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Chapter 44: Guild Upgrade Order

Chapter 44: Guild Upgrade Order

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“Your Excellency, Carolina, please forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is this Number 17 Administrative Order?” Lu Li asked as he walked forwards.

Carolina stroked her White Leopard’s soft fur as she smiled and replied, “In the near future, you will become an important force in fighting back against the Burning Legion. You must unite…”

“Guild Upgrade Order!” Lu Li immediately understood where this was going.

In his ‘past life’, Lu Li had never seen this item before. The players had given this item a different name, so he didn’t immediately recognise it. This was what was called a ‘Guild Upgrade Order’.

The requirements for establishing an official guild in Dawn were not too high: 20 gold coins. Sooner or later, as long as the members worked together, they would be able to officially establish their guild. When a guild was first established, it would be LV1 with a capacity 1,000 people. The only way to improve the guild was to upgrade it.

Not only could upgrading increase the number of players, but it also gave special effects. For example, a LV2 guild gave its members an extra 5% EXP, while a LV5 reduced the 30 minute cooldown for players’ hearthstones.

Upgrading a guild wasn’t actually very difficult. As long as a guild could gather the required materials and present them to the Administrative Hall, it could be upgraded.

As well as this, there were also some special items, such as the Number 17 Administrative Order, that could upgrade a guild. These were called ‘Guild Upgrade Orders’ by players.

All Administrative Orders with the number ‘7’, such as 7, 17, 27, 37, were all related to guilds. For example, the Number 7 Administrative Order allowed one to establish a guild for free. The number 17 Administrative Order allowed one to upgrade a guild to LV2.

After levelling up to LV2, the guild could spend 5 gold coins and unlock the special effect, which would allow all members to gain a bonus 5% EXP.

This 5% made a massive difference - it was extremely attractive to levelling maniacs and experts.

If a guild wanted to recruit people, all they would have to do was yell “We’re looking for experts; we have a 5% EXP bonus!” Soon, there would be many experts signing up.

Currently, all guilds were only LV1!

“Sea Breeze, contact the heads of the large unions. Tell them that we have an item that can instantly upgrade their guild to LV2. We’ll do an auction at night at the Moon Shadow Valley,” Lu Li said while grinning. “We’ve struck it rich! We’ll share the profits equally when the time comes.”

“Is it worth a lot?” Azure Sea Breeze was also quite excited.

“Wait,” Moonlight interrupted, “Look, I helped you with your quest, so me receiving some equipment and Skill Books was fair. However, what I gained in this trip was far more than I had expected, so I don’t think that I should take any of that money.”

“I don’t need any either,” Remnant Dream quickly said as well, “I really don’t know what I should say. My equipment is bad, my level is low and I’m not very skilled. Normally, no one’s willing to train with me, and yet you took me to fight a Boss. I even received a Steel grade piece of equipment and lots of Bronze equipment. There’s also those 2 Skill Books, one of which is the Tame Beast skill. I already feel bad about taking all that, so I really can’t take any more.”

It was quite rare for the shy girl who usually stuttered when she spoke to say so much at once.

Lonesome Flower and March Rain also shook their heads, expressing that they didn’t want to take any of the money either.

“Why are you all looking at me? I didn’t say I wanted any money. I was just curious as to how much this little command medallion could sell for,” Azure Sea Breeze said, feeling wronged.

“How much it could sell for…” Lu Li thought for a while before saying, “It should be worth at least 50 gold coins. Are you sure you don’t want any?”

“So much money!” Everyone drew in a breath of air.

Although the money was enticing, the rest of the party were all determined not to take any of it.

Lu Li felt quite emotional and was finally able to put away his worries. He had been keenly observing his party members the entire trip and had concluded that they were all good people. In the future, when he made a Permanent Party, he would definitely consider them all.

“Did you guys know that there’s a patch next Monday?” Lu Li asked.

“Of course. Since it’s the first patch, there’ll probably be a lot of changes,” Lonesome Flower said.

“There’s a little secret I want to share with you all. You know how the official website was encouraging players to give feedback and report any issues…” Lu Li said.

Azure Sea Breeze couldn’t help but interrupt, “We know about this. Pretty much every game encourages feedback, but in reality, they never implement any of those suggestions. I feel that at the very most, they might increase drop rates and EXP.”

“They probably won’t change the drop rates and EXP in Dawn, but they really are sincerely asking players for feedback and to report issues,” Lu Li said as he shook his head.

“Any rewards?” Moonlight suddenly asked.

This was expected from a seasoned player. He had picked up on the fact that Lu Li hadn’t mentioned this so everyone could complain about the game company.

“Bonus EXP.” Lu Li was surprisingly calm. “As long as you give a good piece of feedback or raise an important issue they’ll give you quite a bit of EXP, even if someone else has already mentioned it…”

As soon as Azure Sea Breeze heard Lu Li say this, his expression became completely serious. If they really gave quite a bit of EXP, then this might be worth it.

“What sort of feedback are they looking for?” Lonesome Flower was quite frustrated. He was always complaining about some aspect of the game, but he wasn’t sure how to suggest improvements.

“I’ll give you some examples. Everyone think about it individually as well - we’ll collate our answers tomorrow so that we can all give a lot of feedback. After all, the company said that it didn’t matter if other players also raised the same things.” Lu Li then provided some examples of changes he had seen in his ‘past life’.

For example, there was creating an Auction Hall, creating more stalls and markets in towns and cities, players being able to see the stats and attributes of items and equipment in the Trade Window, etc.

More examples included increasing Proficiency gain rate, fixing the Hit calculation for Automatic mode players, adding more NPCs who could teach Trade Skills, adding weather effects that could affect battles…

The other’s eyes all clouded over and they even started to suspect whether Lu Li was an employee of the game company.

“You guys should find some other people and clear the Elite level Instance Dungeon a few times. I’ll give you the complete guide in a bit. Azure Sea Breeze and I are going to help Drizzle Court clear a new record, so we’ll have to part with you guys now.” Lu Li didn’t bother to check how much his teammates had remembered: telling them this much was already more than enough.

The other people were still absorbing what Lu Li had said. They didn’t feel as though that Lu Li saying that he would create a new record was very surprising and they all said their goodbyes.

Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze organised their equipment and items and met up with the Drizzle Court’s 3 Magicians, preparing to break a new record for the Instance Dungeon.