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Chapter 41: Charm Heart

Chapter 41: Charm Heart

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“It’s definitely your luck. Bro, keep running,” Azure Sea Breeze said with mischievous glee.

Lonesome Flower looked back as he ran and soon started to yell, “Crap, captain’s Movement Speed is faster than mine. Someone help me!”

“Sea Breeze, use Charge on me,” Lu Li instructed. Azure Sea Breeze immediately used Charge on Lu Li and stunned him. Because most of the equipment that he had gave Constitution, he only damaged Lu Li for about 20 HP.

After Lu Li recovered from being stunned, his target did not change, and he continued to chase after Lonesome Flower.

“Goddamn, have mercy. Is my first death really going to be because of captain?” Lonesome Flower desperately ran. However, an Intelligence profession simply couldn’t outrun an Agility profession.

“Shut up you idiot. The first time I saw you, you were being killed by a wolf.” Lu Li was becoming annoyed by his yells and seeing that his Dagger was about to stab Lonesome Flower, he could only yell out, “Moonlight, stun me!”

Moonlight used Charge and stunned Lu Li, giving Lonesome Flower some more time to escape.

“Sea Breeze, use a Shieldstrike on me.” What a situation! Lu Li never thought that he would have to instruct his own teammates to attack him.

They patiently endured until Lu Li could control his body again. By now, the Boss’ HP had fallen to about 60%. Luckily, March Rain’s MP was more or less recovered.

As long as the healer had the opportunity to run off, recover their MP and drink some Potions, they wouldn’t become a burden to the team.

Luckily, Azure Sea Breeze was the main tank. He almost had a full body of Bronze grade equipment and was nearly LV7. That was the main reason why he could survive for a long period of time without being healed. Any other tank, even that of a large union’s, would have to be constantly healed by the healer.

But then again, how could a large union possibly go up against a LV10 Boss with 6 people?

Players on the Forum were claiming that the Evil Faction’s Stellar Union had made a team of 100 players who were all LV5 and above, to challenge the LV20 Boss Lubbers. However, they had apparently all been wiped out, due to the main tank not being strong enough.

The Cynocephali Elder they were facing was quite a difficult Boss. He would use Charm every 5 minutes and the person affected would change every time. Despite this, they soon managed to reduce his HP down to 50%, albeit with some difficulty.

“Goddamn!” The players suddenly screamed out inwardly.

March Rain had been controlled!

This was the worst-case scenario!

March Rain immediately stopped moving, and started to furiously heal the Boss!

The Boss’ HP wouldn’t be healed very quickly - in the 1 minute that charm lasted, it would probably only be healed by about 4,500HP. However, this wasn’t the main point of frustration.

“I’m out of MP.” In less than 50 seconds, March Rain’s Mana bar had been completed depleted.

“Sea Breeze get ready to use Potions to recover; March Rain, once you’re free from the Charm, immediately retreat and drink Mana Potions. Recover as much MP as you can.” Lu Li knew that he couldn’t panic, otherwise his party would be finished.

In his ‘past life’, Lu Li had been part of many teams led by experienced captains. From all of his experience, he had learned one important lesson: the captain could never panic!

Allen roared and used his staff to smash down on Azure Sea Breeze’s head. Azure Sea Breeze’s HP fell down to half, but he drank a HP Potion and was healed by March Rain before the next attack.

They now faced a new problem - March Rain’s MP definitely couldn’t last for the 5 minutes between the Boss’s charms.

Even if they had more Mana Potions, they wouldn’t be of much use because of Potion Resistance. Lu Li thought for a moment before saying, “March Rain, retreat outside of the Boss’ range and recover your MP. Azure Sea Breeze, don’t use your Taunt. When Azure Sea Breeze has about one third of his HP left, Moonlight should draw aggro.”

This was a fairly safe method. The difficult part would be for Moonlight to draw aggro in time. Otherwise, if their main tank fell, taking down this Boss would be virtually impossible.

Lu Li had always suspected that Moonlight was an expert, and so far, Moonlight hadn’t let him down. When Azure Sea Breeze’s HP fell below half, he started using his skills to damage the Boss and by the time Azure Sea Breeze’s HP fell below one third, a high-damage Whirlwind from Moonlight drew the Boss’ aggro to himself.

However, Moonlight was not a tank and his points, as well as equipment, were all focused on Strength. Every hit from the Boss cost him 50-60HP and he would be down in just a few hits.

During this whole process, Lu Li was gathering combo points. Once he had 5 combo points, he moved into position and successfully used his Backhand Backstab.

System: Backhand Backstab Skill Completion 79%, caused 101% Skill Damage, Rank 1 Armour Pierce Effect, lasts for 30 seconds.

Moonlight’s Axe also had an Armour Pierce Effect, but it wasn’t as good as the one Lu Li had just triggered.

Seeing that Lu Li had triggered the Armour Pierce effect, Moonlight showed his experience by backing off. This afforded Lu Li the opportunity to deal a large amount of damage and draw the Boss’ aggro. Lu Li’s Defence was low, but he had high Agility and Evasion. Combined with his ability to move unpredictably, he was able to last even longer than Moonlight.

“I’m back!” Just as Lu Li was in danger, Azure Sea Breeze, who had recovered about half of his HP, came charging in like a tank. He smashed into the Boss and drew aggro to himself using his Taunt.

March Rain’s MP was now fully recovered. The crisis was over.

After knowing what would happen if their healer was controlled, they were no longer in suspense. At most, they would just have to continuously attack the Boss and play it safe for a while. From beginning to the end, not a single member of their party died.

The shameless boss was surrounded by even more shameless players, as they slowly wore him down.

The poor Cynocephali Elder was a Boss that could easily destroy a 100 man team, but had now fallen pitifully at the altar. It didn’t even get to say anything before it was killed.

System: Players Lu Li, Azure Sea Breeze, Moonlight, March Rain, Lonesome Flower and Remnant Dream have achieved the First Kill of the wilderness Boss Cynocephali Elder Allen!

“I finally got onto the World Announcements,” Lonesome Flower said with tears streaming down his face.

“It’s not that amazing; you get used to it.” Azure Sea Breeze was acting cool, but upon seeing all of the comments in the Public Chat, he could help but feel proud as well.

The instant the Boss died, Lu Li, Lonesome Flower, Moonlight and March Rain all levelled up. The EXP from such a Boss was incredible.

What’s more, the very sight of the items and equipment that the Boss dropped reinvigorated the spirits of the entire party.

“It dropped a lot of equipment, so let’s all try our luck and see who gets the better equipment,” Lu Li said as he stepped back. His luck was average, so he let the others try first.

Azure Sea Breeze grinned as he picked up a piece of equipment. However, after looking at its stats, his expression fell and he threw it to Moonlight.

“I think I forgot to wash my hands; it’s a Bronze grade piece of equipment. You can have it.”

“Just because you washed your hands doesn’t mean you’ll get a good draw; it’s your luck,” Lonesome Flower laughed.

Moonlight took the equipment and also picked another piece up.

“Hmm, not bad. It’s a Steel grade Priest’s equipment.”

The equipment boosted healing and therefore was given to March Rain.

Everyone else also drew a piece of equipment. Most of them were Bronze grade and only Lonesome Flower drew a Steel grade piece of equipment. It was a helmet suitable for tanks and was extremely valuable. Of course, the team gave it to Azure Sea Breeze.

“Thanks, bro. Your real name wouldn’t happen be Lei Feng, the icon of selflessness, would it?” Azure Sea Breeze said as he laughed his head off.

To draw such a good piece of equipment for someone else, Lonesome Flower almost cried.

Lu Li received a piece of equipment for his shoulders. It was Bronze grade and gave 5 points of Agility, but he could only use it after he was LV10.

The Boss they had just killed was LV10, which meant that the lowest Level Requirement for the equipment it dropped would be LV10. All of the players could only keep the equipment until they could use it at a later date.

Furthermore, under the insistence of his teammates, the materials dropped from the Boss also made their way into Lu Li’s bag. One of them was the Charm Heart, which was exactly what he needed to upgrade the Supreme One Ring. Originally, he had believed that it could only be obtained from a LV15 Instance Dungeon.