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Chapter 42: Double Skill Books

Chapter 42: Double Skill Books

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Everyone else was of the opinion that without Lu Li, they wouldn’t have gone on this quest and wouldn’t have been able to kill this Boss. Seeing that Lu Li wasn’t able to obtain a single piece of Steel-grade equipment, they were insistent that he could have the materials. To Lu Li, just receiving this Charm Heart made everything worth it!

LV15 Instance Dungeons were incredibly hard: even a team with ten LV20 players would struggle to successfully clear one. Moreover, the Charm Heart only dropped in the Elite grade Instance Dungeon and had a drop rate even lower than that of the Jade Spider Webs.

In his ‘past life’, he remembered that Azure Sea Breeze had told him that in order to obtain the Charm Heart, he had cleared the LV15 Instance Dungeon for 3 months!

The main materials required for upgrading the Supreme One Ring to the Supreme Two Ring were the Jade Spider Webs and the Charm Heart. The other 5 types of materials were rare, but most of them could be bought from the market. All it would take was some time and money.

Lu Li estimated that if his luck was good, he would be able to take the ring to an altar to upgrade it before LV10.

The Supreme One Ring’s stats simply couldn’t be compared to that of the Supreme Two Ring’s. The gap was too wide.

“Let’s go and hand in the quest.” After handing out their spoils of war, the party left the mine. They encountered a few monsters on the way back, but easily killed them all.

“Elf, I hope that you have brought back good news.” Tap was still in his half-dead condition. He had obtained a broken gun and leant on it, using it as a crutch.

“There were some complications, but luckily we were all able to survive,” Lu Li said, then proceeded to describe the intense battle.

The others were worried; Azure Sea Breeze wanted to say something, but Lu Li stopped him with a stern look.

They didn’t know why Lu Li had done this. Everyone knew that the Quest Rewards were linked to the Quest Difficulty. The Altar Sacrifices weren’t even Elites, so it would be difficult to get good rewards for killing them. However, they hadn’t only killed some Altar Sacrifices, but a Boss with close to 50,000HP.

A Cynocephali Elder!

It was possible that the rewards would be a bit better for killing that Boss.

“Complications?” Tap looked serious, “What sort of complications? Can you tell me in details? Monitoring the Cynocephali is my duty, so I can’t overlook anything.”

Only now did Lu Li mention the Cynocephali Elder Allen. After speaking, their whole party received notice of a quest completion.

System: Completed Tap’s Request: Kill the Cynocephali Sacrifices. Received Reputation Reward. Received EXP Reward. Received a Skill Book of Player’s Profession.

System: Completed Tap’s Request: Kill the Cynocephali Elder. Received Reputation Reward. Received EXP Reward. Received a Skill Book of a random profession. Received an Equipment of Player’s Profession.

Apart from Lu Li, everyone was dumbfounded. They all understood why Lu Li had separated his interactions with Tap into 2 stages.

Unexpectedly, they had just cleared 2 quests, and both of them had excellent rewards.

The second quest’s rewards were especially good. The EXP from that quest alone gave each of the party members half an entire bar of EXP.

What made them even happier was that they had also received a Skill Book for their own profession, as well as any Skill Book of their choice. In addition to this, they had even received a piece of Equipment for their profession!

None of them had ever received such awesome Quest Rewards before. These past few hours had seemed like a dream to them: they had killed LV8-9 monsters and a LV10 Boss, which was topped off by completing an incredible quest.

“Lord Tap, please allow us to escort you back to the Moon Shadow Valley so you can recuperate.” Lu Li didn’t ignore the NPC and even offered to escort him back.

Tap was very happy with Lu Li’s words and warmly said, “I indeed need to go back to recuperate. However, after I’m fine, I’ll still need to return here. After all, this is my job.”

Lu Li suddenly understood why Tap’s quest was different to the one in his ‘past life’.

In Lu Li’s ‘past life’, Tap had been a very ordinary NPC who would give out 2 quests every day. One involved investigating the mine tunnel, while the other required the player to kill 20 Cynocephali. The rewards were just EXP and silver coins.

Lu Li concluded that the quests they had just done were limited to the first player or players to successfully complete them. In the future, these quests wouldn’t be available to anyone else anymore.

Tap could move by himself, but he moved incredibly slowly and drew aggro from monsters within 80 yards. Lu Li and his party had to constantly shield him the entire way.

Their job was much easier after getting out of Cynocephali territory, as the monsters outside had much lower levels.

The party finally had time to have a good look at their spoils of war.

[Vanish]: Instant Cast, Cooldown Time: 2 minutes. You vanish and enter into an enhanced Stealth state. The effects last for 5 seconds. For the first 3 seconds after vanishing, damage received and damaging effects will not cancel the Stealth. All Movement Restrictions will also be removed. Proficiency: 1/1000.

Lu Li almost yelled out in joy. It was actually this skill!

The Boss of the LV30 Instance Dungeon Scarlet Monastery (Library) at Elite level or higher had a certain chance of dropping the Vanish Skill Book.

This was an Instance Dungeon that every player would clear every day. If one could obtain a Vanish Skill Book, their entire team would be able to earn a handsome sum by selling it. There were often captains of teams who would take the Skill Book for themselves and immediately leave. Who cared about their reputation when they could sell the Skill Book for so much money!

Back then, there were around 40 million Thieves in Dawn, but less than 1,000 of them had the Vanish skill!

Vanish was the symbol of an expert thief. It was viewed in the same way as the Magicians’ Ice Block.

Evidently, this Skill Book was very valuable.

However, at the moment, it could only sit around in Lu Li’s bag. If it wasn’t for the LV10 requirement, Lu Li would have learnt it immediately to prevent it from dropping if he died.

Before Lu Li could take a look at his second Skill Book, he heard a loud yell.

“Wuu, I finally have Tame Beast, Tame Beast!” It was the little Hunter Remnant Dream. She was so excited that she was jumping around and was almost shedding tears of joy.

Without Tame Beast, Hunters couldn’t obtain pets. No matter how skilled they were, they would never be able to match up to other Hunters or players of other professions. Once a Hunter had their own pets, their strength rose significantly.

A Hunter with pets was the king of the wilderness!

In Dawn, apart from armoured professions, Hunters were the best counters to Thieves.

Remnant Dream’s luck was comparable to Lu Li’s. She had finally obtained the Tame Beast Skill Book that she had been dreaming about.

“Polymorph.” Lonesome Flower didn’t sound too happy.

“Shield Block. Looks like I really am cut out to be a main tank,” Azure Sea Breeze said bitterly.

“Mortal Strike. It can reduce healing on the target.” Seeing that everyone else had declared what skills they had received, Moonlight didn’t hide his either.

“Revive,” March Rain said, with her head tilted up, face beaming with pride. Priests who could Revive were very valuable. Everyone knew how important reviving was to a team.

“Vanish.” Lu Li didn’t offer any explanation. He said the name and looked at his other Skill Book.

[Shadowfiend]: Instant Cast, Cooldown Time: 5 minutes. Summons a Shadowfiend to attack a target for 15 seconds. When the Shadowfiend successfully attacks the target, the caster will receive 10% of their current MP back. Proficiency: 1/1000.

Although Tap was just an Explorer, he was an Elite grade NPC who had a name. His rewards were all incredibly generous.