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Chapter 46: Breaking The Record

Chapter 46: Breaking The Record

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Is he crazy?

Of course not!

In fact, the person who had started the attack wasn’t Azure Sea Breeze, but Lu Li.

A LV5 Boss facing a LV7 Thief was unable to block much of the crowd control. With one Cheap Shot and a Shadowstrike at 85% Skill Completion, the Boss was stunned for 6 seconds!

Lu Li was then hit 4 to 5 times and lost a third of his health. He drank a potion, allowing him to withstand another two hits without dying. Azure Sea Breeze then cast Taunt, causing the Boss to give up on the Thief that was about to die and start hitting the Defence Warrior that was at full HP!

The three Mages from Drizzle Court were firing Ice Arrows at the Boss while dealing with inquiries from the higher-ups in the union.

“Yes, I’m sure. I have no reason to lie to you, President. We are fighting the first Boss now. The monsters before this? They were split into two groups and cleared out. The Main Tank is very strong. Who is stronger? The Main Tank or the Thief? I think the Thief is a little stronger; his damage is so high. He just stunned the Boss again; I don’t know how he has so much crowd control. Oh, that’s right, he also has armour piercing which has affected the boss…”

“The minions have been summoned, President, but there’s no need to hide. Once the Main Tank stomps, all of them are stunned and after the three of us cast Blizzard, there isn’t a single one left behind…”

“The Boss is at half HP, yeah, it’s being done without a healer. The Thief and Main Tank are taking turns healing and tanking damage… the minions are back… now they’re dead… the Boss just went berserk… the Boss is dead.”

Six minutes!

It had taken more than ten minutes to deal with the Boss last time. With four DPS characters and one powerful Main Tank, it had only taken six minutes to kill it. It could only use its signature move, the little explosive spiders, twice.

“Let’s keep going. You guys eat some bread to recover. Find a good spot and I’ll pull the monsters over.” Lu Li restored some HP, before going back to luring the monsters.

The monsters were still spiders, but each wave now consisted of two Elites and two ordinary ones. The move speed of the Elites were slightly higher and some of them accelerated really quickly. Once Lu Li left the three Mage’s field of view, he turned into a small yellow leopard.

This wasn’t his first time transforming, as had previously played as a Druid. The rocky and uneven terrain was no problem for him and soon, he was drawing more and more monsters within the Instance Dungeon.

The little Leopard’s move speed was 30% faster than usual; this was unnaturally fast. Even if the Elite monster quickly accelerated, all they could reach was dust. However Lu Li didn’t want to lose the aggro of the monsters lagging behind, so he regularly turned back towards the crowd.

In total, there 13 waves with 52 monsters altogether and half of them were Elites. There was no way that Azure Sea Breeze could tank all this.

As planned for earlier, there was a cavern in the Instance Dungeon that had partially collapsed, leaving behind a narrow alley. Azure Sea Breeze was already there in position and the three Mages stood behind him ready to cast their skills.

A small yellow leopard then brought a large group of spiders over from the distance, like flash of lightning.

The girls stared, dumbfounded by the leopard that ran past Azure Sea Breeze and stopped before them. There was a flash of light as it transformed back into Lu Li.

“It’s… so cute…” said Lin.

“It’s… a ghost…” Ling nervously remarked.

“Lu Li… you…” stuttered Beautiful Moonlight, was also frightened silly.

Who could explain what just happened? They thought that he was a Thief, as he was using Thief skills and techniques. If anyone had tried to tell them otherwise, they would have cut them to shreds.

But this Thief had suddenly transformed into a small leopard, which was a transformation skill that belonged to Druids.

They were utterly dumbfounded. Beautiful Moonlight secretly took out a Priest skill book, ‘Quick Heal’, and attempted to study it.

System: Sorry, you are not a Priest, skill learning failed.

“It’s just a special item from this Instance Dungeon,” Lu Li sighed. “What are you guys gawking at? Can’t you see that Sea Breeze has drawn aggro? Quickly attack!”

Yes, it’s a special item, it must be a special item!

Beautiful Moonlight’s gloominess was suddenly filled with joy, as she imagined hearing elves everywhere showering her in glory…

Azure Sea Breeze served as a blockade, standing before the group of monsters with Lu Li beside him. There was only a maximum of 4 monsters that could attack them at once. The three Mages blotted out the sky with Blizzards and their HP values rapidly decreased.

In just two minutes, the only monsters left alive were the 78 Elites, each with only a sliver of health left.

“You guys continue. I’ll go ahead to deal with the guards.” Lu Li didn’t wait to finish off this wave, instead going straight ahead.

By the time Azure Sea Breeze and the rest had finished and rushed over, the second Boss of the Spider Lair, Mandelin, only had 5 guards remaining. Three corpses lay at Lu Li’s feet.

“I’ll draw them over and we’ll clear them out in one go.”

Lu Li lifted his hand and the guards immediately rushed over, eyes red.

But of course, death was the only thing waiting for them.

The Boss was no exception.

Mandelin had no idea why it existed— it would forever be recorded in Dawn’s history as one who was utterly humiliated.

System: Under the leadership of Lu Li, Drizzle Court’s guild members Azure Sea Breeze, Beautiful Moonlight, Lin and Ling have broken the record of the Spider Lair (Elite) Instance Dungeon. Current record time: 32 Minutes 45 Seconds!

The record that Blood Red War Flag had set of 1 Hour 12 Minutes and 32 Seconds had been cut down by more than half!

Lu Li could proudly say that unless someone knew his strategy, or was abnormally over-equipped with Steel equipment, there was no way that his record would be broken. Even if it was, it would not be by much.

In Dawn Instance Dungeons, players who were 5 levels higher could not participate in setting records. After 10 levels the dungeon would no longer drop equipment, and after 20 levels, they would not be allowed to enter.

In his previous life, the fastest record of this Instance Dungeon was 29 minutes. This was achieved by four Hall of Fame players working together.

These Hall of Fame players were all the best in their field, ranging from PVE experts with the title of the most first clears, or PVP experts whose very names would cause people to tremble, like Moonlight.

Water Fairy was also a Hall of Fame player, but she was in there for her beauty. This meant that her skill alone was not enough to put her in the Hall of Fame.