decently-sized balcony that extended out over a bit of the lake.

“If you’ve found a good job, then let me see the contract. Otherwise, how can I trust you… wait here.” The beauty opened the door and walked in. However, after taking a few steps, she immediately ran out and turned around while yelling, “I brought some people who are interested in renting; hurry and clean the place up. There’s a guy…”

Lu Li started sweating. He could almost imagine a bunch of almost-naked girls sitting in the living room.

There was a flurry of movement inside and someone yelled back, “Alright, big sis Huan Huan, you can come in now.”

The living room was quite large, but was a bit messy. However, at the very least, there wasn’t any underwear lying around. There were two women sitting on the sofa, looking at the Lu brother and sister in curiosity.

As the saying goes, ‘birds of a feather flock together’. These two women were also exceptional beauties. One of them was wearing a light blue shirt and was quite a lot shorter than the other two women. Her large and sparkling eyes, coupled with her sizeable chest made her appear like a ‘kawaii’ girl from a manga.

The other looked much more delicate and quiet, as if she was from a painting.

“Please take a seat. What were we talking about just then?” the woman who was called ‘big sis Huan Huan’ said, as she found a spot on the sofa and curled up.

“Big sis Huan Huan, didn’t we say that we’d look for a female?” the kawaii girl said unhappily.

“Ah, I saw that he treated his little sister really well, and I felt touched at the time,” Huan Huan said, as she messed around with messy hair, evidently feeling conflicted.

The kawaii girl looked at Lu Xin and suddenly realised something, saying, “Hey, at least she’s shorter than me and she’s super cute. Let’s let her stay.”

“Dou Dou, she’s still young; she’ll definitely still grow,” the delicate girl reminded her.

Although Lu Xin was already in grade 10, she was only 14 years old. She was incredibly pretty, but was only about 1.5 metres or so tall.

“Big sis Yi Yi, will you die if you just agree?” The girl referred to as Dou Dou yelled out furiously. The delicate beauty looked away, and didn’t say anything else.

“Alright, be quiet you guys,” Huan Huan cut them off as she looked at Lu Li and said, “You said that you wanted to start renting next month, right?”