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Chapter 43: Child of the Forest

Chapter 43: Child of the Forest

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Shadowfiend was an incredibly rare Priest summoning skill.

Its strength wasn’t in the bit of damage that it could deal, but rather in the effect of the Shadowfiend.

Every time the Shadowfiend successfully attacked, the caster would regain 10% of their MP. If they were lucky and got in 4 or 5 attacks within those 15 seconds, the Priest would be able to recover around half of their MP.

With this skill, March Rain’s sustain would be much better, and she wouldn’t have to run off while fighting Bosses to recover her MP.

Shadowfiend was worth a lot of money and although it couldn’t compare to Lu Li’s Vanish, it was much more valuable than Remnant Dream’s Tame Beast. This sort of skill could ensure continuous healing for a team and many unions would be willing to pay a high price to create a self-sustaining healer.

Lu Li thought about it for a long time before painfully giving the Skill Book to March Rain.

He wasn’t a very generous person, but this skill was much too important to March Rain. She had readily joined him when he needed help. He simply couldn’t go and sell the Skill Book secretly.

“Ah, this skill…” March Rain was quite smart and immediately worked out how important this skill was to her. She was filled with gratitude and took out her second Skill Book.

Child of the Forest: Instant Cast. You turn into a cheetah, raising your Movement Speed by 50% and gain the ability to climb at 45 degree angles. Allows you to use all skills available to the Cheetah Transformation. The caster becomes immune to all Polymorph effects and fall damage is reduced. Transforming removes all Movement Restrictions on the caster. Proficiency: 1/1000.

When Lu Li was selling things at the Moon Shadow Valley, he had explained what Enhanced Skills were to the spectators. The Enhanced Skill for Cheetah Transformation was the Child of the Forest.

This skill added a bonus 20% Movement Speed to the Cheetah Transformation, as well as the ability to climb at 45 degree angles.

The Dawn players often called Druids in the Child of the Forest form ‘Meow People’. This was because they were smaller than normal cheetahs and looked closer to cats. Furthermore, they were so fast that even players with Movement Speed buffs couldn’t catch up to them.

Druids had great survivability. Although they didn’t fare well in PVP battles, they were adept in running away.

Despite Lu Li being a Thief, he was still able to learn this skill because of the Supreme One Ring. It was a skill that he had been quite keen to learn.

The last time he had been wandering around in the Moon Shadow Valley, he saw a player selling a Cheetah Transformation Skill Book for 5 gold coins. He didn’t even hesitate to buy it, as it was essential to him learning Child of the Forest.

Seeing them exchange Skill Books, Azure Sea Breeze took out his Skill Books to see if anyone wanted to trade.

If there was anyone else around, their jaw would have hit the ground. Who in their right mind would gift another person a Skill Book worth tens of thousands of dollars in real life?!

No one else had any Skill Books of use to Lu Li, so they all exchanged them among themselves. Their sense of camaraderie instantly grew and they truly began to feel like a party.

The equipment that Lu Li received was actually Steel grade!

[Death’s Shadow] (Steel): 12-25 Damage, Strength+5, Attack Speed+10%. Level Requirement: LV6. Durability: 32/32.

Currently, Lu Li had a LV5 Common grade Dagger, as well as the Enchanted Dagger Broodmother’s Kiss.

[Broodmother’s Kiss] (Steel): 10-22 Damage, Agility+4, Special Effect: Upon successfully attacking a target, there is a chance of the target be poisoned and taking 20 damage per second for 5 seconds. Level Requirement: LV5. Durability: 30/30.

Lu Li felt that the Broodmother’s Kiss suited his playing style more and it also had a cool special effect. It had been of great help to him in both Boss battles he had experienced in the wilderness. However, this didn’t mean that Death’s Shadow was inferior to it.

The Death’s Shadow was more suited for Warrior Thieves, as it had high damage. However, this didn’t mean that Agility Thieves couldn’t use it - after all, it gave a bonus 10% Attack Speed.

Lu Li unequipped his Common grade Dagger and equipped Death’s Shadow. His Attack Power rose tremendously; this sort of damage was enough to strike terror into the hearts of light-armoured professions. Even a player like Moonlight who used heavy-armour wouldn’t be too confident with facing the current Lu Li.

No one else had as much as Lu Li. Apart from March Rain who had obtained a Steel grade Magic Staff, the rest of them had only received ‘top class’ Bronze equipment.

‘Top class’ Bronze equipment wasn’t too bad - many people didn’t even have normal Bronze equipment. Top class Bronze equipment could be sold for around 3 gold coins, worth about $3,000 in the real world. As such, everyone was still quite happy with what they received.

On the way back, Azure Sea Breeze received a message from the Drizzle Court. They were asking when they would clear the new record and what they would need.

“We’re not in a rush. No one’s beaten the Blood-red War Flag’s record yet, right? That means their record was achieved with a bit of luck. Next time, we’ll use a different method. Tell them to prepare 3 Magicians with good equipment,” Lu Li said.

“Didn’t you say that a melee team would be best?” Azure Sea Breeze was a bit surprised by Lu Li’s words.

By now, practically everyone knew the way to clear the Spider Lair Instance Dungeon. Because melee professions could gain a buff from the brook, they had been greatly sought after for Instance Dungeon teams. On the other hand, the traditionally favoured professions had been completely ignored.

Near the entrance to the Instance Dungeon, there would always be Magicians begging to join teams. Even if they were accepted, they would be treated with disdain.

Magicians had never been treated like this before in any game. As such, when they heard that the famous expert was going to take a team of Magicians to break a new record, the Drizzle Court’s Magicians all shed tears of joy. They assembled 3 of their best Magicians with the best equipment and who were all LV7!

Magicians were the fastest in levelling. One of the most common levelling methods involved a Thief dragging over a large mob of monsters to a Magician, who would cast a Blizzard and annihilate them instantly.

If it weren’t for there being so many players and so few monsters, there would probably be a few LV10 Magicians by now.

After escorting the injured Tap back to the village, Lu Li and his party went to find Carolina to complete the quest. It was a pity that this Escort Quest was given to Lu Li alone and none of the others received any EXP or rewards.

After Lu Li handed in the quest, he was only 10% away from LV7. He was almost the same level as the Magicians from the Drizzle Court and could almost qualify to go on the Player Level Rankings. This was all because of the recent few quests that had given him an enormous amount of EXP.

Apart from EXP, Carolina also gave him something that looked like a command medallion.

“Number 17 Administrative Order…” Apart from these Elvish words, there was nothing else. Looking at this command medallion, Lu Li felt quite confused.

“What’s this thing? Administrative Order? Are they going to give you a job as an Official?” Azure Sea Breeze said as he looked at it. He also had no idea what it was.