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Chapter 40: Charm Skill

Chapter 40: Charm Skill

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“Have you fought this Boss before? Is this Boss difficult?” Moonlight saw that something was wrong based on Lu Li’s facial expression and sent him a private message.

“I have a friend who was in the beta that ran into this Boss. Its attack and defence is very ordinary, but it has a skill that is very hard to deal with…” Lu Li generally described what the Boss could do and saw that Moonlight was also frowning.

But Moonlight wasn’t disheartened, messaging back: “I heard from Azure Sea Breeze that you intend to make a fixed group. If you are, you will need someone to take on the role of commander. You cannot be hesitant like this. The question is simple, what do we give up and where can we attack back? Even if we lose, we only lose some exp. On this trip today, I’ve already gained more than 50% exp.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Li felt like his mind had cleared. That’s right, it was only some exp. He didn’t feel nervous anymore, instead clapping his hands and saying, “Let’s give it a shot. If anyone has any ideas speak up!”

“We’re waiting for your direction; how do we fight it?” This was the blind trust that Azure Sea Breeze had for Lu Li.

Lu Li waved his hand, saying, “Main Tank attack the Boss and receive healing, everyone else deal damage.”

“That’s it?” Everyone stared at him in disbelief.

“It’s my first time too; I don’t know what to do either. This Boss probably has Charm, so whoever is controlled will either heal it or attack us. If that happens, don’t panic. If a healer gets controlled, then we can use crowd control to stop it, but if an attacker gets controlled, we should all hide.”

The text that he read didn’t have any strategy written to beat the boss; it only described its despicable skill. As such, Lu Li could only arrange a countermeasure based on that description.

Although they were unwilling, they could only attack it with the standard method for now.

Azure Sea Breeze charged in and successfully stunned the Boss for a second. It looked like the Boss wasn’t immune to Crown Control.

Some Bosses in Dawn could be Crowd Controlled, but others had attributes that stopped this from happening. All you could do was hit them when they cast a spell, or counterattack with a Mage to cancel it.

There had been people who tried to take Professions with a higher number of crowd control abilities to control Bosses. However, they soon discovered that some Bosses were immune to crowd control skills. Moreover, attempting to use these skills on a Boss may cause it to go into berserk mode earlier and wreak havoc.

After Allen was stunned by Charge, Lu Li’s cast Cheap Shot, which only stunned for 2.5 seconds out of the usual 4 seconds. It appeared as though the Boss had some kind of gradual immunity to crowd control skills.

Fortunately, most Cynocephali’s had weak defense, and the Elder was no exception. Azure Sea Breeze could deal 3 damage, while Lu Li’s normal attack could deal around 5 damage.

However, its total HP was 45,000!

Not accounting for any incidents, it would take an hour if the 5 of them kept attacking it.

They didn’t have a choice though; the highest-level member was not even level 7 and the Boss was level 10. The difference in level was simply just too great. If the Boss was a wild beast that had high defence, there would be no chance of them ever taking it down.

“Dammit, this dog’s hits hurt. It’s much stronger than the turtle boss.” Azure Sea Breeze was knocked down by the Cynocephali Elder and lost 23 HP.

“Of course, it’s a level 10 Boss,” Lu Li responded.

“I’m really curious as to how yout beat the first Wild Boss,” Moonlight said.

“How else? The two of us just kept hitting until it died,” Azure Sea Breeze answered, “But that Boss was easier to kill, because its attack wasn’t very high and it didn’t have such a special skill. It just had high defence and a lot of HP.”

“That Boss lives in the water and when its HP reached a certain level, it would return to the water to heal. So we pulled the boss into the woods…”

“You guys are so vulgar, what did you do to the Boss in the woods?” Lonesome Flower hadn’t said anything all day, and this was what he contributed when finally did.

“Hehe, just the same as before.” Azure Sea Breeze was just as bad.

“For the two of you to be able to kill a Boss is something to be proud of,” Moonlight said emotionally. He was an expert and had played several games in his career, but he had never heard of two people killing a Boss on the second day in a game. He could already feel Dawn’s developers crying about this.

They talked while they fought the boss so they wouldn’t be bored.

Occasionally, the Boss would use its stick to cast a spell that was like Blizzard. It dealt a lot of damage; Lu Li was hit and he lost over 30 HP. If not for the fact that it only occasionally cast this spell, they would have already given up.

When the Boss HP dropped below 70%, it held up its stick (Magic Staff) and started an incantation in an obscure language. Remnant Dream slowly aimed her Crossbow at Lonesome Flower with a stone face.

“Sister, why do you resent me? Why are you pointing your weapon at me?” Lonesome Flower stepped aside and put on a long face.

“Help, help, what do I do? I can’t control myself” Remnant Dream was already nervous, but this made her unable to speak properly.

“Don’t panic, the Boss is using its skill to control you. Look at your own UI; how long does it last for?” Lu Li calmly called out, attempting to comfort the nervousness of his party members.

“There’s 52 seconds left,” Remnant Dream immediately called out after checking.

“Get out of here, don’t let Remnant Dream hit you.” It was the good thing that the respawn time of the monsters wasn’t very fast, so they had some space to fight.

The little Hunter now had a Steel Weapon equipped, so her attacks would be something to watch out for.

While casting Charm, the Boss didn’t attempt anything further, which was good news in their current predicament. The pressure on Priest March Rain to heal had finally been relaxed for a while.

Lu Li attacked Allen while explain to her, “When you are healing don’t panic. If you can, don’t over-heal, especially when someone receives a minor wound. Don’t heal every time Blizzard is cast; we can be hit 2 or 3 times before we die. But make sure to keep everyone relatively healthy as well, you never know what the Boss might do. The best you can do is keep everyone above half health.”

“If one of the damage dealers is controlled, the Healer can go and drink a mana potion,” Moonlight added.

Although Lu Li’s damage output wasn’t very high, this wasn’t the biggest problem with this Boss. The biggest problem was healing!

After fighting for over an hour, it became apparent that managing the mana potions was key. Each mana potion needed to be used to its maximum restoration potential. March Rain over healed a lot, which meant that they were safe, but a lot of the healing was also wasted.

As these two experts were giving advice, Charm was cast a second time. This time Lu Li was the target and March Rain decisively ran off to restore mana.

This was the difference between fighting a Wild Boss and an Instance Dungeon Boss. The aggro range was different: a Wild Boss’ aggro range was much smaller, while an Instance Dungeon Boss’ aggro range was based on terrain and vision. Some of them would stick to you for as long as you were in their Instance Dungeon.

After Lu Li had been controlled, the person that he started chasing after was Lonesome Flower.